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  1. You're fooling nobody, I know you're really Kenny Miller
  2. Some c**t nearby seems to have taken up the bagpipes in the last few weeks.
  3. You've got some brass neck complaining about her buying a pair of flip flops when you're dropping 200 notes on a giant plastic tub.
  4. Absolutely stunned at the suggestion Kevin Smith is clinging on to memories of something successful from his youth
  5. It's not even as if Armstrong is covering someone else, he's just standing next to the centre backs
  6. Let's just say I'm speaking from experience. It's also fairly easy to recognise that even without shifting to self-service or scan as you shop models in supermarkets that there's not going to be as many jobs for fixing the machines as there would be in the shops, and that not everyone who works in the shops would be able to get jobs fixing the machines. The true calling card of the moron is refusing to use self-service tills in the belief it's keeping anyone in a job. You're an increasingly small percentage of the customer base, and in most cases you're probably making it harder for the person you're getting to serve you.
  7. Tesco to cut 4,500 jobs at 153 UK outlets in latest redundancies | Tesco | The Guardian Fewer people, shorter hours. Why have one person for self-service and one on a till when you can have one on self-service?
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