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  1. May well be, no clue what it means, could you simplify it for me, ta
  2. Tbh, don't know if it's just me, but this is just a word salad Tbf, never considered this at all
  3. Quite often now the change kit is worn purely for commercial reasons. There is often an agreement with the supplier/sponsor that the kit will be worn a certain number of times over the duration of the contract. I understand the commercial implication, that is probably involved, and every pound counts, suppose am just slightly old school
  4. It's about staying full time, who offers the most money, this isn't difficult, surely
  5. I remember going to Stenny and we played in white, kinda think that must have been early mid eighties, yeh I struggle with the change for no reason, couple of seasons ago, we changed away at Airdrie and they changed when they came to Gayfield, pointless
  6. Absolutely should be appointing better, Ross should have had the job in January, might not have avoided relegation, but the club would be in a better hands, the Dundee job was probably the best job available, this close season, still not filled
  7. What Dundee fans want and what they get can be two different things, back in the day, they wanted Jimmy Calderwood, the got Bomber Brown
  8. Again, why do things like this, trigger a reaction like this
  9. I remember a time when the home team changed, when did it change to the away side
  10. Makes me laugh how something like this, triggers a response like this
  11. No sure, why we canna wear maroon against Hamilton
  12. Don't agree, the away is superb, although I liked our black kit, am kind of old school, dark first strip, light change strip and vice versa
  13. Bakare and Ford, both looked signings for signing sake, both were not was required at the time, we were screaming out for someone to play the left side, instead we got this pair, neither of which, fitted the bill
  14. Tbh, if we had won half the games we drew, we would have skooshed the league, on the other hand if you're granny had bollocks, she'd be yer granda
  15. We were written off at the start of the season, all through the season, anytime we had a blip in results, our obituary was written, after we lost 3-0 to ICT, we were written off, we still took the season to the second last round of fixtures, the 3-0 was by far our worst performance of the season, can't believe we will be that poor again
  16. Would've preferred Partick, but it's ICT, so be it, having watched the games this week, I believe we can beat ICT, but write us off at you're peril, nothing to lose, everything to play for, season starts now
  17. I have came to this late, do we know if this dude is ok
  18. St Mirren are on the crest of a slump, would not be surprised it's them
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