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  1. We really have missed out on MC taking over. His riches would have taken us to a new level. Markell Group posted their numbers and his £10m Profit has for some strange reason turned into a 45k loss. [emoji23]
  2. Time we were wiping the floor with someone nearer the top of the league
  3. East Fife on a horror run, Falkirk looking to have turned a corner. Home win
  4. They have beaten Linlithgow and Stranraer. With respect you probably could have got two off hear, shoved them in the dugout and we would have won. TBF on them they have changed the system and have got more out of 3/4 players than the previous manager. However we should wait and see what the next 2/3 game bring before making our mind up. Whatever happens I would only give them to the end of the season anyway.
  5. Final ball is in the main awful. However the cross from Dixon for Doyle’s goal was outstanding
  6. You could have been in the dugout and would have won. Impossible to judge based on that opposition. Did I think there was improvement? I just can't judge as they were so poor. This game will tell more
  7. I think that is where the Board would have its biggest problem. They have to decide if M&M are the right long term solution that can not only get us up but take us to near the top of the Championship. Win the next few games and that call has to be made. Many will argue the guys have earned it. If they do I would only give them it to the end of the season
  8. The accounts are a waste of paper. They tell no one anything about how we got into this state as a business. They could have just put out a tweet saying we lost £693 grand last year. If you want any detail you can f**k off. They are an insult to shareholders.
  9. We made 163k last season. That was the result of Kingsley to Hull and a SC Qtr final.
  10. And I believe has not been near the place since.
  11. Nothing to do with the clubs accounts. Foundation built it with their funds, grants and a loan
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