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  1. Apart from bringing in Jack Hamilton, since January, when we were top of the league, our recruitment has been woeful
  2. We need to stop this, Thistle no better than us, win 3 nil, Ayr, a couple of weeks ago, no better than us, win 2-0, they’re is a theme here
  3. May have been criminal, but everyone saw it coming
  4. To be honest, I was more worrying about next season, thought we had enough to be fine this season, but you are correct, staying up, will be a massive achievement
  5. After our woeful, inadequate recruitment this year, no sure we are in any position to be pickie
  6. Yes, but I never want to see Bitsindou at CH, ever again
  7. Would take a fit Griffiths in a minute, but not a fat Griffths, that would be a waste
  8. So is Mark McNulty and Dylan McGeoch, also possibly time to see if we can make peace with Nicky Low, we are a far better side with him in it
  9. No sure there is a lack of cash, club appears to be in rude health financially, but Dick has a habit of showing loyalty to some players, sees continuity as a plus, but recruitment has become ragged
  10. Bitsindou at CH, is a mistake waiting too happen, he was dreadful today, Jacobs is also a waste of a wage, he brings nothing to the table, manager has to take responsibility for the godawful recruitment
  11. Recruitment couldn't have been much worse, to be fair, so we will see where it goes
  12. Of course, most of us have no clue how he feels, far too much of a team player
  13. Nah, he might no like it, but he is long enough in the tooth to get it
  14. This, and the fact he's just turned 37
  15. Fair to say, he won’t try that again
  16. Absolutely not Hester, never thought he was anyway near championship quality, he is League one at best, would have hard at Hearts for Euan Henderson, tbh
  17. It is inconceivable to me, that we cannot go to January with the strikers we have, if we do and we are bottom, then blame lies squarely at the door of the manager
  18. Bobby played upfront against us, in his last season for East Fife, didn't suit him at all
  19. Some of these QBs are dreadful
  20. Tbh, with no game, had to fill the time somehow
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