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  1. Why don't u21s team look into playing amateur, various league's now have a development league that could allow a transition from 19s/21s straight to amateur. I know on a Sunday Airdrie/Coatbridge amateur league have one and I believe so do the Football central set-up, Strathclyde Saturday morning have also started one this season.
  2. name and shame the club, i believe that all kids especially at non competitive levels should be registered and allowed to play. levels of ability will obviously vary but with adequate coaching and encouragement it will help develop them. this age group are still early in the development and i have seen how damaging to a childs self belief training with and not playing the games has on him/her
  3. league folded at end of last season was only 4 or 5 clubs left in it at the time after some had folded or moved on to other leagues
  4. ah the unwritten law of we'll give it back.as a ref myself at u14s I'd be looking to stop play for an injury if he stays down for longer than 6 seconds. as for the goal ref has to give it unless dundee players said he'd give it back.if so as soon as he runs to goal a quick whistle and indirect free kick for unsporting behaviour.as for asking the bench to allow them score could land the ref in trouble with his association as he's not allowed to do this
  5. sure i heard during the world cup the commentator saying it's cause the points are alot thinner than normal ones
  6. Jimmy Johnstone Academy use cathkin as there home park
  7. Thin it down put some petrol in it bout 2/3 litres in a full tank does the trick in ma 307
  8. If i remember the last i hearf it was at dalziel park or strathclyde hilton
  9. Glasgow association is a monday night but i believe Renfrewshire and lanarkshire associations are possibly a Tuesday or Wednesday. Best thing is to goto the referee section on the sfa website and email the associations and find out
  10. I referee in a few leagues and it's not the refs that set fees it's the league they are part of. Yes the referee may do it at a reduced cost if he wishes too but only really for friendly games. The school games i get 25 for that's the going rate. Paisley youth leagues 40, Lanarkshire 34 an cumbernauld 32/36 depending on age group. I know quite a few refs who refuse to do schools games as the money isn't enough.
  11. andy tait is a cracking ref, pretty sure he only came off the senior assistant refs list at end of last season
  12. Trotter1962??. SFA referees have never followed the English FA with the flag across the chest for penalties as any ref allowing an assistant to do this would be questioned yo why this was in the pre match talk. For throw ins the flag is held in left hand until ball out of play quick look at ref if tight decision and move flag into right hand below waist if required. For a foul flag above head gently waving with the hand you require for giving the direction of the foul.
  13. Just be careful naming refs as safa have new rules this season affecting social media and internet forums. Could lead to a ban or fine for player/club involved
  14. Yeah once you pass the course your association usually passes on details of the closest ones to you. failing that you can goto syfa site and find them from there
  15. Best thing to do is email the league secretaries of which league you would like to ref in an go from there
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