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  1. Ok this is a total hands up moment from me. Unreserved apologies to everyone and especially your good self. No excuses and no explanations, totally and utterly unacceptable from me. I’ll crawl back under my stone.
  2. Jesus. It’s one fucking person with learning difficulties after another.
  3. That’s all very well Paddy but where’s the Bingo?
  4. It shows you important on the field performance is. Look over the road, bits literally falling off Tannadump, Dens is rundown but Tannadump is a shitehole too. They have a complete fantasist imposter as a CEO or whatever his role is, losing gazillions every year - spending more or the payroll that the turnover, a totally inexperienced manager who talks like a mixture of Charlie Nicholas and James McFadden - sitting in the top half of the league - happy clappers gonna happy clap.
  5. Careful, he’ll be coming round to give you that ‘right good rap in the pus’ he’s always boasting about. I’d almost pay for a hooker to go round to his house when his mum and dad are at the bowling club, surely emptying his sacks once would do some good?!?
  6. You can see the tradesman’s entrance where the lodgers will be going in. It’s got DAB CUNTS written above it.
  7. Good update in my opinion. Like to see the diggers break ground. Pity we don’t have an old farmer with no kids prepared to build it for us but hey ho.
  8. Should we give up our place to Ukraine and go the WC and support them?
  9. Yeah, got the email. I’ve signed it, think it’s pretty measured and fair. It’s ever decreasing circles at the moment and when committed folks like us on P and B are losing faith it can’t go on.
  10. That would probably apply in the football scenario too. The first owner out has half his arsehole ripped, a wee bit sore but it’s a stop loss, and he’ll get over it. The remaining owner gets the full reaming.
  11. Good positive post and I agree. The commitment of the players has been good since the Livi debacle and with a bit of luck we’d have a few more points. We’ve accidentally increased the size of the squad through force of injuries and the likes of McDaid and Elliot getting some games must be good for morale. Thought Lawlor looked much more confident today too and did well. Would have been great to have Mullen fit to come on for Rudden. Thought Rudden looked pretty decent today too.
  12. Did Aribo not score? The penalty would probably have meant a draw. We had Griffiths, Cummings, Sheridan and Jakubiak all available that day but Jazzer left us with only Rudden and Mullen for strikers and Mullen was out today. Fucking piss poor management.
  13. Agree with all that. He’s had to come up with some imaginative line ups given injuries, covid and the ridiculous mess of a squad he got left by the half wit.
  14. I feel sorry for fans of any team that ends up managed by McPake. Totally clueless. McCowan has had a few decent games, maybe 6, but has otherwise been disappointing. Sweeney has a lot of attributes but also has more of the bombscare about him than is good for him. Often gets caught completely out of position. This season Anderson and McMullen are the only standouts for me, Cammy would be near the top of the next group, above the utter dross. I hear guys shouting abuse at Cammy around me in the stadium who are clearly absolutely clueless about the game. His crossing leaves a bit to be desired but his primary job is defending and he’s decent at it. Good in the tackle and a good engine. He’s done well to stand up to the abuse he gets from the Derry boo boys. We lose far more goals down the left side where McCowan doesn’t track back, where Marshall goes daydreaming and out of position and can’t defend/tackle very well in the first place and where Sweeney also goes walk about. It’s so glaringly obvious the LHS is where the biggest issues are.
  15. As I watch games and look at either of our senior keepers, Byrne, Mullen and Marshall I’d say all 4 need ‘thanks for your efforted’ before Cammy. But each to their own opinion.
  16. Very harsh imo. He’s barely put a foot wrong since the left back switch. To think people used to want us to start Elliot over Cammy. I’ll defo go to Cammy testimonial events.
  17. I agree with vast majority of what you say, only Lawlor looks worse, he is fucking appalling. I disagree with, and have never understood the argument when people make it, the bit about going down. A good keeper is vital in the championship too. Other than his kicking, I’ve been more impressed with young Sharp. All the chat about how pish our defence is, they’ve played in front of the worst keepers I have EVER seen play for us for about 4 years.
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