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  1. Full time, Airdrie have full time players
  2. Since the majority of Scottish football clubs are part time, would suggest most players already have an alternative income
  3. There will be two clubs at least, Hearts and Rangers, for different, but obvious reasons
  4. If I have to be isolated, am going to read this thread, from the beginning
  5. Three of the four, might just about accept this, but don't think Hearts will
  6. He would never have been my pick, but at the time he was the exactly the right choice, but never did I think for one moment we would have the success we have had
  7. We do have a lot of games this month
  8. Anybody with two medals goes to the HoF, surely
  9. The nonsense of today's game was Moffatt telling the Ayr keeper to take goal kicks from the other side, but the manager Mark Kerr telling him to carry on taking them from the other side
  10. According to Dick Campbell in hospitality, Ayr wanted the game off at 2pm, but the ref said the conditions would be reassessed at half time
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