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  1. You are Wrong. Bo’ness have that offer on the table for the lad from and EOS league club
  2. Backed by someone who is very wealthy. Brings in young players from all over Europe
  3. The CF from Bo’ness will be playing I understand. That Academy has Young’s players from all over Europe playing for them
  4. Not sure I agree on the infrastructure. I would question the timing of it but we need to have that if we are ever going to properly come back.
  5. One thing is for sure Ben Hall, yes Ben Hall, is miles better than Brad McKay. That is how bad McKay is. I am not having the recruitment is better. It isn’t. You can have all the fancy Dan spreadsheets and technology but it will never beat good contacts and someone with an eye for a player especially at this level.
  6. Missed a stack of chances, Long had a worldy, we are shit up front, another two points dropped. Goodwillie to put us out of our misery next week?
  7. I watched the game on Peterhead TV. We were in control the whole game. Missed a stack of chances again and their keeper had a stormer. We are absolutely atrocious up front and with every passing sitter we missed we looked less and less likely to score.
  8. At some point this club has to heal the wounds and come back together if it wants to be successful. (and I think most of us want that) At the moment that looks a fair bit off but it has to happen at some point. I said it on Wednesday that this is sad to watch. The last two days ain’t been any easier.
  9. My over bearing emotion is sadness listening to that Q&A. I just see our club disintegrating in front of our eyes.
  10. I 100% do not know what the reaction would be until it happened - which I don’t not expect to.
  11. None of the NB Group are happy with where we are but it isn’t the groups ball to play with or to decide the future. That is very much, it seems to me, in the hands of someone from Stoke and his American wife.
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