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  1. I like the zig zags, not the tartan. Takes all sorts s’pose.
  2. I notice Benjamin Kalimantan has scored the opener for Finland v Northern Ireland.
  3. It must be really horrible when the 150 home fans don’t stay and give you a wee pat on the back, having lost against the team, bottom of the league. Looks like the pressure is beginning to tell, will the last game of the campaign even matter?
  4. Some people love statistics. Is there not one about Davo?
  5. How much fucking injury time is there??
  6. The Dundee game I fear most in the run in is the match at Gayfield. Clearly this is not a home fixture for Arbroath but I still think this is a potential banana skin for QP. QP 5 Lichties zippo
  7. The Archie Knox era for us. He made a massive difference but fucked off back to Aberdeen after less than 2 seasons. Jocky picked up the baton and did well too.
  8. Wouldn’t be many away fans at that match!
  9. It’s a fantastic feeling for sure. Not confident it’s happening this season and if it does it’s unlikely to be at Dens.
  10. Not trolling in any way - but - I watched the interview on Raith TV with the lad Nolan. What an incredible story it is. How do you guys rate him?
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