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  1. Weatherman on BBC News not wearing a tie and looking like he's off for his Christmas night out instead. Are there no fucking standards anywhere anymore?
  2. Why do the people who want to talk about things always win?
  3. Very annoyingly given the propensity of 500g bags, about 230g usually does me a single serving. Unless it's spaghetti, in which case however much I put in is never enough.
  4. Normal Island's state broadcaster's website with its news section's priorities in order:
  5. I refuse to believe the demand for tickets to PMQs is that high.
  6. What do these people think will happen if they're successful. Say they get into government, kill/remove all the people in charge and go on the telly and say "we're running things now." Do they think the rest of the country or world will just sit and go along with it?
  7. Does listening them in that order mean her doctorate means more than her caps?
  8. Can we at least get to the point where the first player takes a penalty trying to pass it into the corner and the next four guys on his team don't do the same thing, into the same place?
  9. Can't one of these twitter nerds do a big spreadsheet of players who take penalties with shite run-ups, or after being subbed on minutes before, prove that none of them work, and prevent us from having to suffer this shit ever again?
  10. I alluded to it already but I think the ending was fine. I was disappointed at first because of the apparent mystery the game leads you towards, but the twist is that there is no twist. There's not supposed to be. Henry and Delilah are trying to escape and want something spectacular to take them away, but there isn't anything.
  11. See that stupid hooter thing at the start there, where did that originate from? Hear it all the fucking time
  12. I'd like to thank everyone for the past few pages. Sometimes I feel bad about not having any friends and being completely intolerable to women, but reading this talk about weddings (positive and negative) is bringing me out in a rash so it's probably for the best.
  13. Didn't that guy complain about someone who took a video of it and got #numbers online?
  14. Week 49 update One death this week, three deaths this week, and housekeeping. First up was a death this week, former Chinese president Jiang Zemin: Jiang Zemin obituary | China | The Guardian Current president XI Jinping looks like Winnie the Pooh. Jiang apparently resembled a toad. It's a tough gig, this being president of China. Jiang died at 96 so he's worth 29 Base Points for @10menwent2mow, with a Solo Shot giving him a total of 79 points. ================== Now, two deaths I missed. From October, American football man Charley Trippi: Charley Trippi dead: NFL legend and oldest living hall of famer dies aged 100 - Mirror Online Those are certainly numbers. Trippi died at 100 so he's worth 25 Base Points for @stanton and a Solo Shot for 75 points in total. ================== The final death to report this week is one which I rather embarrassingly posted about at the time. I blame Deborah James for distracting me. Actor and theme song singer, Dennis Waterman: Dennis Waterman obituary | Register | The Times Waterman died at 74 so he's worth 51 Base Points for @Glen Sannox, with a Solo Shot giving him 101 points. After those, the standings look like this: 1. Bishop Briggs 691 2. JustOneCornetto 680 3. Indale Winton 635 4. Ned Nederlander 571 5. chompmyroot 551 6. Arch Stanton, sparky88 518 8. Billy Jean King 460 9. Arabdownunder, gkneil 445 11. weirdcal 430 12. psv_killie 426 13. Moomintroll 416 14. mathematics 394 15. peasy23 391 16. The_Craig 388 17. buddiepaul 361 18. Fuctifano, Sweaty Morph 342 20. Savage Henry 338 21. thistledo 336 22. pawpar 327 23. The DA 321 24. pubcarking 315 25. cdhafc1874 305 26. Raidernation 291 27. Melanius Mullarkay 280 28. The Master 273 29. scottsdad, tamthebam 262 31. nessies long lost ghost 259 32. Arbroathlegend36-0 255 33. Blootoon87 253 34. lichtgilphead 237 35. Karpaty Lviv 235 36. microdave 228 37. 10menwent2mow 223 38. HI HAT 222 39. ICTJohnboy 221 40. senorsoupe 219 41. Desp 217 42. ayrunitedfw, The Naitch 213 44. Sergeant Wilson 209 45. ThomCat 208 46. Aim Here 205 47. Florentine_Pogen 202 48. gingette 199 49. jimbaxters 196 50. sleazy 194 51. Lofarl 176 52. paulathame 171 53. LoonsYouthTeam, thisal 160 55. qos_75 159 56. Mark Connolly 153 57. mozam76, The Hologram 146 59. Scorge 141 60. mizfit 136 61. sophia 131 62. Lex 125 63. willie adie 115 64. Hamish's Passenger, speckled tangerine 112 66. Les Cabbage 111 67. Miguel Sanchez 105 68. Bully Wee Villa 104 69. Glen Sannox 101 70. Oystercatcher 85 71. djchapsticks, Enigma 81 73. Ray Patterson 76 74. stanton 75 74. cambozpar 74 75. statts1976uk 68 76. D.V.T. 59 77. Aladdin, BillyAnchor, doulikefish, invergowrie arab, smpar, Soapy FFC 58 83. Cardinal Richelieu, get_the_subbies_on, RossBFaeDundee 52 86. HTG 48 87. Amarillo Bairn 44 88. Bert Raccoon 39 89. Curmudgeon 35 90. Bold Rover, Clockwork, dagane, Duszek, Hedgecutter, lolls, Stringer Bell 29 97. amnarab 27 98. Everyone else 0 ZERO POINTERS - @Cairn Terrier @dee_62 @DG.Roma @Eednud @expatowner @HibsFan @HK Hibee @ParsJake @Raven @Richey Edwards @superbigal @superwell87 @TxRover @wellinwigan The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores. The 2023 Dead Pool thread will go up next Sunday.
  15. "The look on her face was one of disappointment." That's supposed to be good, is it?
  16. Five hundred words kicking the shit out of Simon Scharma.
  17. Might be a bit past its best by the time Christmas comes.
  18. Mexican wave after fifteen minutes. Anyone still want to try and justify Qatar hosting this tournament?
  19. That fabled US midfield there, evaporating as Depay strolls into five yards of space for the finish.
  20. You do, now. The people who take it off and chuck it when they're about to finish the bottle.
  21. Remember when Neymar was injured in 2014 and Brazil came out for their WC semi against Germany acting like he died? f**k knows what state they'll be in if Pele goes.
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