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  1. Sorry but when I'm at the football I don't have my camera in hand ready to click at any moment of controversy... Plenty of eye witness on the hibs forums, it's up to you if you want to believe it. It did happen and obviously he's a bit of a roaster.
  2. Sit in the west just behind the dugout and Lyle was giving the flute to the Hibs fans. Very strange behaviour as he then wanted a square go with anyone who would listen.
  3. Typical derby whereby it's a tight, edgy game with little football played which Hearts edge. Not too concerned, Craig missing his penalty (which was a terrible) and a bit of class from Nicholson were the deciding factors. As Stubbs says we've came a long way in a short space of time considering the club was at it's lowest ebb. We'll add another couple of players I reckon and see Scott Allen and Matt Kennedy come into it more once their fully fit. Some finish from Farid too, give him service and he'll score goals.
  4. So this Griffiths to Hibs rumour, unlikely to happen but if it did. #Scenes
  5. Well that was a good laugh! Not overly impressed with either Hearts or Rangers albeit Sow took his goal very well. Looking forward to next week at Tynie and an exciting campaign.
  6. Our results at youth level have been good but we've not really produced any real stars like Gauld or Robertson. We've got Harris, Stanton, Cummings who have potential but that's it and have played due to poor player recruitment. If Stubbs/Craig/Dempster think we can do better then I'm all for a change. When you see clubs like Dundee Utd and Falkirk producing you can certainly say we've been underachieving. Guy's like McPake and Murdoch (who's tweeted similar before) are entitled to their opinions however they seem to forget that they were part of quite frankly some of the most embarrassing Hibs sides to have ever wore the green and white. Hibs fans have asked for change, that's what we're getting. I for one am delighted.
  7. Being honest Hearts at the moment seem to be in a good place right now. They've not really lost anyone of any note and added a few decent additions. Not seen anything of Keatings, Ozturk or Sow but two goals from two isn't a bad start. Gomis and Bauben whilst average last season at Thistle and Dundee Utd make a good partnership and Levein knows how to get the best out of them. Alexander is more than capable at this level too. At Hibs we are still chasing our tails a little and it's like a double edge sword in some ways. I'm happy that Stubbs is taking his time to ensure that the guy's we bring in will improve things but at the same time the league season is almost here and we don't have a squad (let alone a keeper) capable of challenging for the league. He know's he needs to get the right players in after a succession of duds. Add to the fact that he'll be getting most of the players from down south where clubs return to pre season a bit later and won't have perhaps fully assessed their squads. A combination of these probably explains our lack of activity.
  8. I'm obviously biased but I really think ours is a cracker with the harp, ship and castle. I
  9. I know Donald pretty well, delighted for him and glad he's impressing!
  10. He wanted a move back up North with his wife and kids.
  11. Yeah mean it as in a recommendation from the new assistant gaffer. Also Robbo seems to have tweaked his back in pre season.
  12. No Scott Robertson, Ross Caldwell or Paul Heffernan in the squad today. Caldwell looks to be training with St.Mirren, HibernianFCClub said that Heff was injured - that's early even for him No news on Robbo so possibly on the way out. Two guy's on trial, one from Wigan who I presume our new assistant just drove up the road for a game. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Buxton_(footballer) The second being a young lad from Liverpool. http://liverpoolfc.wikia.com/wiki/Nathan_Burke
  13. Looks like him! I'll thank him for the derby winner last year but I really hope he leaves Hibs.
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