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  1. On 26/01/2023 at 13:08, Anotherlichtie said:

    Not for one second do I want a player who has actively been looking to leave the club while under contract in our squad. I don’t care how good he is perceived to be. 

    Don’t have that luxury, anyway our midfield is dreadful, needs must

  2. 1 hour ago, Tattie36 said:

    And physicality.

    We completely lost the midfield battle yesterday and Motherwell pretty much had a free reign there. How many times did they have time and space to win it, take it down and pass it on completely unchallenged?

    Unlike some others here, I actually thought Balde was very poor yesterday as was Gold. We’re desperately needing physicality in the centre of midfield and players who stay there and don’t get sucked back into defence as soon as the opposition have the ball.

    Yesterday also exposed how threadbare we are at the back.

    It was obvious yesterday, the midfield sat deeper to protect the defence, only problem with that was we didn't get forward quickly enough when we had the chance 

  3. 4 minutes ago, keptie said:

    What I noticed yesterday was Inverness looked way sharper than us physically and mentally we looked like we were needing a rest, we'd lost our edge.


    We also are awful at clearing our lines, we get stuck in our defensive third, just no out ball, we either hoof it onto the roof of the stand or straight back to them

  4. 6 minutes ago, Tattie36 said:

    We miss him absolutely no doubt about it but do you really think if he played for us yesterday (or the rest of the season) that none of those defensive and goalkeeping howlers would have happened?

    Can do very little about the goalkeeping errors, but he would’ve helped the defence, surely 

  5. 44 minutes ago, Tattie36 said:

    The defence and goalkeeper underperforming can’t just be blamed on the fact that we’ve lost Chris Hamilton and Nicky Low.

    We had large chunks of last season where Low was injured or we had Harrison Clarke or Luke Donnelly etc playing in midfield.

    The problems are far far deeper than just the players on the pitch. 

    Wee Hammy, once he started playing CM, he pretty much played every game there, his first instinct was to defend, we have no one in there now, who has that instinct, so the defence is exposed 

  6. 3 hours ago, keptie said:

    I think the defence that has served us so well over the years is now beginning to creak. Midfield was almost non existent yesterday which didn't help things just hope the new players are gonna have a influence.


    It’s beginning to creak because it’s no help from the midfield, a fact from yesterday Bitsindou dreadful in the first half at CB, Goldie playing CM, not great yesterday, but knows what he’s supposed to be doing, Goldie got booked, so as per is substituted at halftime, so on comes Ricky, who should have started, Bitsindou moves into CM, to replace Goldie, has no clue what’s he’s supposed to be doing, doesn’t go forward, doesn’t go back, not good enough 

    We were so good last season because we were defensively sound, this was because we had a CM, whose main job was to protect the back four, we don’t have this

  7. 29 minutes ago, Stephen Malkmus said:

    Aye he looked good in spite of Arbroath's tattie field. Clearly a clever player with good technique and a bit of pace. He's a bit like a young Aaron Doran. His goal was either clever or a fluke - thighed it over Gaston after he had fumbled a corner.

    Actually Doran had a really good game yesterday too.

    You obviously weren’t there, the pitch was fine for the time of year, in fact considering the amount of rain we’ve had it was perfectly playable 

  8. 22 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    We have signed Ryan Dow. Wanted him in the summer but his father in law was obviously Peterhead manager at the time 😂


    Only 31 too plenty of football left in him


    Its pretty funny that we are at a stage in time where we have 


    Nicky Low, Scott Allan, Ryan Dow, Bobby Linn, Michael McKenna and El Mhanni as attacking midfield players on our books - on paper it’s unbelievable but unfortunately Low is in a huff will never play for us again and Allan is nowhere near fit - very happy with Dow though that’s the kind of player I’ve been crying out for. What a difference him and El Mhanni should make 

    Would have been a better option, agreed

  9. 9 hours ago, AFC360PUNK1320 said:

    Let's hope the win against the Dees kick-starts our season.

    I am glad the AFC Board have stuck with DC and did not listen to some supporters crazy shouts to get rid of him.

    Let's be honest this season DC has made some bad signings and some crazy line ups/tactics/subs but i am glad he has EVENTUALLY admitted he has made mistakes so for that i was willing to give him at least until the end of the season to improve us (and okay it is only one game) but with his new decent signings it seems to have worked.

    IMO DC and his backroom staff deserve a bit of loyalty after what they have done for the club.

    Also hats off the the AFC Board for also supporting them and for getting the funds for the new signings.

    C'Mon the Red Lichties, onwards and upwards, 36-0.

    Agree with most of this, but no matter how well the management team have done, they’re not above criticism

  10. 5 minutes ago, Tattie36 said:

    Classic Williamson, he was always a ba’ hair away from a red every time he played for us. What was he thinking though? Just been yellowed so scythe down an opposition player from behind right in front of the ref and linesman, especially where it was on the pitch. If I was a Dundee fan I would have been raging at him not booing the ref and calling him a cheat, absolute stonewaller.

    Absolutely, it just looked like a petulant swipe

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