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  1. I do wonder how many normal season ticket holders will get tickets and how many go to sponsors and hinger ons. I’m working on the principle each call takes 2 minutes, 30 per hour, x 2 operators, x 5 hours = 300 calls yesterday. 20% don’t answer = 240. They could easily only be halfway [emoji1696]
  2. That’s fine. We don’t like you either. For me it would be ANYONE but the DAB’s.
  3. Lucky bassa! If they’re phoning everyone it’s going to take some time I suppose. Hope lives.
  4. Can’t see anything other than an easy Killie victory but who knows. Hopefully Marvin* is in attendance. As Kilmarnock’s most famous resident he certainly should be. * if the poor b*****d has kicked the bucket I sincerely apologise and sympathies to Dayna and Bullet.
  5. To be honest I think we’ve been pretty lucky over the 2 games, pretty much all the breaks went our way. Well played my fellow Fifers, probably see you next season.
  6. I keep waiting for American Fan to ask us to send him scarves....
  7. 24 hours on nearly and I’ve managed to convince myself we’re as good as beaten!
  8. Of course - just starting to get my head in the ‘we can do this space’! We can do nothing about who we play but a) I still think it could easily be Dross Cunty and b) Killie are down there for a reason.
  9. In the last 3/4 of years we’ve had Kamara to Rangers, Hendry and Bain to Celtic, Boyle to Hibs, Caulker to Alanyaspor, 5 years ago Greg Stewart to Birmingham. Others I’ve no doubt forgotten. He’d be better walking over the Dark Blue bridge IMO.
  10. 2 fantastic passes from Adam, no doubt, but 2 brilliant runs and finishes from McGhee. Plaudits to the manager for getting it spot on and there are signs he’s growing into this role. Still not over though, we’re capable of blowing this and we all know it. Looking at it I think it’s still 50/50 whether it’s County or Killie in the play offs - those fixtures are the complete opposite of what you’d want if you’re a County fan. If we get through hopefully we play County but relegating Fat Tommy would be delicious.
  11. Think this game is far from over but it will take something really special from them. Undone by 2 passes, and more importantly finishes of the very highest order, and a fucking ridiculously bad refereeing decision. Raith play some really nice stuff, finishing 3rd didn’t help them but they are decent cuntos all round.
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