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  1. Henderson will replace Clark, he is a better, more accomplished, better defensively than Clark, let's Low do his thing
  2. TOB, will come back in, think Hendersons performances have been deserving of a starting berth
  3. No sure Kelty were better than us in the first half, they took both their chances, we squandered at least four decent chances
  4. Hilson and McKenna squandered a load of chances today, luckily it didn't cost us the game, we cannot be as wasteful against better opposition
  5. Ruth would add nothing to the squad, not better than we have, want quality not quantity Didn't add anything to the squad last season, not for me, but we will probably sign him and he will be superb
  6. Miko was half the player last season, he was the season before, time to move on
  7. He had to position himself for the higher percentage play, think Mulgrew could attempt this a hundred times and not hit it and as right as he did, but agree we were very good in the second half, but we need to be sharper and more ruthless in front of goal
  8. Don't know what game they were watching
  9. No I agree, nothing wrong with the keepers positioning, Mulgrew got it spot on
  10. Didn't think Henderson was as assured as Wednesday night, Low was always looking to make something happen, commentators were a seething mess, especially when they found out we weren't Elgin
  11. Even for you, this is harsh, to condemn him on 20 minutes is grim stuff
  12. Did get better in the second half, got dizzy in the first half, every time the ball went to the far touchline instead of the camera zooming in closer, it did the opposite
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