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  1. Other than going into administration. As we all know Morten invented that. I want McPake gone as much as anyone but I’d prefer he gets a stay of execution and that we slaughter these cheats.
  2. It’s been pissing down all morning to be fair but did we not used to cover the pitch?
  3. Probably all had this already but made me smile.
  4. And to make it worse we have a CEO who can’t see it and/or does nothing about it. Wanting Ayr to win.
  5. Totally agree. Makes it even more frustrating.
  6. I’m beyond starting. He took a risk taking the step up, it hasn’t worked out, time for consequences. In other news I thought McMullen was half decent.
  7. Nothing to add really. The whole problem is McPake and Nelms appointing managers. Could not be clearer. Disgusted from Fife.
  8. He was absolutely excellent. Always has been a very good player.
  9. Dundee are totally in control. We’re 2-1 down for fuck sake.
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