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  1. The fact that i wont be able to drive anywhere for the whole time the asda price olympics is on
  2. personally i thought it was really nice of denzel washington to introduce Adam before he played his CDs, thought he was brilliant in new jack city
  3. Aye keep going on about figures and putting up smiley faces, your really winning this one pal. Where am I going to get these figures from, the institute of imaginary scenarios, how about you give me some figures instead? Ones that prove how stopping spending millions trying to halt the billions made in the drug trade and instead taking control of said trade would lose the country money?
  4. Im not suggesting government run centres where people get smack for free, more an amsterdam coffeeshop kind of affair, privately owned but heavily taxed. Its pie in the sky as I cant see it happening any time soon.
  5. Where is your evidence for this? They sell tennents soupy in the shops but ive never been tempted to buy a can, the argument that it will encourage more people to take drugs is absolute bullshit, drugs have never been more readily available than they are now. I remember as a teenager it was easier to get a bit of hash than get a drink as the dodgy geezer up the flats didnt give a f**k what age you were, finding a shop that would serve you or someone to go in for you was a much more difficult affair.
  6. 'These state drug emporiums will no doubt be built and staffed round the clock by good samaritans only too happy to provide a service for the sterling hard working user. They'll be more than happy to meet all expectations, more smack Sir, suit you Sir.' ^^^ This bit, youve still not explained whatever point you were trying to convey. As for blanco, fake fags and booze making up 25% of the market??? Maybe in the trampy circles you move in but I havent even heard of anyone purchasing either of those things in many years. Im banging my head against a brick wall here so im going to stop arguing with idiots. Anyone who seriously believes that taking an industry worth £billions each year out of the hands of criminals and into government hands is not going to make the country money is an idiot.
  7. The price isnt going to plummet in the illegal trade you absolute moron as the people currently risking their lives and liberty are hardly going to do it for peanuts are they? The billions currently spent on illegal drugs in this country will go to the government instead, add to that the money saved sacking off the pointless and thoroughly expensive 'war on drugs' which seems to be achieving the sum total of,well, nothing. How am I supposed to know how much tax is going to go on a gram of gear? Your responses are feeble and childlike, due to the fact you dont have the first idea what you are talking about.
  8. Stay out of trouble, fight only when you have to not over some petty bullshit, you might not care but the people around you do and you are hurting them more than you could possibly know. If you cant figure out what to do with your life work out what you are going to make the most money from, money might not solve everything but its infinitely better than being skint. Be tighter with trust than you are with love. Learn how to drive as soon as you can. Keep yourself in good nick, its not that hard to maintain a decent physique.
  9. Kilo of pure cocaine from jungle £700-£1000, In UK 35-45k. You keep asking for prices as if that proves your shitey points somehow. I dont know what it would cost on the shelf exactly or what the rate of tax would be but it would certainly be cheaper.
  10. I dont really know what to make of this response, if you can call it that? What exactly are you trying to say?
  11. You sir, are an idiot. The drugs industry has MASSIVE overheads, due to the fact they are illegal. The value of the drugs multiplies several hundred times from producer to street level. How you could possibly believe one of the most lucrative industries in the country could have no overheads is astoundingly stupid. Legal drugs would be cheaper and higher quality even with duty and tax added
  12. Cannabis should be legal, and IMO probably will be in some form within the next 4-5 years. In the USA states are falling like dominos as they realize the financial gains other states are making. All drugs should be legalized, regulated and taxed really, but that wont happen till all the old dafties with their heads stuck in the sand are dead and gone. What is especially sad is every time some kid dies from a dodgy pill all the police and press have to say is 'drugs is bad m'kay', there are harm reduction charities/websites out there and reagent test kits are easily and cheaply available but I have never once heard them being mentioned. It wouldnt cost much to set up a proper test lab and would save lives. Also a wee bit of education wouldnt go amiss, taking 5+ strong pills as a teenager is comparable to tanning a litre of vodka straight. The government have blood on their hands same as the scumbags who put dangerous stuff in pills.
  13. 1. Arya Stark 2. Robert Baratheon 3. Victarion Greyjoy 4. Bronn 5. Oberyn Martell
  14. Cheers man got them for buttons at an outlet in new york, was a bit disappointed to see them in the shops when i got back home as I thought theyd be US release only! At least I got them on the cheap... The oregons are prob my fave of the 4, the pic doesn's do them justice at all.
  15. Im also a trainer fiend http://www.jdsports.co.uk/product/adidas-originals-oregon-ultra/019305/ http://www.drjays.com/shop?cmd=imagepop&prodid=1615457&imgstr=4-464-580-12688168&prodname=samba-sneakers&catname=adidas My most recent purchases
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