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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    More than fukin BBC website apparently, it's 4-2 Alloa
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    Or what the f**k do I know
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    Been mostly upbeat about the managers signings, and his ability to get the the right players to fit the system we play, but Toshney playing as a defensive midfielder, do not think he is mobile enough for that role
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    If this is a fitness thing, then this means United want him to play, so who drops out or is this just a player who the manager does not rate and sees no future for him at Tannadice, I also make no apologies for not getting excited by this signing, if I am wrong (which I doubt) and he proves to be an decent addition to the squad then I will say so
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    Every word, dreadful signing
  6. The Arbroath Thread

    Seen Toshney play against us season before last and he was, oh aye, fucking dreadful, am 52 and am quicker than him,if he replaces ToB, Hammy, Ricky or Thomson in the side, whoever is replaced should ask to leave, as for ToB in the midfield not the place the best CH in the league should be playing
  7. The Arbroath Thread

    Get over yourself, you will get a bit if this, win a game and it goes away, simples
  8. Do you love Jesus?

    Thank goodness the season starts this weekend, it will put an end to garbage like this
  9. The Arbroath Thread

    Quite right, in it, to win it
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    This was careless last night, had plenty of chances got nothing, they had one chance, took it, on we go to Tannadice
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    Aye and look at what last years contracts got you, a L1 side in the Championship, nuff said
  12. Pub standard, they were nowhere near that, they were dreadful
  13. The Arbroath Thread

    A good run out in the sun, that is all yesterday's game was, Leishman was ok, the No.5 had a decent game, no point in looking at Fraser, better off keeping Kane, Huntly ( in fact until the end I thought we were playing Turriff) were pretty much as expected big CF trying to run through everything, a centre mid who kicked anything that moved and that keeper, who cannot be their 1st choice, surely
  14. Punditwatch 2018

    Think this might say more about you, come on drag yourself into the 21st century, Oatley is better than most of the men and the girl on TMS is excellent