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  1. "Hey, I fancy some of that new Irn-Bru. I'll go to a shop that I know is selling it." *sorry, we're all sold out and won't have any more* Person doesn't go back to that shop. "Hey, I fancy some of that new Irn-Bru. I'll go to a shop that I know is selling it." *sorry, we're sold out for today but we'll have more in tomorrow.* Person goes back to that shop. Maybe if people are limited in how many bottles they buy at once they have to keep going back, and might buy some other things in the shop.
  2. Activity warnings for caffeine, food colouring and E numbers has been a thing for ages. People would have no reason to be in the shop for those last nine days. Shops like having people in them.
  3. Have to agree about the sound. That might be the best sound I've heard at a gig. You could hear every part of the band clearly and it was never overbearing.
  4. Wilson/Bond would've got snooker stopped. f**k knows where Bond pulled his last three frames from.
  5. I'd love to hear Taylor rhapsodising about This Talented Chinese Player, sadly he's paired with Alan McManus who is the worst commentator in the history of anything because he does not shut up. Good match, though.
  6. .Tories, Lib Dems and SNP with unaddressed efforts in Glasgow South West today: The SNP's is basically a book as Chris Stephens lists what he's done since being elected in 2015. Tories don't want another referendum and doesn't mention Brexit at all. It also uses a different version of the graph I've seen in this thread, listing the party vote share percentages from the last general election rather than for the constituency. I wonder why, Lib Dems are offering a 4th year university student and "professional musician" as their candidate. I remember doing higher graphics at school and designing leaflets. If I'd submitted something as shoddily laid out as theirs I would have been laughed out the room. Weird formatting, bad cut and paste jobs on the picture of their dear leader and an insistence on referring to the "divisions" of the "old parties." Weird stuff.
  7. Based on the weather tomorrow I will be turning up at 7PM on the dot and flaying anyone who doesn't immediately let me in.
  8. My first time in there tonight for Ride. Initially thought it was a rubbish venue but I warmed to it once the support band came on. Walking back into town now, it isn't handy for the centre, I'd say that much against it. Is it really just the big empty shed looking thing I've been seeing pictures of online?
  9. We Are Scientists, The Xcerts and We Were Promised Jetpacks over the next three nights. I've never been in the Galvanisers yard bit at SWG3, what's it like?
  10. I know you're from Fife, but here in civilisation we call those "bottles" A banned Dundee poster made the same suggestion on this thread some years ago, you would have got along well I'm sure
  11. Who could forget 2016, in which Rangers and their fans didn't care about their cup final loss because they'd already won the league?
  12. I think there's definitely too much sugar in this for you.
  13. Well it obviously isn't a 100% match since the ingredients aren't the same. Even the consistency of the froth when you pour it isn't the same. Again, I'm not saying it's not an improvement, but it's not perfect.
  14. As (probably) one of the few on this thread that still has some of the old stuff left, it's not the same. Not close.
  15. It definitely tastes better when it's poured into a glass than it does from the bottle. I could probably count on one hand the amount of times I've had Irn-Bru from a glass bottle, and I don't really like it. It's flatter than it is from a can and I always feel as if it goes warmer quicker. Sadly, I think I agree with Gman. I'm quite underwhelmed, to be honest. That it's better than the sweetener-laden shite is a given, but there's still something missing.
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