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  1. It's brilliant to see, even the guy who delivered my pizza on Saturday night, rocked up in the new away top, superb
  2. We don't play 4-4-2, we play 4-4-1-1, so Stewart is perfect for that system, but the left has to be better
  3. Firhill was a disgrace last season, and to be honest the fact the league should have done something about it, the state of the pitch at Glebe park has been an issue for a while, and Gayfield is a bowling green compared to them, the issue for me with artificial surfaces is the inconsistencies of quality and let's be very clear, the pitch at Montrose is no where near the worse, Killie, QoS, Airdrie, Hamilton and Clyde to name a few Players to prefer grass, don't doubt that, but clubs have survive and most of these pitches provide a secondary income, so love or loathe them, they are here to stay, unfortunately
  4. Can almost guarantee our 2 home games against Dundee, will be moved
  5. Oh right, wasn't great at Falkirk, apparently
  6. He’s got pace, no sure he’s championship quality, yet
  7. Also found this, if only he had a little more confidence
  8. How the actual f**k have I been on the planet for hurtling near 57 years, consider myself reasonably bright and I had never noticed this, ever
  9. He’s away to Dumbarton or is it Dunbarton
  10. Am pretty sure Goldy knows his place in the squad
  11. Never wanted Campbell to be our manager, but at that time, he was exactly what was required, I knew that, but never in a million years, did I think we would do what we have done and be where we are, heady times indeed, as for Goldy he was never getting a new contract after that first season, but Dick seen something and I for one is glad
  12. Yes he did, saved Lumsden that night, worst thing was, think Campbell was available at the time
  13. I remember the midweek game against Berwick, we were 1 nil down at halftime, was convinced Lumsden would be sacked at full-time, we scored 3 in the 2nd half to win 3-1, was absolutely gutted
  14. He was, but has been in decline ever since, pity ps when are the fixtures out?
  15. Am currently on my holidays in Turkey, and to be honest, struggling to sleep, so bored I delved back in this thread to when we sacked Lumsden/Hislop and appointed Dick Campbell, and some posts are interesting to say the least, but the thing that is glaringly obvious to me, is that most of us and I include myself in this, is how little we actually know about the game, we absolutely love, oh it's about page 109, where the carnage begins
  16. Can say that about a lot of managers at Dens, can't always be the managers fault, surely some of the blame has to go to whoever appoints these managers
  17. According to my father-in-law, season ticket holder at Brechin, top 6 Highland league, could probably compete at the lower end of league 2, the rest are absolute dross, steep learning curve for the laddie, but in Dick we trust
  18. There was, but the full-time itch, sometimes needs scratched
  19. Nothing to say that his current contract couldn't be ripped up and get a new one on new terms
  20. Probably got an improved contract, but still, good news
  21. Big crowd for flag day, yes
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