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  1. Bobby played upfront against us, in his last season for East Fife, didn't suit him at all
  2. Some of these QBs are dreadful
  3. Tbh, with no game, had to fill the time somehow
  4. I kinda think someone, would have taken a punt on him at the time, but not a championship team, like us, so with that in mind, does well, appears to quite happily sign two year deal, then agitates for a move, bad show from him, I, also will not get misty eyed over this
  5. Oh f**k no, this was probably my last game til Christmas
  6. Oddly enough, it's no compulsory viewing, either of them
  7. To be fair, think it was obvious what the ref was about to do, if it was just a yellow, he would have flashed it quickly
  8. Although he should not be immune to criticism, the current state of the squad, is down to him
  9. No issues with the red card, rank stupidity
  10. Absolutely this, last season we always looked like we knew what we were doing, this season so far, not so much
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