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  1. Sounds a reasonable enough venture, unless existing share holders voted against it. Say business went bust and you had 1% would that be 1% of nothing, if you doubled the issued shares and business fails you would have 0.5% of nothing if it survives you have 0.5% of the surviving business. Maybe a tad simple but this idea is about helping the Club, and I understand the shareholders would have to agree and thus agree to have their shareholding diluted. I'm sure the Directors/Major shareholders are looking at the best way forward.
  2. Don't know if this is trolling or fishing, one thing it is at this time is,,,PATHETIC Now that there will be no Queens football for the foreseeable future, can we hope for the highlights (there may not be many!) of the Queens matches at home to Inverness on the 29th October 2019 and the home match against Dundee on the 22nd February 2020? Need something to watch (however grim!) during the upcoming isolation!
  3. Staying in Glasgow tomorrow me and my gorgeous wife, to realise what is good in our life going to Firhill to see how bad it can get !!!! Should feel suitably greatful for our lot after the match!!! Stay positive [emoji106]
  4. Semple's second half performance apart from one misjudgement was exemplary. Seems to be an accomplished reader of the game, solid on ground and in the air with a leaders communication skills. At this level at least appears a stick-on team pick. I look forward to watching his progression. ⚽👏
  5. Hope he doesn't eat too much given our parlous financial position
  6. Some deck-chair shuffling at Ochilview today ??? Hope nobody plays in the band,,,there's an iceberg in sight
  7. On the subject of Fax, would rather see Stranraer Walk the Walk rather than hear him Talk the Talk, in points I trust [emoji6]
  8. Given some of the dross around him thought he was decent. Now no defence, no midfield and no strike force, GOOD LUCK Chris Smith.
  9. Not as much apathy as beaten into the core disappointment. A sort of Football "Munchausen Syndrom" and blind love of club is what's left !!! I really feel for those left trying to keep a TRUE Community Club in the professional leagues, what happens if The Warriors go down, does the whole community programme go too??? Note to gaffer, only play those who try or give a shit even if that means fielding 8, get the shirkers and I love me's to f**k[emoji34][emoji34][emoji34] That better? [emoji6]
  10. If Carlesberg did football shocks, then Part-time David beating Full-time Big Money Billy Big-Time would certainly be up there. Hard work beat expectation well done the underdogs 👏👏👏
  11. Giving what I'd seen on social media expected a game of hoofball from Stenny, however what I witnessed was a young looking side trying to play some passing football and reverting to the long ball when under pressure. Room for optimism is my view. Gibson showed a bit of class, not afraid to put his foot on the ball and looking for an attacking forward ball if possible. Decent wee Warriors contingent at Galabank who seemed pleasantly surprised at their team. If it was boxing Stenny would have won on points, however it's football and an away point is always a success.
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