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  1. Heard they were looking into temporary hospitality for next season
  2. Agree about the white kit, but just imagine what it would look like, white and maroon
  3. They have announced Cammy Bell today, unlike Raith, Falkirk appear to want to go up
  4. Being type2 diabetic, I try and take as little sugar as I can, so the only biscuits I eat are sugar free, and to be honest whatever the sugar replacement is, it gives me horrendous wind
  5. He is clown, but is he any worse than some on here
  6. Let's face it we are only been written off because we are the smallest team in the league and part-time, we will surprise some teams, it is important we pick up points the 1st time round, when are still a bit of an unknown quantity
  7. Don't Blink by James Patterson & Howard Roughan, perfect for reading by the pool on holiday
  8. Apparently the look is for a TV show he is in
  9. I did, when he was being linked with us
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