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  1. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Said this a couple of times but we have never been out of the scrap. It's going to the last day. Good effort from Alloa today and might well have had a precious point. Bring on Inverness.
  2. Another fighting performance from us. First half excellent with a cracking goal and threat on the break thereafter. Thistle obviously decided to go for it at ht and we really needed to just keep it at 1-0 for a bit and with Partick so attacking chances would have come for us. Instead we conceded so early and the whole place got a lift. This team never gives up though and rather than folding at 2-1 we finished the stronger and might have snatched a point. Fair play to Partick. Gambled at ht and it paid off. Incredible with the creative talent in that team that they are down at the bottom. But it's not over yet .
  3. Never been out of it. This will go to the wire. 'Mon the Wasps.
  4. I agree with that, couldn't have predicted he would make such an explosive impact. But his all round potential and form with us IMO certainly made at least one more year a no brainer. Anyway, this time I really will leave you all in peace.
  5. But surely the point is that you didn't need to stick him on a long deal? A one year extension would have been enough to see how he got on in the Premier. If it didn't work out you only had him (presumably on low wages) for another year and the option of punting him on loan till it expired, and if it did you had more time to try and persuade him to stay or else in a much stronger position to sell. Given how well he was doing for us, at 19 and just a league below, I find it hard it to believe you didn't at least give yourselves the safety net of another year. Anyway, take your point about being bored of it. I will return to the Championship forum and wish you all the best for the rest of the season on my way.
  6. My Dad takes a picture of the hills almost every time he gets himself settled on the crush barrier at the Clackmannan Road End . Expecting a really hard game here. Thought we looked tired against QoS and really dug out the win. However, that's a good reflection of the character in the squad and hopefully no midweek game will have helped with the tired legs. I think Partick really should be the strongest of the bottom five based on the players they have and when I try the predictor Thistle invariably end up safe by a few points. Shitting it already but you know with this Alloa team that they will have a good go at it. We'll see where that takes us.
  7. Just reading his comments in the Herald and would take issue with what he says. The suggestion that Hastie "wasn't pulling up any trees" at Alloa is just plain wrong. From the minute he played for us last summer it was obvious he was a real prospect. Only 19 and playing for a part-time club in a full-time league but he immediately emerged as a real threat on the flank. Don't see many young Scots with that combination of trickery, pace and power. Indeed, it was a source of real frustration that our daft decision to reduce the dimensions of our pitch limited the effectiveness of Jake in home games. Burrows says he is explaining why Hastie wasn't signed up until 2024, but surely you only really needed to have given him another year last summer to keep him sorted until 2020 and buy yourself more time? Doubt he would have been after huge terms at that point. He had already had a promising spell at Airdrie in League 1 then got off to a flier with Alloa in the Championship, all before his 20th birthday. "Waiting to see how he fared in the Premiership" in the final few months of his contract was a serious error of judgement.
  8. I think ICT when they have their best 11 can be really good. Just don't have strength in depth at all. I feared the worst when I saw the team for tonight so happy enough that Morton only got a point.
  9. Alloa v Queens

    I don't think that's the case, I recall Goodwin saying he felt we could have won that game even after it went to 3-3 with Flannigan hitting the post and also a penalty claim. Think we'd all feel that was very much 2 points that got away. Would agree that 10 points from QoS flatters us though, although at the same time we haven't taken the amount of points our play probably merited against some other teams. From behind the goals it looked like the ball was hanging in the air then very suddenly blew down towards the goal when the wind caught it. Tricky to defend. That said, hard to have much sympathy for the QoS defence when they had struggled so badly even with simple balls into the box previously. Every corner, free kick and long throw seemed to cause panic.
  10. Arbroath well done.

    Congratulations Lichties .
  11. I'm sure we'd all be happy for Jim to get the freedom of Alloa whatever happens. But there is still a lot of football to be played and 5 teams very much in the battle.
  12. Alloa v Queens

    Not entirely sure about that as we had a few excellent chances too, I can recall 4 clear cut opportunities for Alloa. However, certainly agree that QoS were the better side today. We started well enough and looked dangerous pretty much every time we put the ball into the Queen's box. Dropped out of it though and were rather disjointed with too many key men who weren't at their usual level. Luckily Neil Parry was and he kept us in it. I thought perhaps we had missed our chance when the keeper made a terrific block to deny Hamilton after Cawley had opened up the defence, but then we got a break with the corner. It was a good delivery but it looked like the wind really caught the ball and the QoS defence again just didn't deal with it. Huge credit to our team again that they were able to grind out that win on an afternoon when they looked a bit jaded. They have done us proud all season but the last couple of weeks have been just terrific. No midweek game this week so hopefully a wee chance to recuperate ahead of another huge game next weekend.
  13. Relegation Royal Rumble

    This is a good point. He made a mess of the play-offs in his first season, followed by some questionable signings and an apparent confusion over how to utilise them. We were down at the bottom of the league and got pumped at home by Albion Rovers. Throughout that the players kept playing for him. The fact there was a nucleus of really good pros obviously helped, but the respect the squad had for him got him through that spell and he has gone from strength to strength since.
  14. Relegation Royal Rumble

    Jack Ross remains a huge influence on this Alloa team. It is effectively the same nucleus and formation he put together. Goodwin struggled with his own signings, before settling on the formula of sticking with aforementioned nucleus and formation and adding the best loan signings possible to it. That has proven to be something of a masterstroke. It will be very interesting to see how Jim does full-time when he almost certainly won't inherit an excellent squad and team spirit. There are questions over signings and some strange decision making (typified by small pitch), but what he has in his favour is that he is a real leader, very popular with his players and capable of getting the best out of them. He isn't Jack Ross, but those strengths will give him a good shot at succeeding, especially if he picks the right club.
  15. Sons' sorrow

    Indeed. Also a tremendous organiser at the back and clearly a real leader in the group. Jack Ross made some fantastic signings for Alloa but bringing those three in from Dumbarton (and Cawley back too) was crucial.