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  1. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Trying telling a certain man from Tranent that Casey and I'm almost certain you know who I'm talking about.lol
  2. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Why should you? So then you should have a manager from Fauldhouse as well.
  3. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Thought you were living down the East coast near Tranent Brycey long way to travel to follow Burnt island.
  4. Fauldhouse United 2018/19

    Did he get booked for it lol
  5. Today’s scores

  6. Betting Odds Saturday 11th August

    Don't mcbookie do the seniors EoS league footy
  7. McBookie League Odds 2018/19

    Any idea when the league's odds will be out? Will they be doing EoS conferences odds during the season?
  8. Pricing woes

    Coz Livingston are getting a 3/4g pitch laid they're playing another game at Linlithgows ground
  9. Pricing woes

    Livingston v Annan was only £10 on Saturday at Linlithgows ground.
  10. Games this coming week

    What's admission prices in the West for league and Cup games?
  11. Games Today?

    Pumpherston 3-3 Tynecastle Fc Bathgate The 1-3 Whitehill Welfare
  12. Fixtures 2018/19

    Whos your friend?
  13. Fixtures 2018/19

    East Region fixtures out.
  14. Friendly Required

    Pumpherston Juniors are seeking a friendly on July 28th home or away. Message me if interested.
  15. Junior clubs pre season friendlies

    Pumpherston friendlies Tynecastle (eos) 7th July (Bathgate Excite)kick off tbc Ardrossan WR 14th July at Home Broxburn Ath 21st July at Home Newburgh Th 28th July Away