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  1. With respect thats part of the issue. Too many don’t take a real interest in the clubs long term direction. I know that what happens on the pitch drives a lot of what goes on behind the scenes but it absolutely works the other way too. The clubs current predicament proves that.
  2. You should have gone to the meetings and get to know them then. Have you joined the FSS? If you do you get a bigger say in the clubs direction and who sits on the Board. You won’t get a better chance.
  3. As I have said before looking for us to fail so the previous regime are not shown up too much.
  4. Telfer is a typical ex-OF kid who has got contract after contract on the back of “he was at Rangers/Celtic so he must be decent”. Falkirk have missed out the L1 playoffs the last two seasons. He was part of that - enough said.
  5. What is he doesn’t want to sign? Not convinced finance has anything to do with it
  6. Sibbald won’t sign for us. Said all along he will get a gig in a higher league. Still 4 weeks till the opening league game. Plenty time to boost the squad. Glad we are not just signing anyone just to pad out the numbers like last summers shambles.
  7. The Board will have given Rennie a budget just like they will have McGlynn. They won’t be telling him to spunk it on one player or twenty.
  8. There is a difference. We have players clearly nothing like good enough who have contracts that we are stuck with. I can guarantee you that is costing a hell of a lot more than the gamble on Griffiths Hopefully McGlynn can get shot but it will cost. Amazingly too no one seems to mention anything about having to fire a manager 4 months after giving him a deal for 2/3 years? Wonder how much that cost to clear him and Grainger out?
  9. Why would I praise them? They have left a car crash of a pool of players, allowed a DOF/Manager to hamstring the club with player contract that are obviously making McGlynns job much harder.
  10. Eh no. The reality is a huge slug of the budget has been taken up by Holt/Sheerin duds. Until they can clear some of that mess what do they do?
  11. What does my c**t in is those calling for the Board to give McGlynn more cash on here and on the clubs Facebook page were big supporters of the previous regime who spunked most of the cash on the shite we have on the books.
  12. TBF he was injured at Alloa and couldn’t train.
  13. The lad Yates looks like he needs to improve technically but he has some engine. Even in the last couple of minutes he got back to clear an attack. At 18 he won’t be expensive. On last nights showing I would certainly look to bring him in.
  14. We got relegated with that Hummel Strip. We had it for two seasons
  15. Some knicker wetting going on IMO considering the league doesn’t start for nearly 6 weeks. Players at most clubs have just returned to pre-season training. Lots of time for MCGlynn to sort things still. Any predictions at this stage are way too premature. Confident we will still see a good few in and out yet
  16. Strip is chosen last Autumn. We would have been stuck with that choice from then. I hate all Navy too. Reminds me of the Hartley/McKinnon relegation strip
  17. I will give you one thing Holt was better at - peeling tatties in the army.
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