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  1. Agree with you and Biggie. Nail right on the head.
  2. I think the best we can hope for is it’s quick and clean. 3 zip down by half time and I’ll be back in the house, cozied up by 10 past 4.
  3. We could get David Robertson back from Real Kashmir. A guy who has been working in a war zone would suit us I think. It’s a truly horrific list.
  4. Hard to say what we’ve been playing but yes a 2 would be my best guess.
  5. Another 2 who left for f**k all - https://mobile.twitter.com/HibernianFC/status/1203442901876908034?s=20
  6. Doesn’t make me warm to McPake. We’ve somehow manage to get let Bain and Kamara go for f**k all. They maybe a pair of gigantic cünts but that isn’t their fault. Russellanderson over on the match thread that he’d watched the game yesterday as a ‘neutral’ and we had no identity. I think that sums us up pretty well. What the f**k is our game plan? I’ve also been thinking we should try to punt Byrne in January. He’s been honking, anonymous and there will be lower half SPL teams remembering the player the Livi fans raves about. Let’s f**k him off to Sainties, or St Mirren. We’ve 3 other players capable of playing the deep lying midfield role and we could use the freed up money to get in somebody else who might be good.
  7. Agree with all that. Dorrans trying to hit worldies and Byrne non existent have been consistent features of the season.
  8. Arbroath have for sure assembled a very decent team at the moment. Confident, great team spirit with no little skill as well. The first 40 minutes were as good a performance as I’ve seen from any team this year. Committed tackling, closing down, neat passing out of tight situations, breaking at speed with real threat and a real quality goal. They should really have gone in at HT more than 1 up. The second half was more 50/50, both teams had chances but Bobby Linn definitely missed the gilt edged chance to score the winner, unmarked 12 yards out with just the keeper to beat and he blasted it over. Marshall at left back being the exception, we started with the team most of us have been screaming out for and we offered very little. We really should be delivering more by now. Dorrans is nowhere near the influence he should be, Ness, possibly through injury (although that’s not a surprise) hasn’t influenced proceedings thus far either. I always thought Hemmings first spell with us had a degree of luck and I fear at the moment we are seeing the real player. He’s half decent but that’s about it. Johnson looks far more likely to score to me. People have been slagging off Cammy and Gowser all season but Dorrans, Hemmings, Byrne and Ness have been more disappointing to me. Looks like McPake isn’t going anywhere soon so we will just need to suck it up for now. The play-offs were always the target, that shouldn’t really be a struggle to achieve, but it that’s how it’s turning out. I met a great bunch of Arbroath peeps yesterday had lunch in the Boatyard - a really cool place and it was a very enjoyable day - even the result felt like a point won rather than 2 dropped which was what I expected.
  9. Couldn’t see him from my seat but he wasn’t looking particularly happy after the game. Wonder if he makes his young lad go, poor wee b*****d.
  10. I was in the boardroom at Gayfield today. Nelms was there with his young lad as was Strachan. Nelms literally spoke to no one. Got to impressed with Arbroath. Played us off the park in the first half. The Arbroath fans were saying ‘you’re manager says nothing, does he actually give a fuçk’ and where is Jimmy Nicholl?
  11. To be fair some posters were very keen on Jazzer getting the gig. Better having some cunto with no previous connection, then we can really say how we feel when it goes wrong.
  12. He has a couple of half decent spells in games playing left midfield but I can’t remember a single poster who suggested he was anything other than absolute pish at left back.
  13. As much as I dislike the grass I’d give him a chance to see if he could do it at a big club. Watching the highlights back - Hamilton should have done better at the first imo. And as for the second - what the f**k was Foster thinking about? I was back in the car with the heater on by then. Great strike from DJ though. His goal scoring record v minutes on the park is excellent in comparison to Hemmings.
  14. Isn’t it candidates who fire IN CV’s rather than employers firing them OUT? How can someone only be capable of managing 1 club? You’re back to talking absolute shite again.
  15. Peter Houston is maybe a wee bit past it but he has done a decent job a couple of times. Strange to find myself agreeing with Random Cunto.
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