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  1. Pay the money and take some time to sort things properly. Jesus Christ we are in times where the government are going to pay 80% of over 5m people in the next few weeks. Don’t tell me 42 clubs can’t change their rules in extraordinary times.
  2. As I said yesterday if I didn’t love going to see my team it would finish me with football. Reading the garbage coming out from some fans makes it even worse. It doesn’t matter for example how the vote goes for Raith as they will go up whether this is passed or there is reconstruction. Michael Stewart nailed it on Sportsound. Anyone not agreeing with him are as bad as Doncaster and the rest the SPFL Board members. The members of this group of people who pushed this through should be asked to resign immediately along with Doncaster chairman Murdoch MacLennan and independent non-executive director Karyn McCluskey • Ladbrokes Premiership: Alan Burrows (Motherwell), Les Gray (Hamilton Academical), Stewart Robertson (Rangers) • Ladbrokes Championship: Ross McArthur (Dunfermline Athletic), Graham Peterkin (Ayr United) • Ladbrokes League 1 and League 2: Ken Ferguson (Brechin City) Looking at the make up of this outside the Rangers delegate the rest should be hunted
  3. What about the tramp Forfar Chairman on Sportsound. In one breath - this is not about money. The next sentence he was quoting the 100k they would get from us and Partick next season if the plan went through. A prized c**t
  4. I am genuinely not interested any more. If I didn’t love going to see my team this would finish me with football
  5. No but they are stopping fans getting value for money spent. I am merely pointing out that there will be fans out there who will feel they have not had value for the money they spent last summer.
  6. What happens when fans say. "I bought a season ticket to watch 18 home games. I have only seen 78% though so I want my cash back" Be a big number for a lot of clubs
  7. If this is what happens it happens. We only have ourselves to blame for where we are. We probably would have scraped over the line IMO but no joy in winning this league for me, certainly not the way we have played all season. This is typical of Scottish football another half baked solution.
  8. Not 100% sure of the accuracy of this but i was told he will leave the stand to the club when he passes away. As he is in his 70’s then as BB says it would probably turn into a good deal unless he lives well into his 90’s. Probably the reason for the rent agreement rather than a mortgage. However had it been a mortgage the figure we paid up till now would have been lower.
  9. We don’t have shares in this company it is a wholly own subsidiary of Falkirk council. I two minute google search will give you that info. The JVC set up with the council when we moved to the stadium still has a lump of debt which we are still liable for. £3m was the number I was told. Doesn’t seem to get mentioned much that one - I wonder why?
  10. It is over £10m on the councils books. They have invested in the car parks recently. Nothing but a pipe dream buying it. Falkirk should build a forth stand and let the council get on with losing money out of their white elephant
  11. Sorry but you would think we were forced to go this route reading this. We led the charge on the new stadium and made a roaring c**t of the deal. End of
  12. Hold on a minute. Who signed up to the deal on the stadium?
  13. What has that got to do with McGlynn being a desperado ?
  14. In all seriousness a massive % of businesses won’t be paying the 20%
  15. John McGlynn wants Raith to be awarded the men’s singles at Wimbledon
  16. With any luck this will be the moment the EPL pops. Very rarely watch it now along with the CL.
  17. Footballers in greed shock. Will people never learn?
  18. I have had this. I was lucky they got me into hospital and pumped full of drugs quickly. However had I not got the treatment when I did I genuinely don’t think I would be here now. It had turned into pneumonia - pretty seriously too and I had no health issues. The NHS will not cope. I have seen what precautions they needed to take to treat me safely. You have no idea. This is not “just like the flu”. For the NHS to cope lockdown will have to go on much longer than Easter. It is the only way to stop it spreading and overwhelming the hospitals. The issue regarding the economy is now firmly in the hands in the Government, banks and insurance companies. They need to start to act as one and support business. Despite the hot air, they are not doing enough. Banks are still using the same rules as before the crisis and will take 6-8 weeks to process business interruption loans. Government will be taking another 6 weeks to sort the Furlough website and insurance companies such as AVIVA are washing their hands of this crisis. Fortunately in the industry I am in people seem to be pulling together which may help companies get through this. So in summary this crisis will end up putting 10m+ on the dole if the financial institutions and government don’t get their act together - and very quickly. The lockdown will have to continue or the hospitals will never cope. Time to get things sorted Johnston and co.
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