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  1. Say what you might about Berra, but the way he man marks the ref, good pro
  2. Which one, the one in green or Christophe Berra, who was by far the best referee on show today
  3. A great result and Doris robbed of a perfectly good equaliser at gayfield when Forster slipped and was given a free kick. Absolutely, never a foul
  4. Aye, the way it currently is, there is plenty of room
  5. ecto

    Week 12

    Was drafted the same year as Eli and Rivers and they are gone
  6. Perfect tune up for us, for next week
  7. ecto

    Week 12

    Big Ben, is pretty much 70s Elvis, he is basically done, he knows, he is done, we know, he is done, but every so often he pull out something, from his prime
  8. Also heard Lennon singing a song called natures child, it was the same tune as Jealous Guy
  9. It appears to be quite an industry, my daughter is the only person I know, who loves these things, absolutely loves them, even if they are pretty much all the same, with all the same actors in them, according to her
  10. ecto

    Week 11

    Think it's time to call the vet, for the Lions
  11. Assume Low will be back on pens, when he returns
  12. Thought it was brilliant, when they were praising the keeper for the penalty save as he was taking the goal kick
  13. Didn’t think the time wasting was excessive, there was no hurry from QoS, got the impression that they considered a draw a decent result, just shows how things have changed from the “we really should be winning at places like this” from a couple of seasons ago
  14. Things have been different this season, surely this has been noticed
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