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  1. Hoped for the old Kris Doolan, what we have is an old Kris Doolan
  2. surprised at this, tbh Not surprised he has signed, was never going to get games at Arbroath, Dick talKed him up, hardly played him, so have no idea about him
  3. ecto

    Week 17

    Losses are losses, no matter how close they are
  4. ecto

    Week 17

    This division was a dumpster fire, inside a train wreck, there is no guarantee that Washington would have a better record playing a different schedule, agreed there is some garbage out there, but Washington were also garbage and only slightly better garbage than the rest of the division
  5. ecto

    Week 17

    This is correct, should be a 500 rule, none of this group should be anywhere near the play offs
  6. ecto

    Week 17

    This really is an anomaly, the division is terrible
  7. Probably not allowed to ask for volunteers to help, tier 4, and all that Yes it is
  8. No there isn't, sorry, to score goals we need spend time in the opposition box, we don't, any corner, free kick we get should be delivered to place where can win 2nd ball, to often they have been over or under hit, the notion of many that we will somehow play ourselves to safety, is deluded, this is going to be a scrap, and we need scrappers, not sure we have enough of them, unfortunately
  9. Doolan looks the classic, " good lad, ", "good in the dressing room" type, when what we actually require, is a b*****d, who can take a chance, when it comes
  10. Also depends on a potential draft pick, think there will be a bit of a market for him
  11. Nah, they will trade Wentz, will be plenty of interest
  12. No sure it was 2 up, all the time, but good performance, better tempo
  13. Am in no way a fan of the long ball, but we need to try something different or it will be to late, so possibly we need to become a little more agricultural in our tactics
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