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  1. There is no denying that an all day session based around the football can be tremendous. Ideally involving good friends, a carry out on the train to the game, a decent pub before and after, then carry out for the train home. And then out in the pubs when you get back. I don't get to do that very often, but it is braw when it happens. The day after not so much. But to keep Monkey Tennis happy, there are other ways to enjoy it. I live a fair distance from Alloa and don't get to too many games now. Think I savour it more these days because of that. Often travel alone. Getting the train with a really good book, a decent podcast and maybe WSC or something, all the time buzzing for the afternoon ahead. Meet my Dad in Alloa for a bit of lunch and a pint and catch up, get to the Recs to see the Wasps, another quick pint with the old man after, then more reading and wee doze on the train home. This is just as enjoyable as the all day session in its own way. Really, any Saturday watching Alloa between 3 and 5 is pretty ideal for me.
  2. Indeed, the view of the Ochils from the Recs is considerably better than from Ochilview. My old man takes a picture of it about 10 times a season 😁. The Arbroath poster favouring Ochilview must be suffering from the effects of years of standing in gale force winds. Understand the lack of love for the Gazebo. It was basically just a pragmatic quick solution when we found ourselves with a flat section of the ground after a chance came up to have the old ash terracing removed for free. But I love the Recs anyway, that view, the history of the place, and it's home. I'd have hated us to end up with new a ground like East Fife or Dumbarton. Of the rest I like Gayfield as a ground but the location is shite. Seen way too many games there ruined by the weather. Palmerston is a good ground, classy old feel but with plenty of seats. Morton and Ayr have a certain retro appeal too, as does the Dens main stand. Sorry to say as I am an admirer of much about ICT, but the stadium is poor. Wrong location, miles out of the community and exposed, and the design is grim too with any atmosphere that is created quickly lost with how open it is. Somehow they managed to build a new stadium that is inferior to an ancient and shrinking Highland League ground a couple of miles away. But Grant Street is a better place to watch football.
  3. Good call regarding selling season tickets early. I'd buy one. Also considering buying some stuff from the online Alloa Pendle shop.
  4. 'S e do beatha! It was Lisa Norman who started the club. IIRC she took shinty into the local primary school as part of a project and it was so successful that it continued and grew and grew. A great story. Traditionally clubs around Edinburgh have been mainly exiles but seems like Aberdour have a good mix of those and their own players. I suppose they would be your nearest team. Tayforth used to be in Perth but they're in Edinburgh now.
  5. It was South Division 1 that they won last season Kejan. This is their first season in the National League. They are the strongest east coast side at the moment. They are still quite a young club and many other east coast clubs have disappeared over the years. Aberdour have put down good roots in their community though and look well placed to survive and prosper. Although I suspect that the National League is going to be a tough gig for them at this stage.
  6. Should be a cracker. Camanachd Cup final followed by Peat and Diesel! Wee feature on Inveraray to mark the new season https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-51753292
  7. The games against ICT over the past couple of seasons (and there have been a lot) have invariably been close and hard fought. And have invariably ended in draws or ICT wins. Alloa win today well overdue and very timely. Particularly impressive in light of those missing too.
  8. I watched a few games there back then. The stand is great and with the central location City got half decent crowds too. However, the deal they made was that they would move out when the cricket season started, which was obviously before the football season ended. When that came about City kicked up a fuss, despite having previously agreed to it. A similar situation to their reaction on having to leave the Bught a few years later. It is a shame that something couldn't be worked out for the NMP though as it is a great venue and underused.
  9. Parry wouldn't go full-time, that's the reason we got him in the first place when Airdrie went full-time. The man is a legend though, coming back tonight after 6 months out - well ahead of schedule - and keeping a clean sheet. We'd have had a few more points if he had been playing the last few weeks, but if he can stay fit from now on in then our survival chances will increase. Excellent point tonight 🙂.
  10. We started with a makeshift defence and by the time that goal was scored we only had two defenders on the park as we chased the game. As such, hardly a surprise that there was loads of space. Looks like a missed opportunity there with plenty of chances created. But gifting goals and missing chances is not a winning combination. Hopefully the injuries at the back ease up, too many important players missing at the moment.
  11. I'd put Robbo back in too. Such a steady performer and also vital experience at a time when we are lacking that at the back. Certainly an argument to keep Stirling in the team too and go back to 3 in centre defence.
  12. The defence is clearly where the issue is at the moment. Parry was a massive loss in goal but in Jamie MacDonald we had an excellent replacement, until he got crocked as well. Andy Graham is such an important player at the heart of the defence as well as being a real leader and he leaves a big hole there. On top of that we have been the missing the experience of John Robertson at RB the last couple of weeks. We have a young loan keeper, two young loan defenders and a natural FB covering at CB (and he never lets us down). They have all done well in the past few weeks, even when Inverness peppered them with crosses, but clearly things went wrong on Saturday. They are still getting used to each other though and that will take time. Hopefully Saturday will be a good learning experience for them. If we had Parry / Macdonald and Graham fit I'd actually now be very confident of staying up. But regardless, this team will keep battling.
  13. Perhaps they didn't feel it was a good idea to give him his debut against United? Which would be reasonable enough. Hopefully he will have a part to play in the weeks ahead. Team have been doing really well but more creative options are very welcome.
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