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  1. They have got worse, if that was at all possible
  2. He is on the same board of a company as Colin Liddell. It maybe that one?
  3. The is Rawlins front and centre. His plan for the structure, he stuck by Holt and the “Elected Officials” and headed up the selection of the Manager. Time he listened to others. I wonder if his charm will get him through? Hopefully the punters won’t fall for it.
  4. Let’s start early for Peterhead with this weeks selection bingo Formation? Stuffy times on the way? 5-4-1?, 4-5-1?, 4-6-0?, 4-1-4-1?, 3-5-2?, 3-4-3? the list is endless Personnel? Tactics?
  5. They are NOT the majority shareholder. They own only 26%. MR, SA and WM hold more shares between them. Carrie Rawlins is American
  6. No because it is too stage managed. A group boycott is the only way and perhaps a bit of chanting outside before and during the game. You can’t stage manage 75-100 fans who won’t allow it to be stage managed.
  7. It is the most embarrassing 2hrs of viewing I think I have ever seen.
  8. They are STILL, even this week, boasting about their recruitment planning.
  9. Deans at the YouTube Q&A bumming up recruitment and slaughtering the previous board. Well Deans let me tell you a pig is a pig whether you put foundation, lipstick or a dress on it. You are your hand picked Board are ruining our club. Time you leave the building taking the rest of the grey suits and Holt with you.
  10. The Rawlins are at the game today. I wonder how they will react to the HT booing?
  11. No danger with that personel is it 2 up through the middle without sacrificing Nesbitt to a wide role
  12. Looks nailed on 4-2-3–1 to me martin miller MCKay lemon mccann hetherington Telfer Mcdaid Nesbitt Ruth Keena
  13. Looks like we are back into Selection Bingo territory
  14. So Gary Miller is in a back 3? McCann one side who is RWB ?
  15. I assume as this was posted at 1am you are completely trousered? If not it is up there with a number of classic P&B bullshit posts. “Accomplished coach and tactician” “more fluid football” I ask you! If he was the above he would be winning games. He is neither and as the weeks go on he is less and less convincing.
  16. I doubt injury record was left off the “look at every aspect of a player” in this case
  17. Without a change of personnel and set up the best I see us getting is a draw. Happy to be wrong however.
  18. I saw Morrison on Saturday night, walking ok without his crutches. He was certainly more stable on his feet than me
  19. I see Aberdeen playing the same system as us, with similar results by the look
  20. “we watch every player at least 7 times” Some DOF
  21. Bearing in mind they are playing against nothing more than advanced youth teams I would be hesitant on judging anything we have in those sides for now.
  22. From memory was not the manger had to play and attractive style of play? Job spec made up from Championship Manager if you ask me. Just go and win football matches and stop pissing about
  23. You are never going to get away from fans venting their feelings especially as we are in Div 3 and still struggling. It needs manager and players that have the balls to play under that pressure from here.
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