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  1. Peterhead 2018/19

    To this thread no to that game yes and we had some great banter with Albion's excellent announcer that day. Were you there? if so any other member of the crowd you would like to comment on. What about the match? any comment on that? Aboot as pathetic as a certain posters 14 post content on Peterhead and it's ok for his verbage on a certain player. Try and enjoy your best season in how long ?
  2. Montrose v Brechin

    That transfer fairly made a difference [emoji6]
  3. Peterhead 2018/19

    I’ll at Balmoor next week part of a double header with Aberdeen v Queens. Let’s keep my grandson out of this (bringing a 6 year old into this!) You have the advantage on me, your apparent in depth knowledge and disgust of me seems visceral so why don’t you tell this Forum your name and we can meet and have our say on Saturday.
  4. Peterhead 2018/19

    Hi Mo83, will be interested in your updates, this boy (21 soon) us due to deliver according to his supporters, maybe Montrose will be his platform [emoji6]
  5. Peterhead 2018/19

    Big Rusty certainly get’s about, how long ‘till his form and infectious personality gets him another move ? See Lord Catto is still unable to hide his enmity for Gibson, maybe he should have a word with the gaffer (who clearly is of a different opinion than him) and put him straight, guess he will be evident more on the Montrose thread now though 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Peterhead 2018/19

    Well done Peterhead on your transfer window deals, cannae argue they aren’t positive. How did Rusty get a move up a league? Baffling !!! Sure he will fit into their disciplined hard work team ethos,,,,,
  7. Peterhead 2018/19

    Big assumption, Quaint, my opinions may be however it would appear unless Jim wants to leave himself no-one will push him, at last year awards night the Chairman told all assembled how he would do all in his control to get Jim to stay that after blowing the play-offs and with arguably the best squad in the league!!! Guess the only other reason would be a change in the Club's revenue streams.
  8. Peterhead 2018/19

    Yes it’s all about opinions, like arseholes everyone has them! Wonder who Jim Mac will be bringing to Balmoor next year? Seems to go through a lot of players, maybe he should use different scouts ?
  9. Peterhead 2018/19

    Scotty in on the plastic or whenever Si or any other mf injured off-form. The whole point if the formation is to be effective in winning games going forward not back or our favourite, SIDEWAYS !!!
  10. Peterhead 2018/19

    Play 3 at the back, Jason, Mick and Cammy midfield 4 Jamie, Wullie, Simon and Ryan, 3 up front Rory,Shane and Del. Enough creativity, enough supply for goals and 3 centre backs to assist Greg with Si helping out as per Normal. Wullie and Jamie doing the donkey work tracking back. Looks like a positive plan from the gaffer. Can do a plan a + b now, guess Rusty will struggle for any game time now !!!
  11. Annan Athletic v Peterhead

    Murphs Marauders looked like they knew what they had to do and did it Jim’s jokers didnae and didnae. Well deserved Annan win they might just go up through the play-offs. Peterhead it’s deja vu again
  12. Can Murphy’s Marauders do the double and knock Jim’s Radar Deceivers of top spot, or will The Blue Toon learn from their failure at the hands of Montrose and Stenny last season and grind out another 3 points? I’m sure there will be goals and a win for PFC will strengthen their title push, an Annan victory and the right results elsewhere could make a 4 way scrap for the Division 2 spoils. With Si unavailable Peterhead may be more direct at Galabank, my prediction Annan 1 - 3 Peterhead See you all there [emoji106][emoji460]️
  13. Peterhead v Berwick

    After 1/2 an hour Peterhead were bossing possession but Berwick could have been 2-0 up [emoji45] if it had been boxing ref would have stopped it at 1/2 time. 2nd half more of the same Berwick fighting for more possession thought Peterhead would never get a deserved goal, and then Rory’s free-kick, a thing of beauty [emoji122] Still Berwick fought back then Rory hands Jack a goal on the proverbial plate. To top it all Annan turn Edinburgh over “GIRUY CRAIG THOMSON”, If Carling did Saturday’s [emoji460]️[emoji106][emoji1]
  14. Peterhead v Berwick

    If Big Mick and his defiant defence play their game 4-1, if not depends what Blue Toon turn up !!! meaning a shock would be no surprise. Will WG be goalkeeper, will Ted score from 80yds will Si interview someone in the crowd ? See you there, 8550 and counting [emoji6]
  15. Albion Rovers v Peterhead

    Wouldn’t have complained if Rovers went in at at least 1 up at 1/2 time. In a suspected route 1 half Peterhead were 2nd best for the first 25 minutes. Rory goes of injured, we immediately now have a midfield and are on the front foot forcing a corner in less than a minute. Del is fighting manfully without Rory to assist him but one against four is some ask. Second half The Blue Toon start to assert themselves and Dow wins a comedic battle with the keeper to open the scoring, when Rusty comes on for Jack there is some help up top for Del and Rusty helps himself to a goal one on one with keeper, game to all-intents and purposes. Liked 2 and 4 for Albion, Rovers announcer the most entertainment at the game, his announcements, befriending visitors and hus humour a credit to Coatbridge [emoji106][emoji122][emoji122][emoji122]. Some zoomers supporting the Albion players who fave no less than 100%, the claims of Silky Football, judgement of Ted and Officials and Decisions were so off the mark they were embarrasing. Finally the Albion Rovers “Fan” who had a tirade at the officials as they were escorted to their changing rooms disgraced himself and Club and I had to explain to a six year old that was not the way fans should behave and that that fan showed his Club in a very poor light. Good effort Rovers and good fortune for the rest if the season. Job done Peterhead, hope the manager finally accepts who will get them promoted on the pitch.