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  1. He is not out of his depth. He was surrounded by a bunch of non trying imposters coached by two guys not up to the job. Give him the right players around him he will do ok IMO.
  2. We could have trained for a month, without 3/4 more better players we were always struggling at Cove
  3. I see Holts son has not even been on the bench for Gretna yet
  4. Online facilities are easy to set up. Things like Sagepay are just as secure but much less in terms of cost.
  5. TBF on KK I would have thought a good number of the sponsors he would have brought on not AT. The likes of Ineos, Imperial Cars, the new shirt sponsor and Horizon would be him I would guess? I don’t know that for certain but a good few of the big sponsors would surely have been KK? The fella has moved on, he will have to prove himself to new masters now. There is a lot more fundamentally wrong with FFC than KK was despite not agreeing with everything he did.
  6. Sorry it you are going to post get your facts right first. KK was in charge of the retail operation. I dealt with him directly on 3 or 4 retail projects the most recent where we sold circa 1000 facemasks earning the club and its main charity partner a decent some of money. In my dealings with him I found it a bit of a mixed bag. Some good some bad. On the whole however I believe he tried, what he thought, to do the best for the club. If he earned out of that, good for him. If it was excessive, I have no idea if it was, then the people to blame are his bosses who manage him. On the 50-50 front the club used PayPal which by its very nature is the most expensive provider which would have cost the club more than other mainline ways to run this. It did however raise a significant amount of cash for the club but was eventually over played.
  7. Not so sure. It DU lose their keeper I would not be surprised if Mutch headed there as a back up.
  8. Who knows what will happen. Beating Albion Rovers convincingly was encouraging but the Hamilton result was entirely predictable given our record of failing to beat a FT time team now in 27 months. ( incidentally virtually the same length of time Deans has been on the Board) Everyone has been effected by COVID and it is no surprise at some point it caught up with us. Our bad luck in it all is that it kills LC progression and completely disrupts pre season. (I heard that it is not the first COVID issue we have had either) Sometimes you just need a bit of luck in life. Everywhere they turn this club/Board seem to hit another bit of bad luck.
  9. In the Sheerin interview after the Hamilton game the obvious supplementary question when he said McKay got injured in the morning should have been to ask was it a bad injury and how long would he be out for. No follow up question at all.
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