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  1. He is saying the right things people want to hear IMO. Simply admit our own failings rather than blame others would be a start.
  2. Correct. We pissed about with that goon Mark Campbell for months wasting time and effort and look where we are now. In amongst the dregs still and no idea when we will kick a ball again. Hollow and uninspiring words IMO
  3. They are spot on. If there are 10 teams between league 1&2 able to start in October then they should be in one league. The rest can go f**k themselves
  4. And vote Tory which is probably the worst than any of the above
  5. It is embarrassing. We are not still in league one because of the Chairmen of Forfar or Peterhead
  6. Not missed it one bit. It was utterly garbage last season and only mildly better than the previous 2. The thought of more trips to Montrose, Peterhead and Methil does nothing to spark any enthusiasm either. Add in Cove to the mix and I can’t think of anything less appealing. Maybe it was the health shock I got in March that has done it and fixed my mind to what is important or the shambles of the SPFL that hasn’t help. Whatever it is my enthusiasm for football fullstop has gone. Hopefully it may come back
  7. Most of the teams in league 1&2 couldn’t care less about playing football unless the are allowed to serve up Lentil soup, steak pie, veg and tatties and apple pie and custard washed down with Tennent’s lager and cheap whiskey every second week. We will end up playing in a league with about 6 teams
  8. Rumours he was going to America before he resigned in January
  9. Why should anyone bother? Scottish football says it cares about its biggest funder - the fans - but all it ever does is pander to their media partners. Fans have been bored of 4 times a season for 30 years yet it is still there. I am sick to the back teeth of it all. Not one of the clubs care about the greater good. If during this time clubs go under I certainly won’t bat an eyelid. Fans say they want change. Now would have been the perfect opportunity to force it but we will all pony up and do as we are told as usual. Clubs know it, the league knows and so do we.
  10. Actually it wasn’t the currently owners who saved Falkirk it was the supporters. Without the initial input of cash from them then there would have been no club left for the consortium to save. I have seen a letter from the liquidator that says that too. For sure most of us are still there too. By all accounts Dunfermline are one of the clubs who may struggle to get through this shitstorm so if I were you i would be looking out the buckets and raffle ticket books again.
  11. Those that are deranged are those who think that the status quo will stay
  12. Was the year after the Cup Final. We were in the Semi v Hearts when it happened
  13. ^^^ Wee Part-time supporter losing his shit that the gravy train is about to end. FWIW Strachan is right and if my club want to be part of this then off the field we need to get our act together quickly which would of course help on it.
  14. The fans will always back FFC in terms of cash. I would wager that when push comes to shove over the next few months when clubs are going to teeter on the brink Falkirk will be probably amongst the safest in the country because of the cash we are always prepared to pump in.
  15. It was mentioned a long time back that he was Dixie Chicken from onef. Who cares anyway? He is entitled to his views, most tend not to agree with them as they are pretty extreme. He will have been a Falkirk fan longer than most on here and for that fair play to him. Not really sure why that would harm BFL. They have done a decent job raising money and it is good now that share transactions are involved. It is time fans pull together. BtB is still the best vehicle for that IMO.
  16. He helps run Bairns for Life. Oh the irony of that
  17. Whatever it is fucking dangerous and a gung-ho attitude to it is certainly not the way to go.
  18. How the hell when hundreds of thousands have had this illness many not in official stats can any stat about how and where people contracted it be anything other than guess work. I have absolutely no idea whether I caught it, inside, outside in the UK or Austria. If you are going to throw stats to back up your argument then ffs give us one that is credible.
  19. Good case for restraint of trade for me
  20. No the club is in rude health financially unlike Raith there has been no need for beginning bowls. I understand that those who got two year deals last summer were actually 1+1 if we got promoted. I see Falkirk being able to ride this out as well as any mid ranging club in Scotland.
  21. That goon from Alloa has far too much influence for someone running a village team. Anyone who only ever wears a black shirt should never be trusted.
  22. We were paying them 90k/year a couple of years ago. My experience of these things is that they tend not to go down
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