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  1. We don't do winter, tropical all year round
  2. Would assume Karren Brady looking for Malky MacKay's phone number, at this very moment
  3. It is only how I see it, my view may not sit with all but it is all mine
  4. The role of the media is simple, to report both sides without favour and I think on the whole they do that, I know that this thread is full of Yes voters, who will disagree with this, sounds like they are preparing their excuses already for their impending defeat, just saying
  5. They will never be able to pay that back
  6. Missed the point slightly, old boy, but no matter
  7. This guy came on Talksport last year banging on about how good the young Scottish talent coming through was, the two examples he gave were Ness and McCabe, oh aye he was a Rangers fan living in England
  8. No its not, just the same garbage over and over again, time for this thread to close
  9. Nothing worse than being somewhere and walking into someone else's smell
  10. When a so-called minnow is playing a big team, it is always described as their "cup final"
  11. A lot of this s**t has nothing to do with football! Message to P&B, time this thread was shut down
  12. Only 1070 pages on Scottish Independence thread, which is quite important, 4962 on this garbage, which is only about a team who play a sport, f**k sake!
  13. Longmuir was no different than Doncaster, only looking out for the big clubs, was not fully committed to 12-12-18
  14. You have to admit Rangers supporters having a go at the behaviour, of the supporters of any other club, is a bit of a hard neck
  15. Like seeing James Spader doing his best John Lithgow impression
  16. It would appear this campaign is going to be decided by who can SHOUT THE LOUDEST, pity because this is quite important issue
  17. I think Rangers and their supporters should "grow a pair" and just be happy they still have a club, what this is about is utter garbage, in the main created by people who have far to much time on their hands
  18. think now its funny that it was always put forward in the main by Rangers fans that it was Celtic and their fans were paranoid about everything, but it would appear that when it comes to paranoia Rangers and their fans have taken it to new highs
  19. 75% to 80% that's about what I think, but cant see the result being as close as that, think 59% to 41% to keep the union,
  20. Nah, canna see them reaching the high 40's , the sides that is lagging behind always claims a high percentage of the "don't knows" that's normal politics, I think Salmond would take 42 or 43% as a no bad result
  21. You can take polls with a "pinch of salt" and each side will always put their own "spin" on them as is their want, but I do think if the "yes" campaign will do well to get 40% in the referendum vote anyway
  22. If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and sounds like a duck, its a good bet it's a duck So oldco/newco it appears to make no difference, it appears still to be Rangers FC
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