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  1. Who told you about Carmichael? Thought it was strange how they had his name on the teamsheet last week, your supposed to put trialist unless the player has signed
  2. Thoughts from yesterday’s game; Our best performance of the season (certainly from the games i have been to) Every player that played deserves praise for their performance. Best team on the pitch by a mile, one error at the back cost us another deserved 3 points. Dominated for long periods, it was nice to see us finally get the ball down and pass it, we were playing the ball down the wings & there were some really good interchanges between the full backs and wingers. Deano broke the ball up superbly in the middle all game and Lussaint really ran them ragged through the middle, he has a really good first touch & has good feet for a big guy. Renyard seemed to be playing all along the forward line, he caused their defence problems all day and was really unlucky not to score. Smales had an off day in front of goal but he linked well with Renyard at times, he missed two great chances in both half’s and we really should have been out of site by the time they equalised. Defence all played their part too, Gilly brings plenty of experience, Jack Hunter was immense & young Jack Patrick did really well at RB, Jake Smith had a really good game on the left as well. Thought everyone did their bit and it’s something we can really build on in the coming weeks! Quick mention for Dan Wadge, played his last game for us yesterday and is on his way travelling to Australia this week, good luck mate and thanks for your efforts over the past few years, you’ll be missed! Also can anyone (preferably at the club) shed any light on Dan Carmichael? Included by name last week (not down as a trialist) but knowhere to be seen this week and no mention from the club if he’s signed or not! Be a great addition & a welcome return!
  3. Seeing all these “Team of the Decade” posts on twitter got me thinking who would make our team.........For someone that can remember our original 08 squad there are plenty i can choose from but what does everyone else think? Could do with a few of the strikers of the past at the moment! I’ll post my team at some point this week 😂
  4. This was always going to happen as soon as the previous management team had left. All the players travelling from Manchester, Birmingham etc were never going to stay at the club after Chris's departure. We had some players away last weekend that are still at the club. Dan Wadge i believe is going travelling to OZ in the new year and that was going to happen with or without Chris at the helm. As you say transitional period and i would have faith in Rowan to start bringing players in over the next few games and into the new year. Regardless of how you felt about the previous management team you have to move on, Jon Foley sticking the boot in on social media does not surprise me one bit after what i heard about him at the forum. Good Riddance!
  5. A transitional period for us i sense. Much better scoreline wise, just need a settled team in the coming weeks.
  6. Welcome back? When was he manager before? Exactly!
  7. Brother Grimm has just made an excellent point! Lets not get carried away with ourselves, Rowan has never managed the club before. We all remember the glory years of the previous club but Gretna 2008 are a different club! We worked really hard to shift the "Big time Charlie" tag that followed us into the East of Scotland League and we're certainly not naive to think Rowan is coming into the club to bring league titles and cup wins to the side, that just isn't realistic whatsoever. We need to consolidate our position in the Lowland League first and foremost and build from there. Rowan helped build the old club from the ground up previously but glory years were down to money and that's something at this level we're never likely to have.
  8. Good showing at the fans forum tonight, even though the new gaffer was an hour and a half late 😂 Rowan came across really well, definitely think we have the right man in charge to take us forward (at least for the rest of this season at least) He won’t stand for any shit. Hard work to come but looking forward to it.
  9. Spoke to Nikki last night, 100% not him. Was very unprofessional of the club to not only sack him after the game but to actually word it saying “manager & assistant sacked” I said he would get sacked as i heard a rumour last weekend but i joked yesterday after Chris scored that he’d earned a reprieve. Fans forum on Monday night and new manager will be unveiled. Welcome to Gretna 2008 Rowan Alexander
  10. Yes your correct, the open part at the side (where i stand to watch games now) did have a temporary stand there when the old club were in the SFL. It was taken out either when the club gained promotion to the Spl or when the administrators came in.
  11. As far as i am aware, the stand in the picture is available to use. There was sufficent maintenance done on it during the summer. I don't understand why personally as we're not going to get attendances of any size for us to get any use out of it but there were supporters in it on Saturday against Bonnyrigg and i recall seeing other supporters in it another time.
  12. Floodlights were failing at Burton Albion v Bournemouth last week in the cup! The lights Gretna currently have installed have never failed before last night, the club have had use of them this season already and training takes place twice a week, i know they have been used as i live not far away and can see them from my upstairs window. What happened last night i could not say but i'd expect the fault to be looked at and taken care of.
