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  1. FFS the Board run the club and managed GC. The blame lies there
  2. I think they voted yes. I have no issue with your opinion however there in lies the problem. We should be talking about Stirling Albion tomorrow but the clubs lack of respect and clarity has us debating something they should have put to bed as soon as The Daily Record pointed the finger. If someone accuses you of burning down their house and you didnt do you sit back and say nothing or not defend yourself?
  3. You know I would buy that if it was an isolated incident. However lets not forget this Board took us to the brink 16 months ago after a catalogue of poor decision. I am frustrated a bit with a section of the fans turning them into the teflon kings of Scottish football
  4. You are saying I have no right to be disappointed at the handling of this and go and watch the team? I find that insulting, naive and immature. I have no issue with you believing what this Board have said it is your right to back them. They need to start talking about the fans being improtant and start carrying out their promises.
  5. I could screem. The club has done nothing but getting its own fans at each others throats. If nothing else that shows they have made a pigs ear of this.
  6. I think that is unfair on him however I get the sentiment. Very strange statement. It just doesnt put things to bed like it should
  7. 23 years old nearly and he has played 15 first team games in seven years. Great signing indeed............
  8. I was at training last Friday and he pulled/tweeked his hamstring in the last ten minutes
  9. You are absolutely right it should have been irrelevant but our bungling Chairman has kept this going. You may not care any more but I and many many other do. It is about acting in a manner you have promised to do not just saying it http://m.falkirkherald.co.uk/sport/falkirk-fc/new-boss-white-determined-to-drive-bairns-forward-1-2352904 Note last two paragraphs from an article little more than a month ago. Talk is cheap
  10. That is nothing official from the club just someone in marketing thinking they are something.
  11. Shadwell I don't disagree however if the club is not going to say they are going to gag him. The whole episode is a farce.
  12. He will be bound by confidentiality even if he does know. MR was at the game yesterday so I assume a meeting is on for this week.
  13. I have not seen one person who is not happy at the club not communicating with the fans say they won't get behind the team. Some say they won't go which is their choice. The beef is not with the football side of the business. Some seem able to distinguish between the two others can't seem to get that
  14. This all stems from the clubs first statement. It looked rushed and too quick to dismiss things if we wanted to take a position of we will vote for div 1 under the right conditions. Fans have a right to know now why on the face of it we changed our stance within a week without any firm proposals being on the table. Added to this the club has banged the drum since the freebee management team took over about transparency and improving fan communication. One of the statements was actually finished off with "not at this club anymore" or words to that effect. To me it looks like that principle should have added "when it suits us". This vote should only have been no, it was nothing but a botched bribe that looks like we fell for. A fcuking PR disaster for the club. We have meant to have a PR guru advising the club too in Colin Liddell. I guess the chairman must be ignoring him too like he is with the majority of the fans.
  15. Not sure that is the case Matt. THe club released a statement on June 22 and I was told received a big uplift in sales that week. Now it could be just because that was the last week before the early bird finished. I guess that both had an effect.
  16. Certainly better than saying nothing. I am not so sure people will be too bothered, but time will tell. I have only spoken to one guy out of a good number who didn't care. Some on Onef are either too young to understand or too old and pally with the Board.
  17. The Club should have controlled this. If they voted yes and explained it then they would get shit yes but it takes away any doubt. If they say nothing is allows the agenda to be driven by others. The only reason not to publicly say no is not to piss off the SPL and SFA IMO. You may get something after Monday I guess. But they have to say something. If this was a secret ballot how does anyone know for sure. Frankly anyway the bloody chairman should have been there not David White. A PR disaster either way even if they did the right thing.
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