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  1. Stevie Hetherington did that role for Alloa the last few seasons and played every week under Grant. Tidy midfielder too but was our main ball winner in midfield. Great for a crunching tackle and picked up a yellow almost every week. He was well worth a deal with someone in the Championship this season but has unfortunately ended up at Falkirk.
  2. Getting a bit ridiculous now LG, you've included the first friendly there in June which I watched and which was effectively a training match but not the competitive win over a Premier League team last week 😁. I know you like a moan at the moment but you could at least try and be a wee bit balanced. Anyway, I was also surprised by the managerial appointment and some of the signings but it's still so early. Like many teams, we have clearly used the League Cup as a pre-season to try and bed in new players. And some of them have shown promise that they can add to the very good core we retained. Now Ferguson might well be a complete disaster in the months ahead but the huge pessimism from some of our fans at this stage is really a bit daft. In general I thought the Championship was poor last season, easily the weakest of the years we've spent in it in recent times, yet a very limited Morton side still ended up pumping Airdrie. Looking through the various squad lists not much really stands out as being likely to run away with it. I did think Cove looked decent when I saw them last season and they have added some very experienced players. They should be up there. Falkirk bound to get it right eventually, although squad clearly needs work. QP have some good players and if Airdrie are a work in progress then they should be looking to challenge. We do have a squad capable of being in the play off mix. Montrose under Petrie will always be a threat. I think there's probably a wee gap after that to the other sides, although everyone will be capable of taking points from each other.
  3. It's borderline proper football really when we had only played 2 friendles before and we have so many new players. The idea was clearly to use it as build up for the league (albeit wasn't priced accordingly!). Think it is important to remember that there have been an awful lot of changes. Jack Ross was able to build a new team which hit the ground running in some considerable style but that was exceptional. There aren't many managers of that quality around. We need to allow Barry Ferguson time. I say that as someone who was surprised by the managerial appointment and by several of the signings. If I am being honest I'm not hugely optimistic myself but it's way way too early to be passing judgement. Wasn't Goodwin's promotion team almost bottom at the end of the first quarter? And took a wee bit of good fortune too to help spark a winning run. If we struggle in the months ahead then fair enough, the manager will take some stick but wee lack of perspective on here of late I think.
  4. I thought Jamieson showed potential last season. It was a strange time for a new player coming in after months not playing and he also had an injury to contend with. After a bit of a ropey start he was doing pretty well with an excellent performance against Hearts in particular. Cleared everything that came near him, generally in the right place and timed his tackles well. Not a natural with the ball at his feet maybe but not that bad either, and perhaps looked worse because of our style of playing everything out of the back. I thought he was rather unlucky to never get back in after losing his place. I'd have been happy enough to see him get another shot at Alloa but with the club retaining and even signing players before appointing a manager who would naturally have his own ideas this kind of thing was probably inevitable. We clearly have too many CBs now. Think back in League 2 Jamieson is capable of doing well. A loan move might benefit Williamson too. I did wonder that between the goodwill to youth players, particularly local ones, and then generally steady showings from him and a wonder goal were we perhaps putting him on a pedestal a wee bit. If he can go and play a load of competitive games for Broomhill then hopefully he'll return the better for it. Still very young. Evans whenever I've seen him looked pretty raw (understandably) and again regular games at a decent level would definitely help.
  5. Aye, he signed a new contract shortly after the season ended: https://www.alloaadvertiser.com/sport/alloaathletic/19389491.scougall-point-prove-wasps/ Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to the Recs tonight but brilliant that we are going to have fans back in the ground. Hopefully we get a decent performance to mark the occasion and the start of a new era.
  6. I don't think Father Barry was suggesting King would be an immediate like for like replacement for Hetherington. But the Hetherington who left Alloa was a very different player to the one who first arrived, a player who had been dropping down the levels previously and took time to find his feet. When he did, he went on to flourish and left the club a far more accomplished performer. Obviously doesn't work for every signing but that will be the hope for the likes of King too. Worth saying also that Liam Dick left Alloa looking much stronger than when he initially signed for us. For all we have been one of the best part-time sides in recent times, we're always going to be working in that kind of market to some extent.
  7. Have to admit I have wondered this myself. He had a strong team and big budget at Kelty and would have been very well placed to win League 2. He appears to have taken on a harder challenge at Alloa. The list of retained players was good and the chairman also spoke of an increased budget but the signings have been a bit left field. That's not to say they won't work out but from the outside looking in it does seem like an interesting career move by Ferguson. Will be vindicated when he destroys everyone on our march to title glory.
  8. Yeah the stream was terrific. Performance looked very much like a team in early pre-season and with a lot of new faces. I was encouraged to see Scougall playing in that central midfield role. Sammon took advantage of the mistake and put his goal away nicely. Otherwise it was all a bit flat and toothless. The most impressive thing was the free kick for Stenny's equaliser. Obviously don't know who was doing the shouting but it did appear at times when we we were passing it about at the back - as we have done in recent years - that the management team were keen for them to hurry up and get the ball up the park. Will be interesting to see if that's a sign of things to come.
  9. Sorry to hear that BFTD. Hope you manage to see plenty of games in the months ahead. Signings worth getting excited about?
  10. Based on his one close season as Alloa manager I'd suggest that taking recruitment out of Danny Lennon's hands is probably a good idea 😁.
  11. Great read! The trips continued post 1907 though as I remember researching stuff about Alloa's 3 Ms in defence and there was mention of a specially commissioned boat in 1913 which took 200 Alloa fans to Bo'ness as the Wasps closed in on the Central League title. http://waspshistory.blogspot.com/2019/05/the-3-ms-and-hardest-man-ever-to-pit-on.html?m=1
  12. Superb goal that day but not a great reflection of his spells at Alloa. He never really managed to nail down a place even though we were crying out for a wide player with a bit of pace and creativity last season. Can't say I would have wanted him back at the Recs for a third spell but perhaps QoS will get a tune out of him, he certainly has a few attributes to work with. Hope he does well. Still hopeful we will see another signing or two at Alloa soon. Looking a bit light in the middle of the park in particular.
  13. Suspect Connelly's goal against you at Palmerston was key to your interest as it was by far his most noteworthy contribution over two loan spells at Alloa. Generally struggled for games and that despite the fact that we were absolutely crying out for creativity and pace in the wide areas last season. Not that he was rubbish, he just didn't tend to contribute enough when he played to merit staying in the team. I thought he'd be better off going lower down the leagues and getting lots of football but perhaps he'll manage that at QoS. Wish him all the best.
  14. My hope for tonight was that we'd bring a big performance and not concede cheap goals and if we still lost, well fair enough. Apart from the first 10 minutes though, we were totally outclassed there. We were extremely lucky to come in at 1-1 yet we continued with the same plan that wasn't working. Incredibly we might even have gone ahead with that McGinn chance but in reality Croatia were miles better. It was great to be there and massive credit to Clarke and the team for that, but with two games at home it was a unique chance to make further progress and we didn't really do ourselves justice.
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