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  1. Father-in -law is a season ticket holder at Brechin, says 6 or 7 Highland league teams might make a fist of it in League 2, rest are absolute dross
  2. Kinda think if he was signing, would have been announced by now
  3. But we pretty much carried Jacobs and Allan for a bulk of the season
  4. Tbf, neither of the Cove strikers were even on my radar, but don’t mind McIntosh
  5. Exactly scumtrose, what are you 10, behave
  6. Have to remember Spartans only beat Brechin on penalties, but I do think Brechin getting out of the Highland League might be more likely than any of the other four getting out of the Lowland League I agree, but it must be automatic relegation for the bottom team Shire got away with it, for far to long
  7. I disagree, the believe the away kit should be the reverse of the home, but that away kit is awful, should be a two season minimum on all kits
  8. Absolutely bewildered by this decision, a complete waste of a wage this season
  9. This is probably right, after his first season, he wasn’t worth a new contract, but now club legend
  10. Is this no a fitba forum? politics forum for this s***e
  11. He has to realise that, this is no longer the way, things are done
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