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  1. Airdrie 4 Cove 1 EF 0 Clyde 2 Montrose 2 Partick 2 Peterhead 1 Forfar 0 Dumbarton 0 Falkirk 3
  2. On this evidence if we can’t finish above Cove we should chuck it. They were no better than the rest of the shite that has rolled into Falkirk in the last 18 months. Partick are the only danger based on what I have seen
  3. Different sport but Pat Summerall and John Madden were the real perfect team. Summerall letting the picture tell the story will little to say and Madden the manic knowledgeable ex Coach. Summerall was the best
  4. Looking at that game it was not much different to a lot of games we have played in League 1. A few flurries from a piss poor team and us dominating but unstable to kill teams despite having all the game. Had we won 3 or 4 today Cove could not complain. Fyvie aside I thought they were poor
  5. We should be looking at young local players like Dylan Patterson and at least getting them in to have a closer look. Plays number 10 or up top. Lots of senior clubs looking at him. Was out with Queens Park or is about to. Scum also interested
  6. 8000 sevconians watched PPV at Ross County apparently
  7. Heard something similar. One game this season I believe 8,000 Rangers fans went online to watch an away game. Pretty much sums our luck up. A full stadium plus TV and hospitality would have given us probably 150k. PPV online 80k+ . Premier Sports 25k. SPFL looking after member clubs again. [emoji15]
  8. Happy Birthday today to my original Hero at Falkirk Geordie Gibson
  9. Livingston are prepared to do that. The other CH had a checkered past and they gave Leigh Griffiths a chance after we fucked him off. We are far too soft
  10. Dykes IMO was always someone who made Dobbie more effective. He is now doing the same job for Scotland allowing Christie, McGinn, Fraser and the likes the time and space to get forward to support and make Scotland more effective. Ok the dived which in hindsight relegated us but FFS we lost Alloa and Morton after that so we got what we deserved that season
  11. They were dung however we were on top from the first minute. Encouraging
  12. We are pretty much nailed on for the last 16 looking at the other sections now
  13. What a slavering c**t this young commentator is. Sounds like a smart arsed Uni graduate
  14. If Mark Kerr had the resource M&M had then I am convinced we would have a pool of players much more capable than this disjointed gathering
  15. Hall had a decent game yesterday IMO. Dixon, Miller and Durnan were horrific
  16. I think he will be in Hamilton’s sights if Rice gets his jotters
  17. I would look to someone who could put together a proper football plan that wasn’t just for 6 months to get to the next TW. That plan has to include a scouting network and how we begin to start youth development again. Mark Kerr and Mick McArdle would be my pick, or someone like Stuart Taylor.
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