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  1. Who is the smug guy who does your post match interviews?
  2. Has Charlie “heart of a field moose” Telfer been playing?
  3. Not the way some are coming across. We could have ended up going to Dundee, Kilmarnock, Dingwall, Tannadice, Motherwell, Love Street, Perth etc etc. made no money and most likely get beat. Alloa away, whilst of course a home draw would be better, will do for me.
  4. Fearing Alloa ? Come on. There were also a heap of poorer draws than Alloa away.
  5. Great draw in term of us getting through. we will be favourites to do that after we easily turned them over at our place. Fans fearing Alloa FFS
  6. Alloa style suits us. Rice’s teams come out and play not like some.
  7. Where has anyone said it is wrong to ask questions? Show the evidence.
  8. I have no interest in how other clubs are structured and why they do this that or the other.
  9. I know that's meant as a dig but it does actually stick in my craw a bit. Yet to be convinced by anything they've done and I'm still very skeptical about it all. Really don’t know anything about why your FO was dumped or these Germans. Really not interested. Surprised TBH that so many Fifers seem to be interested in us and our challenges.
  10. How does it feel that you dumped fan ownership to become a Germans play thing?
  11. If I am honest I would like to see us mix it up a bit more but 100% don’t want to see the keeper and CH’s lumping it every time. Most of the time we have been a decent watch this season. Leave hoofball to the scum
  12. How many goals has it cost us playing this way?
  13. Club has to give 21 days notice legally. We won’t need to submit accounts till about the end of Feb so no real panic for me. Would rather the club comes with a clear picture of where we are and the plans moving forward than some of the half arsed stage managed nonsense we have had in the past notably when an AGM was held and 2 weeks later we pulled the plug on the Academy without saying a peep to shareholders
  14. Duffy was much more open than FC Edinburgh and especially Dunfermline who were the most negative of anyone we have played.
  15. Maybe against them but you certainly didn’t deserve any more than you got on Saturday. Take the 15 minutes before HT out and you were 2nd best most of the rest of the time. Having said that the CF is dangerous and will get you plenty of goals in this league.
  16. It is the 2nd time. The poster did the same before Kelty at home
  17. The net will close in. I really hope the club can get to the bottom of this and whoever it is at the club releasing this is hunted
  18. It would be hard to deny that there has not been conflict over the years. That, from both sides seems to have been parked for the best of the club. From the limited conversations I have had with MR in the last year or so he and SA are supportive of what the new Board are trying to achieve.
  19. Martin Ritchie’s book was published long before the Navy Blue Group was formed. Kenny Jamieson was not involved in the NB Group, he and David White ran Back the Bairns. Yet again your facts are incorrect other than two of the NB Group being on the Board and in total there are 7 who are Patrons.
  20. Not convinced either MR or SA ever wanted MC anywhere near the place.
  21. Well since either MR or SA were not involved in any discussions between the club or the NB Group your understanding is utter nonsense. In fact MR would have been delighted if a deal could have been struck. If you are going to post get your facts together first.
  22. Where ever it is from and how it is structured the cashflow gap we were told was 400k. That I am sure will be smaller now, how small I am sure that AGM will tell us.
  23. The cash gap, which is all that really matters, is/was 400k
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