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  1. 9/11 was missiles. Or lasers. Or empty, decommissioned military planes. Fun fact: The one person I've seen argue that last one also doesn't think Sandy Hook happened.
  2. I think the suggestion was the company running the raffles acquire the cars by illicit means
  3. Oh god I remember seeing that Monster video years ago. Lunatics.
  4. Week 31 update One death this week, the Irish politician John Hume: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/aug/03/john-hume-obituary While I'm on that page, get a load of this tie from Ian Paisley: Dear oh dear. I like the cut of his jib. In all seriousness, the history of the Troubles in Ireland has never felt tangible to me. By the time I was old enough to at least pick things up in passing from the news Northern Ireland and Ireland were two things and they weren't at war. Nobody was bombing cars or pubs in Britain anymore. The significance of the Good Friday Agreement has always been lost on me as a result, both in terms of its stopping conflict at the time as well as providing a chance for stability and prosperity in the future. Really, the only reason I've heard of Bobby Sands or the IRA is because I live in Glasgow. I don't want to speak for him but I get the feeling that someone who spent his life advocating for peace and the eradication of discrimination-based poverty wouldn't have been too thrilled by people from outside Ireland attaching that conflict to their football teams in order to carry it on. Hume died at 83, making him worth 42 Base Points. He was a Deadly Duo pick for @Bold Rover and @JustOneCornetto for an extra 25 points and a total of 67. As a result, the scores look like this: 1. Bishop Briggs 423 2. JustOneCornetto 417 3. chomp my root 337 4. thistledo 314 5. Aim Here 300 6. Ned Nederlander 285 7. sparky88 241 8. The_Craig 239 9. Savage Henry 219 10. peasy23 215 11. psv_killie 206 12. pub car king 205 13. alta-pete 202 14. Musketeer Gripweed 198 15. Melanius Mullarkey 193 16. paulathame 188 17. sureiknow 184 18. ToBeSomeone 174 19. Karpaty Lviv 156 20. weejack 140 21. dee_62 139 22. ICTJohnboy 129 23. statts1976uk 123 24. Bold Rover 122 25. lichtgilphead 119 26. Ben Twilly, Arch Stanton, Mark Connolly 107 29. 101 103 30. sleazy 99 31. CountyFan 98 32. Hamish's Passenger, choirbairn 94 34. cdisaaccie 86 35. microdave 84 36. Fuctifano 83 37. weirdcal 82 38. Speckled Tangerine 80 39. lolls 67 40. 50/50 Winner 65 41. Arabdownunder, The Naitch 64 43. Bobby Skidmarks 63 44. 19QOS19, dundeefc1783 58 46. Ludo*1, mathematics 48 48. doulikefish, cambozpar, LondonHMFC, microdave, Sergeant Wilson 44 53. Indale WInton, Lofarl, The DA 42 56. expatowner, pawpar 40 58. D.V.T. 34 59. Cardinal Richelieu 33 60. Flybhoy 32 61. Blootoon87, HI HAT, LoonsYouthTeam, Meden89, Scotty Tunbridge, shuggz, Perkin Flump, The Master 22 69. Everyone else 0 The spreadsheet has also been updated with these scores: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1V64rLXKhrmZf-6K4D3RyN3cR5Z_i2rh-ztODUB_dQyI/edit?usp=sharing Note: (Aim Here pointed out) an error from the David Hagen update - the scores for Bishop Briggs, chomp my root, peasy23 and sparky88 have been changed.
  5. I am affronted by the suggestion I tried to duck any sort of responsibility, thank you It's also nothing like that, actually
  6. I can get it from bandcamp, I just wondered if Mono would have it, given it's new and Scottish and I haven't bought anything from there in a while.
  7. I was watching his first session with Robertson this morning and it was fucking torture. Spent about 20 minutes chasing each other round in frame two because Hawkins didn't seem to want to kill it off.
  8. Vile. Smell like soy sauce. Don't actually taste like mint, chocolate or French Fancies. Avoid.
  9. Peter Ebdon was consistently a w**k for snooker reasons. Earlier this year he retired and his twitter account genuinely looked like some of the bots you get on here - tweets about healing crystals, vaccines being a hoax, the works. Then a "I have retired from professional snooker" at the top, it was quite surreal. Let's have a look and see what he's up to today... "Petition: Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination" Ah, yes.
  10. Glad this is finally out. Do you know if there will be a physical release? (in shops, I mean)
  11. I think criticism of the BBC acting as a bullshit aggregator for the rest of the pondlife that 'reports' on Scottish football is wholly deserved tbh
  12. Have you missed everything that's happened in the world in the past five years?
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