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  1. Di Resta is a decent commentator.
  2. Week 30 update Nothing. I did get this video of Paddy Hopkirk in my suggestions yesterday so enjoy that:
  3. Series 10 Episode 1: They're now whinging because you're not allowed to smoke and drive anymore.
  4. "on mass" I didn't realise Bigfoot was being covered up by the Vatican.
  5. I hope Thistle haven't won anything, don't want your grand finale ruined.
  6. You've probably said (and done) this before, but are you managing a team even if they've won the league since this save started?
  7. PS5 currently available on Game's website: PS5 Consoles | PlayStation 5 Console Bundles | GAME
  8. How to get journalists onside: A single Twix and a small can of warm juice.
  9. I got one from Tickets Scotland and it's not arrived yet. Wonder if I can get a refund. I did see the other day that the Libertines are having similar problems trading on their own past glories for their Wembley Arena gig. With the cost of fuel and food ready to shoot up I can see large venues having some interesting price fluctuations over the next 18 months.
  10. I for one am really glad this was included in the statement. Doesn't at all make it read like "we were mean to Rangers we're sorry please let us back in." Just saying that with no context, explanation or detail might make the BBC look mighty foolish.
  11. Her tearful granddaughter added: “He was like a small horse.” Wouldn't harm a fly, obviously.
  12. Week 29 update Nothing. Dying in the heatwave doesn't count as unnatural causes. Or does it?
  13. Is Wings Over Scotland still going? I thought he retired last year with that fundraiser for a new jacket.
  14. Series 9 Episode 1: First episode of the series when Hammond crashed that dragster. Jeremy: "One of us has become Princess Diana" Jamie Oliver was the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. Jeremy while watching him "You do look like special needs sometimes Jamie" Jeremy is driving a new Jaguar and Aston Martin while We're No Here by Mogwai plays, now we're talking. As I recall there's more Mogwai in this series, Auto Rock and Friend of the Night feature in the US special. Auto Rock has also now featured in this segment.
  15. St. Mirren fans wanking themselves silly because their new strips have a faint pattern named after their town (and thinking everyone else should care as much as them)
  16. Congratulations, you managed to post fantasy even stranger than oaksoft.
  17. oaksoft's porn scripts are one of the most bizarre pieces of P&B fantasy ever. It doesn't make any sense.
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