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  1. Thought we played pretty well and maybe just about shaded it up to the opener. That was an absolute gift though and the second so soon after, which was a great hit from Doran, was a bit of a body blow. Feared we might get a doing following the red card but the players did really well after that and actually had a couple of decent chances. Apart from the catastrophic opening goal it was a decent Alloa performance and an entertaining game of football.
  2. Perhaps it was spin but I did hear McCall say he was so happy with how the team were playing and was so confident that a goal was coming that he didn't want to make a change. It is a really good point for us. Midweek is always going to be difficult but even more so when we are so short of players. We have been pretty lucky so far to have avoided too many injuries but we were still down to 12 senior players on Saturday and last night. The manager made some rather alarming comments a few weeks ago about how hard the players work and how it wouldn't be fair on them to lose their places if he brought in new faces. Hopefully he has seen now just how stretched we are. We have done pretty well to stay in contention and ideally we can keep that going until New Year. Absolutely vital that we then add at least two good signings, loans probably, who are capable of pushing for starting places.
  3. Agree with this. They have a good support too, impressive numbers for a club who haven't done too much since stepping up to the Scottish League. You would think that Elgin have the setup to be a steady League 1 team with the ambition of having a crack at the Championship. Plenty of potential.
  4. Thought we started very well today, pinning Elgin back early on and playing some nice stuff. Didn't take advantage though and began to drop out of it as a fired up Elgin took control. Good opener as we were robbed off the ball (I see Alloa twitter guy suggesting this was a foul. Would need to see it again) with McEwan advancing and finishing well. Could have been worse too with MacDonald keeping it at 1 before half-time. Elgin deserved their lead. Alloa came out looking like they knew they needed to raise it and they again pushed Elgin back. Great work from Taggart to follow up on a shot from edge of box and he finished superbly, although would question keeper parrying it out. Similarly for second, fine hit by Cawley but keeper should probably have stopped it. And defending wasn't great for third either! But we were well on top second half and could have had more. I'm sure Elgin will be disappointed after a good first half that they dropped out of it so badly. Encouraging for us that we were able to lift it after a rather flat first half. Good win. Could see again how short we are on numbers but positive to have Liam Dick back. Two youngsters did well when they came on. As did the not so young Buchanan who linked things up very nicely after coming off the bench.
  5. All roads lead to Borough Briggs for this keenly anticipated tie 🤨 Our record in Elgin is mixed with two hammerings suffered in our Third Division title season, and a routine away win on League Cup business last season. I thought Elgin looked decent at times in the game against Raith last week with Sutherland and Hester a real threat. From our point of view, hopefully the week off last week will have helped in getting some injured players back. Fingers crossed for a good cup tie. But really just an away win in any circumstances please.
  6. You could be right there, our record in Elgin is rather mixed. For totally selfish reasons I don't want a re-scheduled game on the 30th. Obviously be preferable if we can avoid that by pumping Elgin rather than by getting knocked out.
  7. Anybody know what happens with replays this round? I'm wondering is there potential for our league game on 30th to be postponed.
  8. Sorry to hear this, always enjoyed his posts on here. RIP Dave.
  9. As I said, we have been doing that under the past few managers. I don't think there is any reason to change, it generally works well and suits our players. At the moment though our attacking options and squad depth in general are significantly weaker than last season, and indeed the promotion winning team. Manager will need to address that to give us a decent shot at staying up again. But I have no issue with the passing game that has served us so well.
  10. People like to have a wee laugh at that comment and that's fair enough, but Alloa have been a passing team for years, and well before Peter Grant arrived. I'll be interested to see what the Alloa fans who were at the game have to say. Perhaps players on the bench are carrying injuries, but it looked like a rather strange line up to me.
  11. It can take a long time. Or you can pick up 12 from 4 games like we did towards the end of last season. I think talk like "pressure all on them" at this stage of the season is a little excitable.
  12. Wouldn't be getting too excited at this stage, it's still pretty early. We also appointed a new manager right on the cusp of the new season, one who didn't know our team or this league, and thus wasn't really placed to make the 3 or 4 loan signings Goodwin would have at that stage of the summer. We are very short of players. Added to that, he had a wee experiment early on with a new formation that cost us a few points. All things considered, 10 points so far is a decent enough effort. Main thing for us is to aim to stay in contention until New Year and then add to our squad. Today won't define anything. Be a good one to win though!
  13. Did we really go back to that formation? Extremely poor call if that's the case, we were struggling with it then unbeaten in four after reverting to our tried and trusted shape. As for the subs, suspect over the last few weeks we have been putting some players on the bench even though they aren't 100% fit, basically because we don't have anybody else.
  14. After reading this I had the impression that QoS had scored two unstoppable efforts and that we had replied with two goals thanks to defensive errors. Having watched the highlights it would seem that both sides scored their first goals with excellent strikes, but you could question how they dealt with the initial throw-in. Both then switched off after conceding and gave away possession cheaply to quickly concede again, although there was still plenty of skill involved in the way both goals were scored. I know we all see games from our team's perspective and that's fair enough, but there isn't a significant difference in those four goals. All four have elements of excellent football and "horrible" defending.
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