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  1. Jonny Flynn was decent the season we pushed Dundee and Hamilton all the way
  2. I bet if you asked most of the players who played with the club at the time they would hold him in high regard - expect Jack what’s his name [emoji23]
  3. It was nothing to do with Stainrod. Farid’s agent was an Italian guy who Pressley played with at Hearts? Where do you think all managers get the tip offs about players? Connections maybe?
  4. FFS I meant a rehash of the SPL that was ditched when Rangers went tits up
  5. Rather than simply dismissing this view as shite, I think I would wait and see what results are delivered. I actually agree with bits of this. 1. GD is very skilled at saying the right things. His only measurable success so far is delivering Rawlins, which I think could be superb for the club and maybe all he needs to do. There have been a good few mistakes to go with this. 2. Gary Holt has had four jobs in football post playing and has walked out on all 4. I was never that keen on him as a manager. Better than Jefferies mind you 3. Pressley for me would have been a better option than Holt IMO but he probably still sees himself as a manager. We are still in Division 3. The Board nailed their colours to the M&M mast last night saying they are the guys to take us to the Premiership. IMO Holt will have to earn his corn big time for them to be even remotely capable of that on the evidence of the last 15 months. Holt is now in place and he gets my backing and I hope he turns things around, that extra bit of football knowledge it is most certainly required.
  6. I am almost sure this is gong to lead to SPL 2, B teams and criteria driven entry to the “professional” top leagues (my guess 20-24 clubs). It may not be this year but it is coming. Finance and pragmatism is driving it
  7. Times change and his priority will be to rebuild some sort of youth development again. His priority when he was with us he may have seen at the first team.
  8. I believe he had little interest in the Academy when he was the manager.
  9. Pitt he didn’t give a flying f**k for ours when he was with us
  10. M&M both signed by Holt one at Livingston and one for us. Watching brief from me. Still believe he screwed up promotion the year we were top in January. Don’t get the expense in Div 3 but explanation tonight no doubt Correction he didn’t sign Lee Miller it was hopkin
  11. I am well aware we were not going to get him now - I was merely confirming what I predicted a couple of weeks ago that this lad would be in demand. Was going to Barrow until it fell through
  12. As predicted the lad Ben Williamson signed on loan for someone - Arbroath. Another promising local lad, Dylan Patterson off to Alloa on trial after we were offered him and didn’t even get him in on trial
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