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  1. Imagine winning your first F1 race and getting a giant Lenovo advert for a trophy.
  2. Terrible restart from Hamilton Can't wait for Leclerc's interview after finishing 6th
  3. I'm sure leaving him out while 2nd and 3rd (and 4th and 5th and 6th) put on softs will end well.
  4. It's impressive how every race he just goes backwards.
  5. Latifi about to pass Verstappen on track
  6. I'm going to guess the rollbar shouldn't just disintegrate.
  7. Didn't make it to the end of the first sector so it doesn't count.
  8. Those protestors that the police were aware of are apparently now on track as well.
  9. Looking at this and the video Mark posted it just looks like two cars tripping over themselves and collecting another one which flips Zhou.
  10. Sounds like Zhou's car is in an awkward position making it harder to get to him.
  11. Russell is out the car, Zhou was upside down
  12. Video game start here with half the grid trying to occupy one place
  13. Dorries is a dangerously stupid and malicious woman who is brutally out of her depth in any political position she's ever held, but this has massively annoyed rugby fans so who can say if it's bad or not?
  14. The best bit about Verstappen being booed yesterday was all the hysterical Hamilton haters outraged in exactly the same way they were when he got booed at Zandvoort last year. Or anywhere else he gets booed.
  15. Week 27 update Two deaths this week. Up first is the other Frank Williams: Frank Williams obituary | Dad's Army | The Guardian Williams died at 90 so he's worth 35 Base Points with a Deadly Duo bonus totalling 60 points for @The DA and @The Master. =================== Second death was... podcast host Deborah James: Dame Deborah James obituary | Bowel cancer | The Guardian I will link to my thoughts on this one from a few weeks ago: tl;dr - she counts now, but I'm going to revisit the specifics of this rule for 2023. I do genuinely think this is a grey area and really I think it's difficult to define "famous for being ill" as anyone who's famous for being ill is still famous somehow. Is she famous because she had cancer, or because she did a podcast about it? James died at 40, so she's worth 85 Base Points to @Indale Winton and @mathematics. @Bishop Briggs gets a Vice-Captain bonus for 128 points and @Billy Jean King and @Moomintroll get a Captain bonus for 170 points. As a result, the standings look like this: 1. Bishop Briggs 586 2. Indale Winton 530 3. JustOneCornetto 431 4. chomp my root 403 5. sparky88 372 6. Ned Nederlander 371 7. Billy Jean King 309 8. Arch Stanton 302 9. Moomintroll 293 10. gkneil 271 11. mathematics 269 12. peasy23, weirdcal 259 14. Arbroathlegend36-0 255 15 The Master 244 16. psv_killie 242 17. Savage Henry 230 18. The DA 204 19. Desp 188 20. pawpar, Sweaty Morph 187 22. The_Craig 178 23. Florentine_Pogen 173 24. thistledo 167 25. Melanius Mullarkey 163 26. Blootoon87 151 27. gingette, microdave 150 29. buddiepaul 146 30. scottsdad 138 31. cdhafc1874 130 32. pub car king 122 33. nessies long lost ghost, The Naitch 113 35. senorsoupe 108 36. Miguel Sanchez 105 37. Bully Wee Villa 104 38. jimbaxters, lichtgilphead, sleazy 92 41. scorge 85 42. Lofarl, Mark Connolly 75 44. The Hologram 73 45. ThomCat 69 46. thisal 64 47. Hamish's Passenger 61 48. Fuctifano, Willie adie 57 50. Raidernation 46 51. Bert Raccoon, speckled tangerine, statts1976uk 39 52. ayrunitedfw, cambozpar, Karpaty Lviv, Les Cabbage 30 58. Everyone else 0 The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mup1IJllKHs0a47J8G6IXUkvShJrV28Iuc-Kkn7RKuo/edit?usp=sharing
  16. Hickey to Brentford: Aaron Hickey: Brentford agree transfer fee for Bologna and Scotland left-back - BBC Sport £17 million with add-ons.
  17. I got that last night as well. I wasn't sure if I had died and started seeing visions of hell.
  18. "Why won't people who don't experience dysphoria tell me what experiencing dysphoria feels like?"
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