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  1. Hate seeing guys go out with a loss. Hope he pulls out a result.
  2. Been a decent card so far. Another one that's lacking in 'star power' but providing good fights.
  3. Went for this today, some of the odds seem very generous, especially Bolton @6/1 considering how they’ve started the season.
  4. That’s what I’ve been doing it in. I’ll try give it another go.
  5. I’ve tried making a pre draft list for it to work off a couple of times and it’s not saving it for some reason.
  6. You guys are in for a treat with Sam Kelly [emoji23][emoji23]. He’s a winger that can’t beat a man or cross the ball. He’s never a footballer and really don’t know why you would waste your time with him.
  7. Michael Bisping has officially retired from MMA. Guy has had a great career and is the best British mixed martial artist ever in my opinion.
  8. Got tickets for the weekend but only going on Saturday as I’m off to the UFC in Liverpool on Sunday. Gutted to be missing DMAs and Noel on the Sunday but can’t complain with Saturdays line up.
  9. Front kick KO for the Dragon!!!
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