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  1. Most of what Detournement posts is reasonable and plausible.
  2. Had a listen to wrest. Aside from being fundamentally opposed to them due to their refusal to capitalise their name, they sound like one of those "I forced an AI to listen to Scottish bands from 2013-2017 for three months and this is what it did" memes.
  3. I've said it before but you really should be watching Bob's Burgers on ITV2
  4. This must be the start of the border guards at Gretna plan.
  5. @The Moonster I haven't actually watched either of these yet but both of these guys know what they're talking about for Gran Turismo: May as well tag @BFTD too just to show him 40 minutes' worth of reaction to 2 and a bit minutes' of trailer.
  6. I'm off work for a week and a half. Next week is one of our busiest weeks of the year.
  7. This video is identical to the weekend's incident in terms of where the two cars are relative to each other through the corner (0:54): Saying a driver wasn't ahead at any point and should have backed out is nonsense. He had more than half a car length alongside Hamilton. Not every overtakes needs you to completely clear the car you're passing in the braking zone.
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