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  1. If in doubt blame the board - before even checking the facts. Been plenty of that in the last two days
  2. Now that was a bad call. The Bert Slater Trophy - f**k off
  3. Get your facts right. The CI guys chose the opponents not the club.
  4. Any signing leaks from anyone? Hairdressers, Accountants, Agents, Ex-Board Cronies, Friends of Friends are all welcome to participate
  5. Had he not broken his leg he would probably have got a move and played in the 74 WC Finals. He was that good IMO
  6. I was referring to a mate of mine who is my age who had Gibson in the team
  7. Anyone of our vintage without Geordie Gibson in the team doesn’t know football. An absolute rolls Royce of a player - certain the best left sided defender I have seen playing for us. Equally effective in midfield too
  8. Shocking leaks from fucking Hairdressers
  9. Fucking disgraceful leaks from that Fife Board
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