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  1. Miles bigger that SO whatever the transaction size
  2. I can only see us getting another in if DU cancel the loan.
  3. They joined the board about a week before the AGM so we’re 100% not approved last AGM.
  4. I noticed that the two Patron representatives are to be formally appointed at the AGM but not the FSS guys. I thought that strange. If I get to the AGM I am going to ask why. Not doubt there will be a particular reason.
  5. And we were 30 seconds from the play offs till we Lost that goal at Airdrie
  6. My lad just picked up his ticket for Darvel and tells me about 75% of our allocation has gone
  7. You have not signed a dud, merely a footballer who has legs of glass and the heart of a field moose
  8. 100%. You only need look at last years accounts to see the utter disaster it was.
  9. Rowe has done more in 4 games than Williamson in 18 months.
  10. He is never fit. Out for another 2/3 weeks at least. Ok going forward but probably the worst defender we have
  11. I think it is fair to say that the arrangement at the stadium is our biggest problem as a club. Hamilton, for example, make more money from their stadium than we take in ST’s. How we get over that looks nigh on impossible unless we somehow manage to buy them out.
  12. We must be coming together as a support. I just greenied a Pedro post
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