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  1. 39 minutes ago, Tattie36 said:

    Seriously, what is wrong with Billy Dodds?

    Such a graceless, whinging twat. I know Dick Campbell likes a moan but this guy takes it to a different level.

    Imagine being interviewed by the host club after a match that you were lucky to draw and moan about not only the moderately strong wind (which both teams has to play in) but also the pitch, which is in fantastic condition and one of the best in the country, total lack of respect. Also noticed he had to be taken off by security after confronting the ref at the end. Yes the ref was atrocious for both teams but I think we probably had more reason to complain than ICT.

    Classless buffoon.

    It was Allan Johnston, all over again

  2. 3 hours ago, lichtie23 said:

    1300 season tickets sold…….and the majority on LD’s back today. At one point he took the ball down, sprayed it out to Hancock and there were still morons in our support slating him. Absolute helmets. Wrong pass apparently. 

    I am not a Donnelly fan, wouldn't have given him a new contract, never wanted to see him playing midfield ever again after the game at Palmerston last season, did some nice things today, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't really understand the position, still wants a little to much time in the ball for me and hardly ever picked up his opposite number, and a couple of times today, he did pick the wrong pass

  3. 41 minutes ago, Hammerafc said:

    I don't agree with charging more for the stand. Some people can't stand for numerous reasons and having to pay extra because of that is not very inclusive. Also don't think its justified paying over £20.

    Other than that I think the club has done a great job in fan engagement and promotion of the club and the ground was looking great for the cup games.

    Years ago it was an extra quid to sit in the stand, but that ended, don't see the point of it been brought back, tbh suppose they new seats have to be paid for

  4. 5 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    The league season is back baby 


    Excited for a good bevy and hopefully a good result, which we really struggled for last year v Ayr


    Same team that started yesterday please 

    No sure if Goldie will be fit if not, Jacobs or Craigen comes in

  5. 2 minutes ago, SimonLichtie said:

    From memory, we switched dugouts under John McGlashan in the mid/late 00s, and we used to be in the dugout closer to the Harbour End prior to that?

    I'm not sure if it's true, something I've misremembered or verging on urban myth but I'm sure we moved dugouts under John's management as he wanted to have our dugout closer to the linesman on that side in order to 'influence' things more where possible! :D 

    Surely we did that under Baikie, him or his assistant, loved to man mark the lino 😉

  6. 11 hours ago, Tattie36 said:

    Ever since I started going in the late 70s/early 80s, the Pleasureland end was the end where home fans would gravitate to pre match. Remember there was no segregation back then apart from big cup games. The Pleasureland end was always given to away fans for big cup games but for all other games it was where home fans congregated. The first time this changed for league games was when we were in the second tier in the early 2000s, normal service was resumed once we dropped back down the leagues.

    Really don’t understand the reasoning for it at all - fine if every single away fan arrived on a supporters bus that parked behind that goal but that’s not how fans travel/arrive at games - there is zero segregation outside pre and post match and fans of both teams arrive from all directions.

    Don’t know why, we never moved to the other dugout, or warmed up at harbour end, when it’s been obvious for the past few years, that harbour end was now the home end

  7. 5 hours ago, Broath Boy said:

    Up until the mid 90s the pleasureland end was always the home end, I think it changed to the harbour end for segregation and on police advice being that most of the away support would arrive and leave that way along the Dundee road.

    Am no sure this is right, we were segregated for a cup game against Aberdeen in the 80s to the harbour end, think we were also at that end for the QF against Dundee in 77

  8. 15 hours ago, Tattie36 said:

    I know there are probably valid reasons for it but I for one am disappointed that it looks like home fans are being moved back to the harbour end. Much prefer the Pleasureland end and, as far as I’m concerned, it’s the traditional home end.

    Also means we have the prevailing wind blowing in our faces and we’ll be squinting into the sun. Not a lot, if anything, the club has got wrong in the last few years but this is one imo.

    I agree, plesh end is the home end

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