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  1. No you did. You went on about it constantly. The way Holt was handled was 100% spot on IMO. Get a manager out, get a manager in, let the new manager settle in and look at the Holt pipeline and make the call then. Holt IMO was never going to last any length of time. I have taken nothing personally, I was merely asking for you to tell us all what he should have said. You still have not answered that. I am disappointed too nothing has happened this week as I no doubt think the manager and Board will be too. I am clearly more patient and pragmatic than you. The time to be critical is at the end of the window IMO if the squad is not improved.
  2. You have been losing the plot for weeks. First it was Holt not being fired in two minutes, then DGW now it is a complete over reaction to what a manager didn’t say in an interview. If we don’t have players at the end of the window is the time to be really concerned not now. We can sign jobbers anytime and have been for years now.
  3. No you said it was “poor all round”. At no point in the interview does he say that there WOULD be a signing. He said he was close and confident but not over the line till it’s done. That tells me something has happened either out of his control or he wasn’t expecting. That goes back to my original point to you is what does he say? You are still to come up with an answer despite you saying there was 100 things he could say. He also talks about jobbers and there being too many coming and going before and that we would not be going down that route. Listen back to the last couple of minutes. It’s all there.
  4. For all his faults Hartley did not close the Academy. That was a Board/MSG decision. Hartley was more than happy to have an academy.
  5. You are losing your shit now. If we were to sign more jobbers like Ruth who we could pick up tomorrow I hate to think the nick you would be in.
  6. You still haven’t answered my question. if there is 100 things he could have said then tell us. I have not heard one thing about the two players mentioned other than paper talk and rumours. If Holt had said anything I would not have believed it. That’s the difference. The man was an imposter and should never have been at Falkirk a second time far less the first time. We are all frustrated there are no players in but no point wasting cash on players who are not a significant upgrade. We have wasted far too much for far too long. As others have said Rennie needs time. If we get no one in it will be extremely disappointing considering we are way short of the quality required. I don’t believe however it will be the lack of effort or desire. You say you are behind him. Cut him a bit of slack then as you have a funny way of showing it.
  7. Have they? I haven’t seen anything anywhere that says we pitched in for either of these two players. All been hearsay. I am not convinced there will be anyone tomorrow. If there is it has to be an upgrade or it is a waste of money. So what was he meant to say?
  8. So am I. Answer my question. What is he meant to say if that is what he believes? Him saying what he did tells me something has gone wrong. He doesn’t come across as someone who will bullshit the fans.
  9. Thankfully they are not however If you read the previous comment they listed a number of thing that players were not signing for the club for. Deans said that we the fans were another excuse. I personally think they are all bull. Players sign for money and who they would like to play for - in that order IMO.
  10. What does he say when asked that question if he was confident?
  11. Kenny Miller when asked used the word “imminent”. My take on that is deal/deals are done or nearly done. Clearly something has happened, which they did not expect.
  12. Let’s not forget Deans blaming the supporters too.
  13. Why have we obviously missed out? Maybe just taking longer?
  14. Who knows. But I hope we have/are trying to get players in that improve the team. Our reputation, was the Deans regime reputation. It will have little to do with that IMO anyway, cash and the league we are in will be much more important. It is really frustrating, I hate to think what it is like if you are at the coal face doing it.
  15. Who is? We have only signed one player. We all know we need better players as does the manager, he has admitted that, but so will other clubs. It is frustrating but positively we seem to be holding out nerve to get the players that will improve us not just jump at any old shite the agents throw our way
  16. FFS we are all frustrated, I am sure the manager is too. But to say stick with Gary Holt because no one has been signed in 17 days is up there even for on here.
  17. He is 35, near the end of his contract so a loan to the summer surely could be possible
  18. I agree we need a big powerful no nonsense CH in the middle who is an organiser and leader. someone like Darren McGregor at Hibs would suit me. Isn’t in the plans by the looks and fits that criteria for me.
  19. It isn’t any spin. We have been desperately needing power and a physical presence. If you want to look at the last two games we are now at least looking like scoring from set pieces. Before the Dumbarton game it was something like 150 odd set pieces since we scored from one. At least now with Dowds and ATS we have a bit of that.
  20. Aye probably because Rennie will have told Glass he won’t play so if you want him to get game time take him back and punt him somewhere else
  21. No he isn’t - he is 4 inches taller to start with and as I said the LWB ain’t performing. Dixon hasn’t played since mid December. Gives us options.
  22. Why is it baffling? We were short of height, he is 6’2”. We had a make shift CH with a broken wrist out for 4/5 five weeks. He can also play LWB and we have a LWB who is under performing. The comment is baffling TBH
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