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  1. Selection did not work today, not enough legs in the team, McKenna and Hilson made a difference when they come on
  2. Has anybody checked, if this dude is ok, good heavens
  3. A fact that gets very little attention
  4. Oddly enough Petrie was recommended to Sheerin, by Dick Campbell, apparently
  5. As true as this is, the best defensive partnership in the league, on a team that might be relegated
  6. Whatever they did at half time to the stream worked, 2nd half was very good
  7. This is right, but, missing the penalty today was criminal, we don't create many clearcut chances in a game, so we have convert guilt edge chances like this, the keeper made up his mind early to which way he was going, Mikey surely seen this and should have fired it straight down the middle
  8. This is the first issue I have had with home games, paid for and never got game from Ayr last week
  9. Kind of the thinking that, with so many clubs so close together, that 30 will be enough
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