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  1. "diets" What's your team "big al"? I've got a few hunches with the sectarian innuendo, but can you confirm what bigotry you subscribe to?
  2. This is exactly what i'm talking about. Ignore the shite, 8.8 in a row is what matters. You reap what you sow.
  3. Possibly, but far from certain. Scottish football still has the same clowns who created that particular shambles in charge so don't be surprised at the random application of rules.
  4. That's the way it works. It was open season on Hearts for a long time and nobody gave a ****. You reap what you sow.
  5. Quality retort. It's almost like you aren't a simple predictable boring p***k.
  6. Nah. i've defended the p***ks myself in the past but they should f**k off to Ibrox.
  7. Football first, absolutely shafted by a far superior team. The rest was even more embarrassing. A*******s shouting **** the queen, a*******s responding with rangers songs. F**k off ya p***s.
  8. Don't know the details mate. Just the first thing that came into my head.
  9. Glenn Whelan vibes about signing McCarthy. I hope it goes as well for you guys as it did for us.
  10. . What a fanny. St Johnstone can have the sing when you're winning or getting an unexpected draw points. we'll take the 3 points.
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