  13. In all honesty a draw was a fair result today but you boys got the win! But the guys down the far side need to lighten up a bit, one of your supporters punched 2 of my pals today, while some of the early verbals were a bit out of order what followed was a bit of banter, i'll be at the reverse fixture, hopefully won't be scenes like there was today!
  14. There is a pitch inspection at 9:30 in the morning, i have my doubts the game will be on with all the rain we’ had down here the last few days but fingers crossed!
  15. It's not the lower leagues in Scotland that need to address their Promotion/Relegation issues its Scottish League Two that needs sorted! 1 team down but thats only if they lose a 2 legged playoff against the winner of the Highland/Lowland league champions! The bottom team in the League Two should be relegated with the winner of the other tie going straight up. There is far too much protection for SLFL teams imo.
  16. With regards to tomorrow's fixture i'm hoping to get away from work early but there has been a lot of rain this week, quite a lot today and forecasted throughout the night and tomorrow so i have my doubts of it being on.........Fingers crossed!
  17. Last night while watching the draw i was getting excited about the prospect of getting a really good home tie or if it was to be an away tie, Annan, Queens Park or Albion away really appealed (had a great day out at Cliftonhille watching the old Gretna win League 2 there when i was about 18/19) but unfortunately we got EK away. Obviously we know plenty about the opposition but i really didn’t want anyone away from home in our own league & its an extremely tough game regardless. Going back to Saturday’s game against Hill of Beath though, i really expected a better standard from them, 3rd in the East Premier & with odds of 4/11 the bookmakers expected they’d batter us but in all honesty all they had was a big punt up the field every time they got the ball. We rode our luck in the first half but also missed a couple of decent chances ourselves. We deserved to win the game, i thought each of them to a man were outstanding and was really refreshing to see a solid team performance (clean sheet being a welcome bonus) rather than some of the drivel we’ve seen so far this season. That was the first time where i’ve looked at the 11 on the park and thought we had a settled looking side, we did miss Wadge our captain but he’ll struggle to get back in that centre back pairing of Dicko & Jackson. Bonnyrigg Rose on Saturday, hopefully i make the game as i have work but while it will be an extremely tough game i think if we can perform like the weekend just gone then we have a chance! I said on our facebook page last week we have to stop moaning about these junior teams, Kelty, Bonnyrigg, Linlithgow etc they might have more money, better players, setups etc but we’re beat as soon as the 1st goal goes in, heads drop and we get pumped 5,6-0 and more and the excuses from some of the guys at the club is what i’ve just mentioned. A football match starts at 0-0 and we have to go out there regardless of the opposition and fight tooth and nail to get results in every game this season. That is the only way we’ll survive.
  18. What is this "Dark Cloud" you speak of?
  19. I've no idea if the game yesterday was representative or not, maybe Gretna were trying something new or they're transitioning the team. All I can say is that they didn't look like a team from the league above. New manager has brought his own players in and apart from 1 who is club captain i'm yet to see anything from the other 8/9 new players that say we're better than last season, if anything we've gotten worse. The big number 3 is one of the worst i've seen at Gretna for a long time! Time will tell of course, but the next 6 games are pivotal!
  20. I think there are 2 of us left on here that post anything lol. Your right about the committee etc, put anything negative on our facebook or twitter page and you practically get blocked (been blocked and unblocked on 2 occasions already) The people running the club don’t want to hear anything negative regardless of how the club has been run off and on the park. Unfortunately “on the park” seems to be worse this season, averaging 4/5 goals conceded per game, another humping today (to be expected to be fair) but the Star game last weekend was a big eye opener. Things can only get better as they say but a few of us will still be here regardless, the good times will come again...........i hope 😳😀
  21. Haha, hopefully the game is on tomorrow as there has been a lot of rain again but forecast is better tomorrow i believe! Hopefully see you there for a pint after the game, I am at work but hoping to finish for 3:30 and make the 2nd half...
  22. To be fair I barely check the website and normally just google the fixtures😂 I'd imagine it will be a midweek fixture at some point then 👍
  23. Do you have a game next Saturday the 17th? We don't have a game scheduled.
  24. Selkirk 0-8 Gretna Simply put........Did not see this coming after saturday’s shocker! Great response from the lads. Couldn’t make the game unfortunately & unlikely to see another match until September but a big confidence booster regardless of whatever bad times Selkirk are going through. Bit disappointed we failed to better EK’s result on Saturday though
  25. He was a trialist on Saturday & despite a poor team performance he was one of our better performers, didnt play tonight though but i’ve heard nothing from the club on him signing.
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