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  1. It 100% needs a vaccine. It will not go back to anything like it was until that happens
  2. Arrogance, selfish or thick. Probably a bit of all three
  3. Sounds a bit like Hitler’s 1930’s Germany than a plan you would categories as being sensible.
  4. Some are driving to their grans to check their eye sight
  5. When the PT diddy teams start along with the colder weather this is all going to go wrong.
  6. What were you expecting? Most have brains the size of a mouses and morals of alley cats.
  7. He is a self righteous p***k. Been on football 5 minutes and lecturing people. Can’t keep his gob shut. The pandemic has seen plenty of these Chairman blowing hot air, ours included
  8. I read the Guide the FA put out to lower league English clubs today. Each club has a grant to buy product that makes their stadiums safe so social distancing can be practiced. Very very clear what clubs and players have to do. I am sure the Scottish Premier League guidelines would have been even more rigorous yet 8 fuckwits from Aberdeen knew better. That club should have the book thrown at them and deducted points from all the games their players have to isolate from. No other way to ensure the numbskull so called professional athletes in Scotland will get message
  9. Colin McFarlane is Gordon McFarlane’s son, does the Walking Down Hope Street interviews. Think his experience is in PR. The two Gordon’s both come from a Finance background from memory (someone may correct me on that). Only spoken to them a couple of times but seem sensible rounded guys. Ronnie obviously did a decent job before so hopefully they can all help make an impact. The common denominator for the last 10 years of failure however is the ownership. I still believe to make real progress that has to change too. But hey we live in hope.
  10. It won’t matter who is on the Board. The strings are pulled by two people. If you get your head around that you will understand why we are in a mess.
  11. The MSG just sold to Mark Campbell’s sister
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