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  1. Still working through this but really enjoying it and looking forward to hearing more. I don't think he will. He played Taggart left centre back in his first game and although Taggs did his normal steady job he clearly wasn't entirely comfortable and was also missed on the flank. Was then deployed there and LB on a few more occasions before the end of the season. You could make an excuse for that and Kev as emergency RWB when Rice had come in mid-season but we're now 7 competitive games into a new season and it's been obvious enough already that neither player is anywhere near as effective as they can be in these positions. Taggs is class on the right and Kev is needed further up the field (and more central too). Ultimately the reason for it too is that Rice retained Church and didn't sign another LB either. He needs to sort that. Managers have their quirks and Rice has plenty of positives as a boss as well but I'd expect more players out of position (and too many positional and formation changes through games) from him. Very poor result today. I remember doing a feature on Alloa being upset by Edinburgh City at City Park in the 30s then losing to Spartans there decades later in the Scottish Cup, then of course losing to City a few years back over the road from City Park at Ainslie Park. Getting pumped at home by the dodgy new incarnation a new low.
  2. Don't see a thread for this, the first competitive match between the clubs I think (not sure if there were ever any friendlies over the years). Strongest link is a certain former manager of both sides who did considerably better in Fife than in Clackmannanshire. Suspect Mark Durnan will be out for us after going off injured at East End Park. Is Andy Graham's suspension up? Hopefully he is available to slot back in and John Robertson is also over the illness that kept him out last week. Seemed that Alloa and Kelty were both a little unfortunate to lose on the opening day and the sides will be determined to get things kick-started tomorrow. 'Mon the Wasps.
  3. They could have just kept this bit and it would have made for a much better view...
  4. I remember the midweek game which felt like a real turning point, recall Chris Townsley and John Gemmell having a real go at each other coming off at the end. Stevenson scored a great curling effort in the second game and think it was Graeme Brown who missed the pen. The momentum from that run took us right through the play-offs to complete an unlikely escape. The Sons had a decent team on paper too, should have had enough to avoid being dragged into the relegation battle.
  5. I think we were maybe as much as 14 points adrift at one point and Forfar were actually the nearest team to us rather than Sons when Maitland came in. He made us hard to beat and Jamie Stevenson in the form of his life provided several great goals. Think he scored two winners against Dumbarton in 1-0 wins. This was all helped by Paul Martin having a meltdown and describing his Dumbarton players as "a bunch of f*cking losers".
  6. I would only have retained Church as backup to a new LB and would really have preferred Williamson for that role, and I'm still hoping we'll see another LB come in (that and a striker should be the priority). Agree though that the fans should get behind Church regardless. He is pretty quick and strong and capable of direct running down the flank (see his assist for Sammon's first goal at Buckie) and has put decent deliveries into the box at times. The raw attributes are certainly there and confidence would seem to be key. Certainly won't do any use for fans to get on his back anyway.
  7. Didn't see the game today but that was my impression from pre-season and League Cup. Sammon and MacIver both effective in their own way but neither will be prolific scorers, and Rodden can also hopefully bring something different but not realistic to expect him to come up a few levels and score loads. Need to try and find a good striker on loan as Goodwin did a couple of times in the Championship.
  8. He did very well for us last season despite dodgy reviews from fans of some of his former clubs. Centre back is one area where we are well covered but think 3 of the 4 are unavailable today.
  9. Indeed, we are also short on numbers and experience. Andy Graham suspended today and with Durnan and Howie injured that leaves us light in defence as well.
  10. Part-time is a broad umbrella and doesn't necessarily equate to evenly matched. We competed well with the two full-time sides in the group too, as did plenty of part-time teams in other groups. Early days, but I'd be rather concerned about losing 7-0 to a County side who are very much a work in progress and who hadn't impressed in the other games they played.
  11. We are still a bit light but I don't think we are equally matched with East Fife. Alloa East Fife was a dreadful game of football and by some distance the worst performance of our League Cup campaign. We did much better in the next three games and outplayed Ross County for a fair chunk of our only defeat. I really wouldn't base too much on the game against us, it was more like a friendly, and a shite one at that. Your squad doesn't like great but if you can keep Trouts fit enough and get him behind the strikers then that alone will give you a good shot at staying out of trouble, he showed again in his fleeting appearances last season that he is still an absolutely class act when he is fit to play.
  12. Both from the Isle of Lewis. Wright scored for County against Rangers last season.
  13. It was Durnan who went off injured in the Stirling friendly and hasn't played since. Believe Howie also injured. I didn't hear it but apparently Brian Rice was on Radio Scotland today and said something along the lines of the squad not being quite where he'd like at this stage, so hopefully still working on potential additions. All in all though I'd agree it was a fairly positive League Cup campaign which got better after a very poor performance in the opening game. Still feel a striker and LB the main priorities in terms of adding to the squad.
  14. Yeah I'd agree with this. Alloa pumped Bala Town away a few seasons back so we're in credit and deserve another shot at it.
  15. County obviously bedding in a lot of new players and I'm sure as they settle there will indeed be a few more gears available, after after all it's very early days. If you are suggesting though the plan last night was to be second best to a League One team for long spells and only secure the win in the 94th minute, I'd suggest that rather than me being harsh on County that you are being very charitable.
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