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  1. Yip. I’d be up for that. I could see £5k a month getting raised, or so. Not a fortune but it all helps. Lots to look forward to. Us getting promoted, the DABS, Sainties or Hamilton getting relegated or, but less likely, RG getting his hole. Edited because I managed to type a random ‘a’ in the message which gave it a slightly homophobic lilt. I’m sure you can work it out!
  2. You should ask your new manager what he thinks. He’s a class 1 moron. It’s now theoretically possible the games could have been played, but that wasn’t known at the time.
  3. You’re an interloper on our thread. I feel no need explain fûck all to you cunto.
  4. McKenzie was good for is too although that view is not universally held. Maybe because he came with Alec Rae who was hated by elements of our support. If he’s injury prone Dundee’s the place for him.
  5. Just catching up on the last couple of days. Dear dear. There seems ‘alott’ of people ‘alott’ upset. How fucking thick are these peeps?
  6. Top marks lads. Punch them in the puss and then give them a right kick in the knackers on the way down - hopefully literally down. FWIW - probably a lone non Gorgie voice - but I’m right behind your legal challenge. I’d certainly want my club to challenge this very harsh outcome. Good luck.
  7. The gift that keeps giving - Robbie Neilson: Hearts name Dundee Utd boss to replace Daniel Stendel https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53131136
  8. 50/50 is somewhat more comforting than 0/100.
  9. Agreed. Interesting times ahead. I’ve not been keeping totally abreast of events but are Hearts and Thistle sueing the Dayglos?
  10. Imagine how fucked the clubs are with no pandemic insurance? Did Falkirk have it?
  11. I’m still laughing at Sainties employing an imbecile as manager [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
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