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  1. I hope that the boy who was up singing with Bruce on Tuesday night is aware, that no matter what he does the rest of his life, he is unlikely to do anything as cool as that

  2. I am glad to see that the "yes" voters are very much taking the SNP line, which is to behave in such a condescending manner towards anyone who does not share their view, it is a free vote its not about who can SHOUT THE LOUDEST

    One question what size of defeat will the SNP attempt to claim a "moral" victory, if they get 40% of the vote, 35%?

  3. If anybody thinks that an independent Scotland is going to be some kind of political heaven has completely lost the plot, there will be years of difficulty ahead

    Anybody who believes that there will not be a deal done over Oil and Gas with the rest of the UK is looking through the world in tartan tinted glasses

    A vote out of Europe would be a disaster for the UK, the rest of Europe will make sure of that, we will really become an island state

    Again there is no hard evidence that full fiscal powers will encourage companies to come and invest, or for to stay and invest

    Does anyone know what the support for a nuclear deterrent in Scotland is?

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