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  1. Get on the phone to Russell and tell him to shut up.
  2. Mazepin was never as bad at Monaco as Sargeant and Stroll have been today.
  3. Aston have just fucked this I reckon.
  4. Lancelot's doing his best to liven this up.
  5. Send "Sargeant" back to Nascar trucks or wherever they found him.
  6. Gran Turismo movie getting a plug on the gridwalk. Yass.
  7. Week 21 update Three deaths. First is a bit of housekeeping - @Suspect Device's pick Lester Sterling died. No obituary. Go obscure, don't go that obscure. ========= Up next, Tina Turner: Tina Turner obituary | Pop and rock | The Guardian There's no way I'm going to be able to sum up her life in the handful of lines I usually quote. That said, I did find this amusing: As we all know, these are the only sporting contexts where this song was ever played. While I'm here, I'm listening to River Deep Mountain High. I've never heard it before. It's alright. Tina died at 83, so she's worth 42 Base Points for @blackislekillie, @DeeTillEhDeh, @Jimmy Baker and @Marlo Stanfield. ========= Finally this week, a death that apparently happened on the 10th, Rolf Harris: Rolf Harris obituary | Television & radio | The Guardian Lots to say about him, but it's interesting to see how people sum themselves up. Harris died at 93, so he's worth 32 Base Points. 28 people picked him, spread out as follows: Base Points (32): @10menwent2mow, @Arbroathlegend36-0, @Bert Raccoon, @blackislekillie, @buddiepaul, @dee_62, @D.V.T. @Enigma, @HTG, @Lofarl, @Ludo*1, @Michael W, @microdave, @Oystercatcher, @parxyz, @pub car king, @qos_75, @Scorge, @scottsdad, @senorsoupe, @superwell87, @The_Craig, @throbber and @weirdcal Vice-Captain (48): @Empty It, @The Hologram Captain (64): @Moomintroll As a result, the standings look like this: 1. JustOneCornetto 309 2. Arbroathlegend36-0 230 3. buddiepaul 226 4. The Naitch 208 5. LoonsYouthTeam 187 6. psv_killie 185 7. microdave, qos_75, throbber, weirdcal 166 11. peasy23 165 12. D.V.T. 164 13. The DA 153 14. Desp, Ned Nederlander 151 16. Karpaty Lviv 145 17. Sweaty Morph 140 18. get_the_subbies_on 138 19. Arabdownunder, Bully Wee Villa, cdhafc1874, Frosty, HK Hibee, Mark Connolly 134 25. Ludo*1 133 26. Donathan 121 27. tamthebam 111 28. Arch Stanton, mozam76 101 30. Lofarl, Michael W, pub car king, The_Craig 99 34. Aim Here, Oystercatcher, weemac 97 37. Ray Patterson 96 38. Moomintroll 93 39. Miguel Sanchez 87 40. ParsJake 86 41. alta-pete, Billy Jean King, Indale Winton, sparky88 84 45. blackislekillie, Marlo Stanfield 74 47. ICTJohnboy 69 48. paulathame 68 49. atfccfc, chomp my root, DG.Roma, Fuctifano, gkneil, HI HAT, lichtgilphead, lolls, thistledo 67 58. HTG 66 59. sleazy 55 60. Savage Henry 54 61. Empty It, The Hologram 48 63. DeeTillEhDeh, Jimmy Baker 42 65. 10menwent2mow, Bert Raccoon, dagane, dee_62, Enigma, Melanius Mullarkay, parxyz, Scorge, scottsdad, senorsoupe, superwell87, Suspect Device 32 77. amnarab, choirbairn, Derry Alli, expatowner, stanton 31 82. BillyAnchor, German Jag, superbigal 29 85. Everyone else 0 The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1RxCIfczRUmrRrW79tUQ0vJ5KaHZpYENsTKmDqW4X3W4/edit?usp=sharing My mouse is sort of useless but I think I've got everyone on the list.
  8. Just finished watching the qualifying highlights. I think that's the first time the full ten minutes of Q3 have been shown on Channel 4. Amazing.
  9. hs sushi lover AOTY (fan account) spinning out on Twitter: "pure love, utter joy and happiness. the cult of Harry Styles https://t.co/mzkDYenPf0" / Twitter It looks ghastly.
  10. Heritage Hall Fan Foyer How much does it cost for a brick in your club's stadium?
  11. Ayr players being successfully dispossessed by guys lying on the floor immobile. Not sure that bodes well.
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