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  1. I agree. They wouldn’t worry me. Anyway it’s unlikely they are going to survive that long. Was it not you biggie who used to post Clint Eastwood dancing on a coffin?
  2. All that makes sense Ross. I was thinking Robertson because I see him as more defensive than Anderson - like McGhee - although McGhee does get box to box, I agree. Really looking forward to seeing McMullan play. Hope his head is in the right place and he’s looking at his move positively and not stepping down a league.
  3. If we can’t sign a replacement on loan say, Robertson and or Anderson are going to have to show they are up for it. Personally I think Robertson is more suited to that role.
  4. I don’t disagree he should maybe go out on loan, but who to? The lower leagues are shut down at the moment. Loan him out and he might not kick a ball in anger for the rest of the season? And anybody we are likely to bring is going to be 3rd choice - probably some other team’s young lad who is sitting in their reserves. McDaid is like Robertson in as much as he can’t get in the team - not because he’s just turned 18 and is learning the game but because you get 3 or 4 half decent performances out of him a season. Just not good enough, not good enough by miles. I’d far rather have young Cunningham on the bench in McDaid’s spot. I guess that’s the problem with loans when you don’t have a large squad. We’ve got McMullen now and Jakubiak to come back in - time for McDaid to get on the bus to Peterhead.
  5. The COVID situation is improving every day. The 7 day rolling average of new cases is back to where it was 50 days ago and 1/2 of where it was 2 weeks ago. We’ve immunised roughly 10% of the population (of those who are going to be immunised that is) - why are we wetting our panties now? Just because United and ICT are going bust there’s no need for hyperbole.
  6. McDaid is fucking awful. I don’t get why he doesn’t get more hate. I’ve genuinely not seen one decent game, even a decent spell in a game, barely a decent ball. A complete imposter. Plus he looks like a complete dick. Finlay Robertson has JUST turned 18 ffs.
  7. We have some pretty shite strikers and Andre may well score a hat trick tomorrow but his Wikipedia reads like the epitome of a shite footballer.
  8. Thanks Ross. I was so upset when he said ‘I will be here on the last day of the window’ I could hardly focus on what he said. Get McMullen in in time to rip those Ayr cuntos a new arsehole. Drug McDaid and stick him on their team bus during the match. Return to sender.
  9. Sounds like the DABS might be in some serious bother. Shame really, not.
  10. That mask must smell like shite. Would we not only get 10% of the profit?
  11. I’ve never seen Anderson or in particular Robertson shirk from a battle. Young Fin seems to relish it. Sack him.
  12. I’ll get my car keys to hand for running the boy up. The decision to bring Cammy on last night was the worst subby decision I’ve ever witnessed. He’s obviously thinking, shore it up and hang on to the lead. Then when Forster was coming on you knew we were fucked. That clearance that led to the corner. Jeeso. I’d have Anderson starting ahead of Gowser - the lads not put a foot wrong. Mcpake is a cunt.
  13. Do you mean Anderson or Robertson - not Cameron - or would you have Lyall Cameron in? Afolabi looks not really ready in my book either but probs would give him a start over Mullen who is toiling to get involved. Afolabi should have bags of energy, closing defenders down and forcing them into mistakes. He doesn’t seem to do that, he doesn’t look completely up for the Championship IMO.
  14. Can’t disagree with you. Particularly Cammy into midfield. WTF? Max Anderson or young Fin surely.
  15. You don’t spend much time on our threads I see. This is us being nice cunto.
  16. I like Arbroath too but if we don’t demolish these cunters there’s something far wrong. Arbroath 3 Dundee 1
  17. All the numbers are going the right way but you wouldn’t put it past them.
  18. It was like a tattie field after harvest. Anyway tick tock, tick tock.
  19. I disagree with the statement ’player safety is paramount’. Most of ours are shite so if 1 or 2 got broken - who cares. Instead I had to watch Leeds v Brighton and that couldn’t hold a candle to our big game.
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