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  1. 7am start or over night stay? Either way not ideal
  2. Aye the mentality of much of our fan base is there too. FFS their fans will tell you by and large it is the same squad. We were probably near the bottom of the league when we played them too. Little difference IMO.
  3. With all respect going to Cove and worrying about it shows where we are. Hartley’s team beat them easily in the cup. Mclelland for Hall. Same team and shape. If we lose let’s at least have a fucking go
  4. Airdrie 2 Forfar 0 Partick 4 Clyde 0 Clyde 0 Dumbarton 1 Partick 2 Montrose 2 Cove 0 Falkirk 5 (Durnan hatrick) East Fife 1 Peterhead 0
  5. We better not go back to bottle merchant tactics or I will lose my shit
  6. Let’s hope that the managers have now learned their lesson about the set up of the team. Alston had his best game since returning worg Telfer and him combining really well. Sammon had his best game in a Falkirk jersey. If he plays with that pace and power no one can live with him in this league. Keena clearly benefited from a partner. Morrison had a terrific game. Hopefully Dixon’s injury is not too bad as I liked the look of the back four with two kids and two experienced players. Fingers crossed we don’t shit in the nest at Cove and we don’t get Raith and Partick levels of cowardess in terms of set up.
  7. I am talking about cost generally for all the live steams at every club nor specifically ours. Airdrie for example should have refunded everyone - the quality was disgraceful
  8. The Yankee dollars investment will get us through the pandemic.
  9. Now nearly £21/game. PPV is too expensive as was the ST this season.
  10. That’s the best we have played all season nearly. Alston, Neilson, Telfer, Morrison and Sammon really good. Keeper with another clanger at the end.
  11. Better today. Balance in the team. Telfer and Alston dominating
  12. Think it could be 4-3-3 Morrison Keena Sammon with 3 narrow in midfield
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