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  1. That will allow our “away boycott brigade” a get out of jail free card
  2. It is amazing how many did not get the “we will Follow Falkirk” immediately - and I admit including me. As a result not sure it was the right choice of music
  3. And announced to Land of Hope and Glory. Fabulous stuff
  4. His source will be someone involved in the game TBF.
  5. I assume however that the people managing Hartley at Cove have more football nouse than the amateurs have stunk our place out for a generation?
  6. Time will tell. Let support him and hope he can be successful
  7. Deans does speak well in the main. Not sure I would have talked about humiliating clubs and the investment bit he boasted about doesn’t hold water after his farcical 5 months with MC. I would also disagree regarding us winning the league but that of course is conjecture now and a matter of opinion. Still not delivered anything in a year. Still in league 1. However the most positive thing he did say was about the MSG and his attempt to break that stranglehold they have on the club. Clearly looking at way to move them to one side and they feel appreciated rather than hounded out. That is the key to all this you know without that being achieved we are going nowhere. If he can’t he will be another in a line of failures at the club who have been no more than a punch bag to take blows for the MSG. I hope he can pull it off and he deserves support of us all to do so. It is about delivering, the talking is the easy bit.
  8. [emoji23] The conversation will have gone. Budge - How much you on? Neilson - you need to double it. Budge - done Cash as always
  9. What was? Getting relegated to Div 3 was someone else to blame?
  10. Not sure I would put my life savings on starting then mind you
  11. There were another 3 or 4 on the Board. Those two would have needed the backing of the Board. Let’s not let the rest of them off with it
  12. I would argue the academy was one of the worst by any club in its history. Still no one has ever been made accountable for it either.
  13. David Oliver hits the nail on the head for me especially the last 2/3 paragraphs
  14. He was on the Board all last summer when we pissed about with Campbell and he was in charge of that. That turned out well. Let’s see if his talking turns into action. He says the right things - we need action now. We are now miles worse off than last summer. 6 players, no idea when we will play and no idea when our biggest income generators will be back in the ground. I agree with much of what he said regarding the game in Scotland, I do want to see people who run the club take responsibility for mistake too though. There is no recognition of that - again.
  15. The MSG told the fans to stick their 800 grand up their arses last summer and jumped into bed with a charlatan yet 2000 bought ST’s to play against butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. It shows their decision making is far from consistent and this boycott has little of no chance of happening on a wide scale
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