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  1. It is great, but that’s not the point I was making
  2. Thing is, you don't have to but any of the merch, it's not compulsory
  3. Think there was a bit of cash as well, but Shirra was a hammer thrower
  4. I was there, Jim Shirra, went through Terry Wilson from behind, Wilson was half the size of Shirra, the bold Terry got back in his feet, smacked Shirra in the pus, put him on his arse, ref sent them both off, seemed fair
  5. I've called the vet, hopefully get this thread put out of its misery soon
  6. I am not a Donnelly fan, wouldn't have given him a new contract, never wanted to see him playing midfield ever again after the game at Palmerston last season, did some nice things today, but I'm pretty sure he doesn't really understand the position, still wants a little to much time in the ball for me and hardly ever picked up his opposite number, and a couple of times today, he did pick the wrong pass
  7. Have to say Billy Dodds was a picture, every time Ridgers kicked the ball high
  8. Instead of saying, we weren’t good, we were a bit lucky today, got a point, FairPlay to Arbroath, but no you, you’re team were poor, so the whole thing was utter gash, we see you
  9. Have to say that bit cut out, helped my view greatly
  10. Years ago it was an extra quid to sit in the stand, but that ended, don't see the point of it been brought back, tbh suppose they new seats have to be paid for
  11. Someone call the the Vet, this thread needs putting out of it's misery
  12. Prefer Hammy to JT, at CB, Hancock at LB
  13. Appears Arbroath have it wrong on their Facebook page
  14. Was asked about this today by someone, will pass it on
  15. He's no going full time at his age, surely
  16. No sure if Goldie will be fit if not, Jacobs or Craigen comes in
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