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  1. That's a good signing for ICT. Like a few other young central defenders we have had in recent times (McCart being another), Deas came on playing next to Andy Graham. When Andy got injured he took on more responsibility himself and was a really good defender for us. Still a work in progress to an extent but he should be aiming with more experience at a career in the top flight. I'm sure he'll do well for ICT and getting him signed for 3 years is excellent business.
  2. Bit harsh on the boy. He only played a few games and he had big gloves to fill following Parry and MacDonald. He did OK in the games I saw but he wasn't vocal enough and stayed on his line too much. The defence ended up dropping back deep to cover that. But he is a youngster and was just getting used to a new club and teammates, I'd have hoped he'd have become more commanding with more games. Wasn't the right man for us at the time but with a bit more experience and a steady defence in front of him he might well end up doing a job.
  3. A very different Zanatta to the player we had the season before! Took him a wee while to get going but when he did he was terrific. Quick and skillful with a goal threat and a great attitude too, working hard non stop for the team. Likes a wee dive though. With the right management and platform Dario is capable of being a very good signing for Ayr.
  4. I've been really enjoying the series about former players on the club site. Some fantastic information and pictures about our past that just isn't available anywhere else. Top work from John. Agree with posters above that there is no rush for new signings. We are in a much better position than last summer when we had a new manager who didn't know the club, players, or the league, and didn't have too much time before the window closed. This time around he knows exactly what he has and what he is up against. He has a good solid base to build upon too. There are a few things to address. Think we all knew O'Hara would be away so the biggest blow for me was the retirement of Flanny. Questions too possibly about when big Andy Graham will be back. With the nucleus already there though, the manager could probably fill the gaps with a few strong loans and perhaps another nugget or two like O'Hara, players who are in need of a second chance and some TLC, or players who are capable with the right support and platform of stepping up from a lower level. I'm sure the manager is busy working away on these things and the way he brought on players last season should give us encouragement. He has time on his side too with the season still a good while away. In the meantime, buy a season ticket.
  5. I'm fine with that, I don't think we are competing with Man Utd for fans. If people are looking at it as a straight contest between quality of football, profile and glamour etc then we have no chance. Those people are lost to us regardless of games being streamed online. We need to stand out for different reasons, ie local identity and community involvement.
  6. That doesn't seem to be Alloa's understanding going by the update on the club site. Rules preventing domestic streaming should be binned anyway, if there is a system in place and people are paying to watch the game it should be allowed. Season ticket holders will also get priority access to games once social distancing measures are relaxed but will also have the additional access to online streaming should they not be able to attend games i.e. due to work or family commitments until the end of the season.
  7. I've never been particularly fond of McManus I'd have to admit and that could be clouding my judgement. However, if he had been playing up front for Alloa last season I don't think he would have brought as much to the team as O'Hara did. Not convinced he'd have scored as many goals in our team either. More consistent fair enough, he has had a few decent seasons compared to O'Hara's one excellent 3/4 of a season. But if O'Hara can maintain that form then he brings pace, strength, goals, and a ferocious workrate. I don't think McManus has as many attributes. Agree that they might do well together.
  8. Posted a bit about that on Dunfermline thread already but a good signing. I'd far rather O'Hara than McManus, better all round player.
  9. I wasn't particularly impressed when we signed O'Hara last summer based on how his time at Falkirk had panned out and his loan spells. I thought he would have been set for the lower leagues and would just be a squad filler for us. But Peter Grant talked him up from the start and as a striker rather than a wide player and it turned out he was right. O'Hara is quick and very direct, he is strong and he can finish. He also never stops working for the team. Good range of goals too, some poachers efforts and some from further out. Obviously has some previous with Dunfermline but he is a good addition for pretty much any f/t side in this league. https://mobile.twitter.com/AlloaStats/status/1264483933296766977
  10. Alloa chairman said last week he had done all the re-signing of players last month as Grant was furloughed. IIRC he also said Grant would be back from the start of July, and he has duly appeared doing an interview in the local paper this week.
  11. Yeah that's all fair enough and he is obviously better than McCann. But I do believe his achievements this season have to be put in the context of having a very good budget, a class striker and no decent opposition. The side in second place were forced to sell their central defence in January and ended up with Kevin McHattie and Brad Mackay. That was what he was up against. His most striking achievement was perhaps building a runaway title winning side who were still rather unconvincing and shit to watch. United got passed off the park twice at the Recs 😁. His season with Hearts in the Championship was much more convincing (although at the same time Rangers and Hibs weren't actually very good). However as time went on that Hearts side became more cautious, like his United team was. Hearts are a mess but they are still a big club. They have enough cash to poach a manage from a Premier League club. If I was a Hearts fan I'd be hoping for an exciting appointment, someone who can use a season in the Championship to give the whole thing a boot up the arse, get positively back and build some momentum for the return to the Premier League. He'll win the Championship again but I'm not convinced Neilson is really that kind of figure.
  12. United were certainly going to win the league. But they were making heavy weather of it despite the big lead, and all this with an absolutely terrific striker for this level and the lack of any real challenge. Weren't very good to watch either. Puzzling appointment from Hearts. Reminds me of Falkirk appointing McKinnon in that if you want to bring in a manager who is in post somewhere else and with a requirement for compensation then it should be somebody half decent, rather than totally average.
  13. Agree with this. Flanny was really a class above our level in terms of talent and he also grew as a leader over the years. It is basically impossible to find a like for like replacement. The job for the manager is to find other ways to fill the gap, between new additions, possibly tweaking the style, trying to get a bit more out of existing or new players. The way he helped the likes of O'Hara and Brown develop last season was very encouraging. Brown has a bit to go with his decision making in particular but he really came on and was offering much more to the team. Hopefully more to come from him.
  14. I generally haven't been a great fan of the quality of the Pendle shirts over the years but the current ones are decent. My issue with this new kit is that it isn't really new at all - it appears to be the same as the current shirt except the sleeves are black rather than gold. Struggle to see why anyone with the current one would buy it.
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