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  1. Thought the ref bottled that, should have been two yellows
  2. Have to say, was not a fan of the drum, but am warming to it i just can’t believe, as appalling as we have been at times this season, we could still stay up
  3. When you score as few as us, you have to stop the opponent scoring
  4. Good luck with 5, let’s hope the opposition only attack with 4
  5. Problem with our midfield is, it doesn’t get forward quickly enough to support the lone forward, when they do get forward, it doesn’t get back quickly enough to defend, leaving the defence exposed, also when we are defending, the midfield sits so deep, we struggle to get out
  6. The fat lady isn't quite singing if Hamilton win on Tuesday, but she might begin breaking out the manuka honey
  7. Whoever plays the sitter role, has to be a decent defender, that rules out Bitsindou, either Hetherington or Goldie for me in there, agree with McKenna and Balde
  8. Did we no, kick off, think Raith chose to play into the wind, or am I Havering
  9. Straight out of left field, a right back
  10. Then we differ, it has absolutely no creativity, it’s dreadful
  11. Don’t have that luxury, anyway our midfield is dreadful, needs must
  12. It was obvious yesterday, the midfield sat deeper to protect the defence, only problem with that was we didn't get forward quickly enough when we had the chance
  13. Our midfield is a barren wasteland of creativity
  14. Possibly, but not in the team presently, he’s not what is required
  15. Nah, he really doesn’t, fine player, but not the player we require at the moment
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