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  1. Have to say, at the start of the season this was my one concern, were we going to score enough goals
  2. You do realise that only a tiny percentage of the good people of Arbroath, work in this industry
  3. We were 1-0 down at halftime that night, then Craig f*****g Wilson scored a screamer, thanks Craig, ffs
  4. Was at this game, played on a Sunday
  5. For 3 seasons from 76/77, 77/78 and 78/79 Arbroath and Dundee were in the same league
  6. 77/78, 78/79, we were in the same league as Dundee
  7. Am not sure this is right, when did Terry Wilson punch Jim Shira at Dens, that was a league game,
  8. Were we not in the same league as Dundee in 77? Seem to remember playing them, at Gayfield not long after the cup tie
  9. Am not sure you are right here, think 6600, is the correct
  10. Covers should be compulsory, at this level
  11. They were bragging through the week about the covers they borrowed from Ayr racecourse
  12. Tbh, might have been better if we had kept Wallace, instead of Spence or Stevie Doris, and I can't believe I just wrote that
  13. Hospitality was sold out, already for all the Dundee clubs visits, were sold out before the season started, I know, because I tried
  14. We have also beaten Thistle, Morton and Dunfermline this season and they are all bigger clubs than ICT
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