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  1. Do you not live in Dundee? It’s been a horrendous October. The ground is at maximum moisture capacity. Could easily be off, if it’s as bad as predicted imo.
  2. They seem to talk a lot about Calpol. Is that what they’re on about?
  3. Did Keith Wright not come from the Rovers? And what about the wee Spanish weasel?
  4. Ogren is a loser, most of the United players are losers, I’ve lost nothing M8 [emoji4]
  5. £6.5 million over just over 3 years. Plus this year past to come. Wonderful stuff.
  6. How quickly do you think United could go bust? What will happen to the games they have played? Will 2 teams get promoted? To think a worthy team got relegated so that this mess could be anointed.
  7. Can we stop talking shite about Dundee and get back on topic, that being the DABS are in the grubber please? I have to say I’m loving this. Not as good as relegating them, as yet, but there real hope of a proper financial disaster in the offing. Deelicious.
  8. Whilst I don’t share your hopes I think you should be as worried about events in Paisley....
  9. On the subject of pens I notice Scott Bain hasn’t improved! Lol
  10. Ross - you still have optimism? I’ve got frustrated acceptance.
  11. It was our best away performance last season. Freezing midweek game.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54651454 This is a really interesting concept. At the end of this they talk about Liverpool and throw-ins. Throws ins are an area we are particularly shite at - overlooked by a lot of teams it seems to me.
  13. It’s a no, no and no again from me. f**k the ex player thing. We mean next to f**k all to him, quite rightly. We’re like a bird he shagged briefly 30 years ago. The sex was good but she wasn’t his first and he shagged bonnier girls after her. Doesn’t mean now they should get married. There’s one candidate who is a far better fit and we all know who that is. Proven track record and knows the Scottish game inside out. Plus if we need to sack him after a few games it’s not another ex hero getting binned, just a fat grass.
  14. Totally agree. Great guys I hope we leave them battered, bruised, beaten and bloody. Don’t see it though. Raith have got a wise, experienced manager, bit like Dick Campbell, whereas we have a clueless, vacant, imbecile. I see this as a Rovers victory, probably by 2 goals. How’s Benedictus been doing? That’s a long time he’s been in Kirkcaldy and in truth we’ve signed dozens of CHs since he left and many of them have been significantly poorer.
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