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  1. Is anyone still waiting on/expecting gigs to be rearranged? I need to put in holidays for work and The Twilight Sad at the Barrowlands is apparently still happening at the end of May. I doubt it. @GrahamJags you know anything?
  2. I would like to think I'll never experience a reaction to someone's death the way I did (and do) with Scott Hutchison.
  3. I mean, technically she's right. There would have been a lot more people at home than at a castle.
  4. Week 15 update Sigh. One death this week. Obituary: HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh - BBC News If you want to read that, crack on. Phil was picked by... a lot of people. Some were captains, some vice, so I'm going to list them all separately. He died at 99, so he's worth 26 Base Points, 39 for a Vice-Captain and 52 for a Captain. 26 points for: @101, @Arabdownunder, @Billy Jean King, @Blootoon87, @Bold Rover, @Bulbasaur, @cdisaaccie, @coprolite, @Duszek, @D.V.T., @Eednud, @Enigma, @gingette, @GTG_03, @HI HAT, @ICTJohnboy, @JustOneCornetto, @Karpaty Lviv, @Lex, @lichtgilphead, @lolls, @LoonsYouthTeam, @Mark Connolly, @Melanius Mullarkey, @microdave, @mozam76, @nessies long lost ghost, @paulathame, @peasy23, @Perkin Flump, @qos_75, @Sergeant Wilson, @Sherrif John Bunnell, @Shotgun, @sleazy, @speckled tangerine, @The_Craig, @The Master, @The Naitch and @thisal 39 points for: @BillyAnchor, @CountyFan, @pub car king, @senorsoupe, @stanton and @The Hologram 52 points for: @Busta Nut, @cambozpar, @djchapsticks, @Empty It, @Ludo*1, @Salvo Montalbano, @weejack and @Willie adie As a result, I think the standings look like this: 1. Ned Nederlander 354 2. Savage Henry 344 3. Fuctifano 259 4. Bishop Briggs 241 5. choirbairn 208 6. Lofarl 193 7. Ludo*1 173 8. doulikefish 163 9. Indale Winton, pub car king 152 11. ICTJohnboy 150 12. senorsoupe, stanton 149 14. The DA 146 15. Arch Stanton 141 16. sparky88 135 17. JustOneCornetto, lolls, Mark Connolly 120 20. HI HAT 116 21. Arbroatlegend36-0 113 22. peasy23, sleazy 112 24. chomp my root 108 25. D.V.T. 102 26. dee_62 101 27. psv_killie 96 28. Willie adie 94 29. Bert Raccoon 93 30. amnarab 91 31. Lex, The Hologram 89 33. buddiepaul, Cardinal Richelieu, jimbaxters 86 36. 101, amandajoan, Billy Jean King, nessies long lost ghost 84 40. weirdcal 83 41. cdisaaccie, lichtgilphead, The_Craig 81 44. gkneil 69 45. Sweaty Morph 68 46. CountyFan 67 47. LoonsYouthTeam 62 48. Raidernation, thistledo 58 50. El Guapo, theportman, TxRover 55 53. Busta Nut, cambozpar, djchapsticks, Duszek, Empty It, Salvo Montalbano, weejack 52 60. Bulbasaur, coprolite 51 62. BillyAnchor 39 63. Arabdownunder, Blootoon87, Bold Rover, Eednud, Enigma, gingette, GTG_03, Karpaty Lviv, Melanius Mullarkey, microdave, mozam76, paulathame, Perkin Flump, qos_75, Sergeant Wilson, Sherrif John Bunnell, Shotgun, Speckled Tangerine, The Master, The Naitch, thisal 26 85. Everyone else 0 The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-OTo44wF_W7A4Q0NFnd1sX3qEDdxTLDobvjhhSgnzkg/edit?usp=sharing
  5. IN 29TH PLACE, WITH 15 POINTS FROM 3 VOTES Game: Mass Effect Platform: Xbox 360, PC, PlayStation 3 (eventually) Release date: 2007 Gameplay: Zero Punctuation review: Poll-maker comments: I think this was one of the first ZP reviews. As much as I enjoy air drumming to the proper intro I do enjoy the unique songs from way back in the day. I never got into Mass Effect, mainly because it didn't appear on the PS3 until five years after it was released. And I don't like RPGs. And I played the demo for about ten minutes and thought nope, not for me. Still, it appears they're releasing the trilogy this year because that's what video games are now, so at least the option is easily available for me if I want.
  6. Last seen as @Fide. Had suffered from cancer over the past few years so don't want to speculate beyond that.
  7. Oh, definitely not. Some very concerning content from Gordon over the past few weeks.
  8. A reminder that I, somewhat depressingly, summed this up quite well several years ago. And look what thread it was in, no less!
  9. Probably better for the general thread (or a thread on its own), but Mystic on youtube does good Sony content
  10. I see the thread polis has turned up. Posting this to try and take the heat off @Bairnardo and @Honest_Man#1 for a bit.
  11. You can type Tim, you can't type the plural
  12. tbf he looks like he's seeing through the farce quite early.
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