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  1. Maybe a good job there isn’t a stream available, Think we’ll struggle big time this season.
  2. Do you guys have a live stream for the game? (Heard some teams were doing something like that) Or is just highlights available at a later date?
  3. Great news coming out from the club this evening that the gaffer Rowan Alexander is staying for at least another season. I don't think you can judge the guy on what he did coming in midway through the season, had to practically bring players in very short notice and get them to play his style of play, add to the fact that all those storms postponed a number of games and now Covid-19, it will be good for Rowan to start to assemble his squad for the new season whenever that maybe.
  4. I always knew we would beat the drop!
  5. With the mention of contingency plans for the teams due to come into the lowland league, does anyone think the league would introduce 2 Divisions next season? A Lowland Premier & Division One. I’m not completely clued up on the West Junior team’s situation but would be a good time to expand possibly.
  6. Deuchar played for Gretna FC not Gretna FC 2008
  7. WIth everything going on in the world and Football taking a back seat i’m sure you’ll have seen all these best elevens on Social Media whether it be best current side, best of all time, best of all time for your club. So here is my best ever eleven for Gretna 2008. Gretna 2008 Best Eleven Goalkeeper - Graham Wright Defender - Ryan Errington Defender - Dean Rea Defender - John Jardine Defender - Curtis Wood Midfield - Brandon Longcake Midfield - Steven Rudd Midfield - Adam Main Midfield - Dan Carmichael Forward - Ian Anderson Forward - Tony Nicholson Subs Johnny Jamieson Nikki White Alan Inglis Ian Cummersky Joseph Slattery David Renyard Gavin Reilly Phil Storey Manager - Kenny Brown
  8. Who told you about Carmichael? Thought it was strange how they had his name on the teamsheet last week, your supposed to put trialist unless the player has signed
  9. Thoughts from yesterday’s game; Our best performance of the season (certainly from the games i have been to) Every player that played deserves praise for their performance. Best team on the pitch by a mile, one error at the back cost us another deserved 3 points. Dominated for long periods, it was nice to see us finally get the ball down and pass it, we were playing the ball down the wings & there were some really good interchanges between the full backs and wingers. Deano broke the ball up superbly in the middle all game and Lussaint really ran them ragged through the middle, he has a really good first touch & has good feet for a big guy. Renyard seemed to be playing all along the forward line, he caused their defence problems all day and was really unlucky not to score. Smales had an off day in front of goal but he linked well with Renyard at times, he missed two great chances in both half’s and we really should have been out of site by the time they equalised. Defence all played their part too, Gilly brings plenty of experience, Jack Hunter was immense & young Jack Patrick did really well at RB, Jake Smith had a really good game on the left as well. Thought everyone did their bit and it’s something we can really build on in the coming weeks! Quick mention for Dan Wadge, played his last game for us yesterday and is on his way travelling to Australia this week, good luck mate and thanks for your efforts over the past few years, you’ll be missed! Also can anyone (preferably at the club) shed any light on Dan Carmichael? Included by name last week (not down as a trialist) but knowhere to be seen this week and no mention from the club if he’s signed or not! Be a great addition & a welcome return!
  10. Seeing all these “Team of the Decade” posts on twitter got me thinking who would make our team.........For someone that can remember our original 08 squad there are plenty i can choose from but what does everyone else think? Could do with a few of the strikers of the past at the moment! I’ll post my team at some point this week
  11. This was always going to happen as soon as the previous management team had left. All the players travelling from Manchester, Birmingham etc were never going to stay at the club after Chris's departure. We had some players away last weekend that are still at the club. Dan Wadge i believe is going travelling to OZ in the new year and that was going to happen with or without Chris at the helm. As you say transitional period and i would have faith in Rowan to start bringing players in over the next few games and into the new year. Regardless of how you felt about the previous management team you have to move on, Jon Foley sticking the boot in on social media does not surprise me one bit after what i heard about him at the forum. Good Riddance!
  12. Welcome back? When was he manager before? Exactly!
  13. Brother Grimm has just made an excellent point! Lets not get carried away with ourselves, Rowan has never managed the club before. We all remember the glory years of the previous club but Gretna 2008 are a different club! We worked really hard to shift the "Big time Charlie" tag that followed us into the East of Scotland League and we're certainly not naive to think Rowan is coming into the club to bring league titles and cup wins to the side, that just isn't realistic whatsoever. We need to consolidate our position in the Lowland League first and foremost and build from there. Rowan helped build the old club from the ground up previously but glory years were down to money and that's something at this level we're never likely to have.
  14. Good showing at the fans forum tonight, even though the new gaffer was an hour and a half late Rowan came across really well, definitely think we have the right man in charge to take us forward (at least for the rest of this season at least) He won’t stand for any shit. Hard work to come but looking forward to it.
  15. Spoke to Nikki last night, 100% not him. Was very unprofessional of the club to not only sack him after the game but to actually word it saying “manager & assistant sacked” I said he would get sacked as i heard a rumour last weekend but i joked yesterday after Chris scored that he’d earned a reprieve. Fans forum on Monday night and new manager will be unveiled. Welcome to Gretna 2008 Rowan Alexander
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