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  1. You’re right Ludo it was me. Surprised he’s doing so badly atm. Thank your lucky stars I don’t pick the managers. f**k sake!
  2. If we tell him he’s staying, he’s fucking staying. We are Dundee ffs.
  3. Nah, I’m so old I forget stuff! In that instance Livi chanced their luck and the authorities bottled it. However on balance you’re right. Livi are fucking b*****dos. How has Shinnie been looking lads?
  4. With Adam out I think we will start Cumdog and Griffiths. I’ll be very surprised if we lose this, but I’ve been very surprised often. Quite like Livi actually, the way they’ve hauled themselves up by the bootstraps is totally admirable.
  5. He was a young and inexperienced manager who made lots of mistakes. He’s definitely improving and makes less glaring mistakes IMO. He might turn out to be a pretty decent manager, might even be already. Having said that, if we lose on Saturday I’ll be calling for the cuntos head.
  6. His career has been nothing like as wasteful as Riordan and O’Connor. As desperate as you are for him to be shite he will score more than twice as many as Stevie May will this season.
  7. I agree he looks like a player, no hint of the sand dancer. Hope you’re right.
  8. Or play Gowser in Adam’s place and only start with 1 striker. Probably LtD.
  9. Thinking of the way McPake thinks I reckon he’ll drop McCowan for Gowser.
  10. I’d rather drop Byrne, who I love, than willingly take McGhee out of midfield. Young Max, who has been really good, can come off the bench IMO. The rest of your team I agree with, although MaCowan hasn’t blown me away yet.
  11. You’d think someone might have said we are likely to lose McCann and a CH in this window. Make replacing them a priority. Maybe he did and he came up with a 30 yo crock and a young lad who doesn’t have a WIKI page [emoji4][emoji4][emoji4]
  12. Don’t say that! When a man’s down kick him in the nuts.
  13. He had Tommy’s team on autopilot. Giving away your star player to your ‘big’ club doesn’t seem particularly smart to me although you may beg to differ.
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