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  1. Aye we are fine. We used the shambles Scottish football created to get stronger. Doesn't change the fact it was an absolute shambles.
  2. So still **** all to justify why Scottish football, almost alone, couldn't complete the season.
  3. Still waiting to hear what the ridiculous claims and strange claims were. It's almost like they're made up bullshit.
  4. Hearts were shit. Doesn't change the fact Scottish football made an absolute c**t of the pandemic, with barely hidden dodgy deals.
  5. I don't want to dredge it all up again, but i really don't know what her ridiculous claims are. I don't blame people trying to bury the absolute shitshow Scottish football made of the pandemic.
  6. Absolutely. One of the very few pointing out that Scottish football was in a very, very small minority who couldn't finish the season. The reasons why were a sham and reached through underhand tactics.
  7. Definitely a decent signing. He played for Malky McKay at Cardiff, is this a pointer towards your next manager?
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