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  1. 4 hours ago, clashcityrocker said:

    If I recall correctly, did Sir Bobby Linn not play up front as a centre forward for a couple of matches several years ago due to the squad being depleted? Don’t think it proved to be much of a success - but I would be tempted to give Linn a free role up front on Saturday- very few options, so perhaps worth a throw of the dice ?

    Apologies if I am talking nonsense- just looking at all options until the suspended and injured players return and we sign a couple of strikers.

    Bobby played upfront against us, in his last season for East Fife, didn't suit him at all

  2. On 09/09/2022 at 15:07, JoseMarooniho said:

    Am I missing something? We haul him out of the Lowland League, he commits to play for us, he does well, he works his ticket and gets out of the deal. Forgive me if I don’t get all misty eyed.

    I kinda think someone, would have taken a punt on him at the time, but not a championship team, like us, so with that in mind, does well, appears to quite happily sign two year deal, then agitates for a move, bad show from him, I, also will not get misty eyed over this

  3. 23 hours ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    No ToB and or Scotty Allan, no Mikey McKenna and Nicky Low will no doubt be nowhere to be seen 

















    No doubt Fosu will play though DC seems to love him. That teams very suspicious but we’ve got absolutely f**k all else.

    I’d probably play Gold if he was fit and the only boy we’ve got worth putting on off the bench is Dylan Paterson. Grim 

    Don’t mind this, tbh

  4. 7 hours ago, lichtiekev said:

    Almost want us to go to 3 centre backs ans Stewart and Hancock wing backs, Little ToB and Hammy with JT as back up,

    Really don't know what to do with the midfield and Forwaed positions buy wouldn't be against putting Linn in a more central position up front,

    I thought about this after the QP game 

  5. 13 minutes ago, 1320Lichtie said:

    Everyone’s been woeful and we need to stop making excuses for the defence too, this spooked thing needs to stop. Gaston, Shanks and Allan on his limited time on the park have been the only guys that have played to a standard I would expect


    Also can I just say this is what supporting a football club is all about, a period like this was always coming after last year. 30 years old now and seen this and been here before, stop hitting the panic stations and embrace it. It would be worrying if we never had a good squad of players but we do, we have plenty of good players who are underperforming for various reasons. We clearly aren’t finished with ins and outs, lots of changes week to week and I think there’s an added pressure this year 


    Getting 2000 home fans every game and for the first time there is an expectation on them this year. We have never ever had that at this level 

    Yes, we have good players, this week is crucial for us, our recruitment looks to have been awful, so far, but that can change

  6. 28 minutes ago, Scotty Tunbridge said:


    the moronic mewling of a desperate man. It was a stonewall penalty O’Brien made a save that Buffon would have been happy with and if there is ‘anyone who knows anything about football’ that agrees with Campbell they need their head checked.

    Got to love that refs should just disobey the rules so a player gets his wages, hope they have also considered replacing water breaks with cuddle breaks and only allowing a goal to stand if the opposition are ok with it.


    I agree, most of what Campbell says is, nonsense, I don't read what he says and i don't watch his pressers, I got the feeling a few years back, that what he says is to wind people like you up, just ignore him

  7. 16 minutes ago, lichtie23 said:

    I must admit that after yesterdays pretty inept performance I’m becoming increasingly concerned. The midfield got totally overrun and again we created nothing up front. From memory I can only remember there keeper making 1 pretty routine save. 

    Midfield has been absolutely woeful, it's been, out muscled, which has completely spooked the defence


    14 minutes ago, superlichtie87 said:

    Any rumours of what players we may be bringing in? 

    Is Charlie Adam still linked? Would he be a good replacement for Low?

    If there are 3/4 players coming in we will have a big squad so which players may leave on loan or permanently?

    The one thing our midfield needs is legs, which completely rules out Adam

  8. 20 minutes ago, Cappiecat1.2 said:

    Do you know that he wasn't,  maybe he wasn't selected?

    If a deal is done, no problem with that, if he’s injured, no problem with that, if the manager, just chose, not to pick him, no problem with that, my problem would be if the player, in some way forced the manager hand, by not making himself available for selection, even when fit,  before a deal is done

  9. 1 hour ago, clashcityrocker said:

    If the rumours about Nicky Low leaving prove to be true, this will be a big blow - he has been an outstanding player and over the past 14 months has played a major role in the team's success. Hopefully all involved can work something out and have a rethink to keep him at Gayfield for this season - we will know for sure very soon.

    This coming week will see players coming and going, a few being released, some going out on loan and others coming in on loan.

    If we can get the players required we can kick on with the season.




    I hope a deal is done, if not, he should have been professional enough to be available for selection today, if fit

  10. 16 minutes ago, SimonLichtie said:

    That was extremely poor, there's no getting away from that and no way to sugar coat or look for positives - simply not good enough from back to front.

    One thing I would say is I think people maybe underestimated how much went for us last season (few injuries to key players, very few suspensions, a lot of ground out results and some absolutely superb loan signings alongside some good old fashioned luck) and this season we're on the opposite end of the scale so far. We've had Tam sent off x2, niggles to some key players, no loan signings so far and no luck. While we were superb all through last years campaign we could've ended up a dozen points behind where we did simply by the aforementioned things not going for us.

    We are obviously short in two key areas - the sitting defensive midfielder and the striker (x2 realistically). Without the ball holding upfront at all, and with no-one breaking up the play infront of the defence it puts every other player/ position in the team under so much more pressure. The defence is being given almost no protection at points when last season we were so disciplined and difficult to break down. I feel we're still setting up to be difficult to break down and sit relatively deep, but with the current squad we're missing the players to be able to do this as the ball doesn't stick up top and we don't have enough physicality in midfield.

    We also have a situation where half a dozen players who were superb last season have massively lost form, and it seems obvious to me that some confidence issues are beginning to creep in. Today I felt like several players who were consistently giving options to the player on the ball last season were sitting a bit more, offering less, and less determined to get on the ball. Confidence is a huge thing in football, and confidence was a key part to our success in keeping things together in the second half of last season when it got really tough at points.

    Our players haven't suddenly become shite, we've still got the bulk/ base of the squad from last year, but when you combine all of the above and put them all together it's certainly a worry. We will make signings in the next week or two, there's no doubt about that, and we still have plenty of time to get things sorted out. However, it's quite clearly a worrying start so far both in terms of results and performances.

    Voice of reason as ever

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