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  1. It's been obvious since the end of last season, what was required, we all knew it, but the manager has continued the "if they're no better than what we have, no point signing them" line, cannot believe there wasn't better than what we have out there, if the answer is Jacobs. Donnelly, Hilson and Fosu, i have no idea what the question was. The fact he played Hancock instead of Linn, isn't the problem, the problem is Bobby is still our best left midfield player at his age As for Low, fine player, but if he is away, frees up a wage I suppose
  2. You want him further up the pitch Until an appropriate player is brought in, then a toss up between Craigen, Gold or Jacobs, as Jacobs looks miles off, it’s a between the other two, so my preference is Craigen, but it might be Goldie
  3. Absolutely not, don’t even joke about it, him in there, is like playing a man short
  4. Absolutely, need to get the first win
  5. Usual back 5, midfield 4 of Stewart, Low, Craigen and Linn, McKenna playing in behind Shanks
  6. Thing is, there is no reason for anyone playing out of position Dylan, probably, followed by Jacobs, Donnelly and Hilson for me
  7. No sure 1pm is early enough, but costs will have to be reduced somehow
  8. Serious point, are noon kickoffs now an option, through the winter months, if so could this mean the return of streaming?
  9. Just curious what the smaller full time clubs pay, that was all
  10. See the 3rd kit makes its debut in Saturday
  11. An not on about full time players and I understand the allure of full-time football, What is Ayr's top earner on and squad average?
  12. I get that and he would probably of ended up at QP, whether they were promoted or not, but after such a fabulous season last season, we should have been an attractive club for players to come to, but this does not appear to be the case, why is that?
  13. I have no idea who that Luke Donnelly is, this one has a bit of pace, jumps and tackles, our one does, none of that
  14. Grant Savoury played for Queens Park on Saturday, played for Peterhead last season, would have done us
  15. Worth a shout, likely to interest other teams in the championship and probably Dunfermline and Falkirk
  16. Was brought in at a very good time and has continued the great work
  17. A proper striker is a must, but they look as rare as hen’s teeth
  18. We have given Shanks a three year deal from the Highland League, maybe learned from not giving Henderson 2 yrs
  19. Just because it's ludicrous to you, doesn't make it wrong and you are correct, Goldie is probably better than Wee Hammy in that role, but not according to the man who picked the team
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