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  1. What ideas do you have to get fans to spend? Why don’t you send an email to Jamie Swinney or call him to pass those on?
  2. I was amazed at the income line of £1.3m. They seem to be actively addressing that. The player budget by the sounds probably wasn’t out of line from where it normally was last season. Suppose you had the like of Holt in there and pay offs to sheerin and Grainger mind you.
  3. We don’t typically set any budget at £1.75m, this is the first budget this board have set! Our projected income is not £1.3m this season it in on track to be £1.9m. It is our outgoings that are 400k more than that. Our first year down we turned over £2.1m, then COVID hit and turnover dropped to £1.1m. Last season it only jumped back up to £1.3m. The Board took the view that they couldn’t get back to £2.1m in one jump so set a budget of £1.75m. However with the quality of the 14 players left over and the first bunch of new players it only gave a squad of 20. They then took the decision to add 150k to the playing budget and upped the income the budget to £1.9m which they are on track to hit currently so the trading loss is not 600k it is 400k. If you wish to check what I have just posted go to around 1hr 25min in. After you posted this I listened to it again to check what I thought I heard first time around. On player sales they said they probably had some assets now but do not wish to sell as the squad needs to be strong. To me it was a frank and open interview. They explained the rational in the email, admitted the tone of the paragraph didn’t come over well and apologised. It tells everyone where we are and what we need to do if we want fan ownership. I don’t see this really as a begging bowl. It is about creating an ownership model that safeguards the club long term for the supporters. It is up to the fans now. They either want that or too many fans don’t. Sadly it doesn’t come for free and if fans want it they need to join FSS and contribute.
  4. What part was vague about the need for finance? Hopefully you understand things more clearly after this podcast
  5. My role? I don’t have a role. I am not defending anything. I was as critical of the email wording as anyone. But You get an email that lays out what the issue is (Park the poor wording ) and you say they are being vague. Of course the situation is not great we are in L1 for a fourth season.
  6. I believe hospitality was pretty much full at the weekend which is a good sign.
  7. Why is it not the real gap? The club has run at an underlying loss since we got relegated in 2010 and filled the holes with cup runs, player sales and in some seasons soft loans.
  8. What’s vague about and I paraphrase “we have a 400k hole in the finances this season we need to fill?”
  9. You know what. There is something in trying to make us better as a club and investing in the right areas. If we were looking at everything purely on cost then we would not have any development squad either, fitness coach, GK coach FT (he maybe PT I don’t really know) guys doing analysis probably.
  10. It does have a better feel now though mainly due to the man in the managers office
  11. One thing I said a few weeks ago were that there will be plenty of surprise results moving forward. Nothing that has happened since has changed that view. All aboard the Roller coaster
  12. We ain’t this morning 3/1 Bet365. Clearly following P&B
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