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  1. Yip. You’ve called it for some time. I made it clear I doubted Bowyer’s ability (never doubted he was a decent guy) but he really seems to have turned it around. Our depth of squad is really paying off. If we could add a wee bit of real quality in January that would be brilliant.
  2. The disastrous concerts he organised over the summer have completely rooked them. They are struggling to keep the lights on, literally.
  3. Well if the chat is correct it’s ICT who will be experiencing Administration next. Let’s see how you like that.
  4. Given Robinson is injured pretty much as expected. Hopefully no slow start today and we get ripped into these chaps. Thank you
  5. Gellions can be quite a hoot as can Johnny Foxes, if you like a bit of milf.
  6. It’s a bit of a mystery. He looks very composed, aware, technical etc but no manager has fancied him. I’d love to see him getting a chance.
  7. Very true - but do we really fear them? A free hit and I think we can take them.
  8. I’d agree other than he’s a bit brittle. Sort of guy you give a 2 year contract to and he plays 5 games. Has Kevin MacDonald given up, just out of interest.
  9. Totally agree but I can’t see him starting before Gaz’s lovechild.
  10. I sympathise with Ballantyne, more Jakubiak running into him than the other way around but when you’re on a yellow….. Like others have said Airdrie impressed today. One question - how come Bartletts don’t sponsor you, is he not a gazzillionair?
  11. I know what you mean but it’s a bit like saying I’m glad I’ve got gonorrhoea and not syphilis.
  12. Fucking hell. It’s a low bar but this thread is a new low.
  13. I watched the first half on the laptop. I thought Byrne did ok. Did his thing. He ain’t the messiah that’s for sure. Gillian was pish, I agree. A very important victory.
  14. I’ve liked young Fin from the first time I saw him at a pre-season friendly at Brechin. However 3 managers, as others have said, haven’t given him the chance, nor did Hartley at Cove. I’ll be sad to see him go, based on absolutely f**k all, but maybe it’s time for the single to Peterhead.
  15. I’m in Lanzarote on my bike [emoji468]. It’s 25 degrees and blue skies. Good week to be away I reckon.
  16. Fair and not even that harsh. Great to see them toiling.
  17. I agree we need better but he’s been much more assured than I expected, I’m not feeling any fear. Maybe just punch drunk. His distribution is miles better than the other two.
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