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  1. Edinburgh City v Peterhead

    What stopped Peterhead winning the league last season was their own ability to implode for no apparent reason, generally assisted by a defence which could hand goals out like Santa giving out presents at Christmas. If Jim continues to disarm the Self-Implode Button and what looks like an actual defence (Including two creative midfielders) keeps standing firm they should have a good chance of winning the league this season. My prediction tomorrow at Ainslie Park 1-2, if you are a betting person go the opposite than my prediction
  2. Berwick v Peterhead

    4-0 and 40 to go WTF
  3. Berwick v Peterhead

    Well the Blue Toon have started well, encouraging [emoji460]️[emoji106]
  4. Berwick v Peterhead

    In the correct frame of mind another sub-radar 3 points for the Blue Toon, minds other than on the job then the Northumbrians may take a Buchan scalp !
  5. Will Peterhead fly under the radar to top spot or will Murph’s Marauders continue their upward march ? Which ever defence holds off the opposition best will determine the winners. If Del plays Blue Toon win if not Aidan to nick it for Annan. Not there today hope it’s worth attending and the wind lets some football take place.
  6. Awful conditions and Morton made the best of them.
  7. Just to let everyone know a gentle 50mph breeze at the moment, faster predicted with squally showers, silky football not in the equation
  8. Hiya Russels mum 🤣
  9. Only a Central Belt supporter would be perverse enough to deny the bias, more prevalent to West Of Scotland to be precise I’ll admit but only myopia or idolatry will uphold the non-existence of it [emoji476]
  10. Be interesting to see if Morton include the “penalty hand-ball” in the highlights ? Had it been awarded it would have killed the tie in Peterhead’s favour! Up ‘till then Morton on top but after the wrong throw-in call they break quickly and decisively and score. After the ‘Tons failure to get the upper hand in second half Peterhead were relatively comfortable given the 2 division gap. Roncone as most Scottish refs tried to hog the limelight and added to the Provincial Lore of Central Belt Bias. I don’t know if Morton are a poor Championship side or Peterhead are capable of 2 Straight promotions but on yesterday’s showing there was nothing between the 2 teams !!! Is Tuesday worth a trip starting at 3,30pm and finishing at 2am, 500 miles and £60 of fuel, depends what BLUE TOON turns up !
  11. QoS Vs Formartine Utd

    In the vein of Northfield, excellent, https://goo.gl/images/G9CAjX
  12. What are the entry prices tomorrow?
  13. QP v Peterheid

    In car 20 mins early eating a full humble pie. Thanks Peterhead!
  14. QP v Peterheid

    Peterhead gift a free-kick then the 1st goal [emoji35]