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  1. I cant ever remember Craig Conway ever play for Pumpherston.
  2. 32 goals in last nights 5 East Super South league matches. Goals were flooding in at Central Park Lochore as Pumphy came out on top evdntually 6-3 Zander Murray grabbing himself a hatrick with Mark Wilkins at the double and substitute Ally McRitchie grabbing the 6th.
  3. Anyone got the East region league odds.Thanks
  4. Whitburn 0-2 Armadale Harthill 2-2 Royal Albert Dalkeith Th 2-3 Livingston Utd
  5. Its nothing to do with them folding from what im led to believe.
  6. Its Sauchie Juniors Cfc not Dunblane thst have applied
  7. East Region section needs to be updated a little still has Provan and Donaldson and co as office bearers on it.
  8. There was talk on Saturday if Berwick got relegated, they were going to join the English Pyramid tier 6?? . Not sure if ang truth in that.
  9. That makes a total of seven new faces in the Scottish cup next season with Camelon being the other after winning the Alex Jack Cup. And i think Bonnyrigg will be there too but theyre not new to the big cup.
  10. Pumpherston Livingston semi finsl now 7pm due to possible penalties.
  11. Pumpherston 2-0 Livingston Utd ft Two goals in the final ten minutes from Fairley and Murray against ten man Livingston.
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