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  1. Didn’t really expect there was anyone thick enough to still bite! Thank you Kev [emoji4]
  2. If this 17 year old cunto turns up I’m going to be searching for a season ticket sized envelope. What a piss take that would be. Callaghan sounds pish too but as the critiques are coming from the biggest aresholes on P and B I’ll reserve judgement for about 10 minutes into his first match. A central midfielder - McPake is a fucking imbecile.
  3. At least it’s not Stevie May [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  4. We’re the masters of signing players who appear to be a bit meh at everything. I honestly think it’s shitey managers though. No matter who he’s playing with, a system must surely be found to ensure Dorrans is a stand out in this league. It’s not as if he’s totally fucked, he’s got stamina and more pace than say Gowser. It’s an enigma. When are we going to stumble upon a Stephen Robinson type? I say stumble because there’s zero chance of Nelms applying any skill to the selection process.
  5. I honestly don’t think he’s had a fair crack of the whip. Has tried hard during his limited time on the pitch. Can be easy coming on when you’re getting beaten and the home fans are already on the teams back. However I’m at the stage where I’d happily punt any or all of the cuntos. If another team wants any of them bar about 4, then it’s off you pop. I really do not want Wighton back either. He had plenty opportunities and showed feck all.
  6. Did you make The Fisherman’s? Not as good as it was but still a good wee boozer.
  7. Good. The lad may yet be a player but we didn’t see it so best he’s back home imo.
  8. Maybe we didn’t want to play this game for some reason? Injuries, inbound, outbound transfers? Or maybe we are just tinpot.
  9. I just pity the sisters of Ayr this afternoon.
  10. By the way it stands for Arseholes, Rapists And Bàstardos.
  11. Hmm - I wish I shared your optimism.
  12. Can’t see it will make any difference, Ayr have at least 5 wingers better than McDaid after all.
  13. Unbelievable he’s got another gig in our top league. I know there are a lot of players like this, but he is ridiculously one footed. Totally flatters to deceive. He’s utter dog shite. I’d rather we re-signed Martin Woods or that cûnt Hateley.
  14. The player is Gary Lennox. Don’t know the other coach type person.
  15. Here’s a wee teaser - how many can you name? I’d swap this squad for our current one.
  16. I’m pretty much with you here. f**k Johnston, Nelson, Byrne etc.
  17. How many Ayr fans will be attending or will you be spending a few happy hours with your sisters?
  18. During my time supporting Dundee there’s been a lot of ups and downs and bizarre going ons but I’ve never experienced a % of our support wanting the manager sent to jail. Jeezo - what a club, wha’s like us.
  19. Do you mean David Robertson of Real Kashmir? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Robertson_(footballer,_born_1968) Time to come back to Scotland Dave.
  20. I reserve the right to demand the head of any cunto if we don’t win the Champions League. Being second just means your first of the leavers. McPake seems thick and clueless, Jimmy Nichol looks like and old man and seems feenished and I’m beginning to wonder if Strachan has turned into a bit of a caricature. Stewart Petrie remains a ‘person of interest’ to me. However if we appoint him I also reserve the right to call for his head after 3 games if we don’t win then all by at least 3 zip.
  21. You’ve had the 6th biggest budget in Scotland for the last 4 seasons. In the first of those seasons we relegated you and you spent the next 2 failing miserably in the championship. Hearts have the 4th or 5th biggest budget in the country and they’re sitting rock bottom at the moment. Clearly that’s not how it works [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  22. The really funny thing is they (those that are left) genuinely believe they are on the cusp of greatness again, not understanding that they’re a yo yo team now. Most likely they’ll come straight back down again which will be highly amusing.
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