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  1. Wordle 219 5/6 On my laptop rather than desktop which meant I had hard mode turned off, so I cheated on the 4th guess Today is also the first one where I've sat writing out possible words with the letters I had left, it worked surprisingly well
  2. The Rangers thread is currently discussing a case of racist abuse. A non-Rangers supporter is making the biggest c**t of themselves.
  3. Drawing attention to not wanting to be close to people when you're in a place where people are isn't emerging or dealing with fear, it's prolonging it.
  4. Week 4 update Two deaths this week. First up is murderer Russell Bishop: ‘Babes in the wood’ killer Russell Bishop dies of cancer | UK news | The Guardian Going by his mugshot he was a rough looking 55. Dying at 55 makes him worth 70 Base Points. @Bishop Briggs gets a Deadly Duo bonus for 95 points, @Ned Nederlander gets those 95 plus a Vice-Captain bonus for a total of 130 points. ================ Second death this week was Meat Loaf: Meat Loaf: Bat Out of Hell singer dead at 74 | Meat Loaf | The Guardian I also found this in my youtube suggestions last night: What I'll always remember him for though is this: Well, that and HIS NAME IS ROBERT PAULSON, obviously. Loaf died at 74, so he's worth 51 Base Points for @Blootoon87, with a Solo Shot taking that up to 101 points. As a result, the standings look like this: 1. Ned Nederlander 313 2. Arbroathlegend36-0 255 3. Bishop Briggs 199 4. Indale Winton 183 5. chomp my root, sparky88, The_Craig 144 8. JustOneCornetto 143 9. Arch Stanton 135 10. cdhafc1874 130 11. gkneil, Savage Henry 104 13. Blootoon87 101 14. Hamish's Passenger, Moomintroll, The DA 31 17. Everyone else 0 The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mup1IJllKHs0a47J8G6IXUkvShJrV28Iuc-Kkn7RKuo/edit?usp=sharing
  5. This gimp is at it again: Olly Alexander vows to be 'more sexy' despite BBC complaints / Twitter
  6. Student Becomes a Millionaire After Turning Selfies Into NFTs as a Joke | PetaPixel
  7. The signs might say Metro, but the format doesn't exist anymore: Tesco to rebrand Metro stores as Express format - Retail Gazette
  8. 2022 picks of Meat Loaf: 1 2021 picks of Meat Loaf: 2 2020 picks of Meat Loaf: 4 2019 picks of Meat Loaf: 8 You all know the older someone gets the more likely they are to die, right?
  9. You mean Express, Tesco Metro stores don't exist anymore.
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