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  1. All things Dundee FC

    What the f**k is wrong with Nelson by the way? Anybody else heard the arthritis rumour?
  2. All things Dundee FC

    Being a massive cock is not the same as having a massive cock.
  3. All things Dundee FC

    Would be unpopular I’m sure but John Robertson?
  4. Based on the fact he’s got no experience whatsoever. Surely you want an experienced manager and a number 2 learning the ropes as he progresses - not the other way around. Sometimes you have a superstar player as a new manager, who has an aura and can attract star players with a solid number 2 but McPake wasn’t that and we aren’t Barcelona. His next career progression would be as an assistant manager or managing a smaller club. Our fans would rip him up for bog paper if he didn’t deliver.
  5. He also said he should get it because McPake is his mate. TBF McPake came over pretty well but he’s a number 2 at this stage of his career imo.
  6. All things Dundee FC

    We all see games differently but to me the idea that anyone is worse than Moussa just doesn’t compute. The notion that Moussa’s hold up play was good is utter nonsense and folk are looking back with rose tinted glasses. Moussa is probably the most ineffective player I’ve ever seen. He was complete dogshite, a total donkey, fucking useless.
  7. Don’t really get the Morten shout tbh.
  8. Dundee vs St. Mirren

    I like Paisley, St Mirren’s new ground, most of their posters seem decent guys. What happened to the utter arsehole - the one with the club jammies, duvet and curtains? Conversely Hamilton is a shite club, with a shite ground and some of the biggest wankers on P and B amongst their support. I’d love St Mirren to finish 10th. The play off final would be a hilarious win win.
  9. Charlie Adam has always struck me as a bit thick. I’m not saying you need to be Mensa boy to manage successfully but you need some intelligence for sure.
  10. Surprising Stewart Petrie not getting some mentions, he’s a pretty intelligent guy but with a good banking job he may not want to go full time. Killie have suddenly become the Spurs of the North. The only way is down for the next manager of Killie, you’d be on a hiding to nothing taking over from Clarke. For someone like Goodwin Dundee would be a far better bet.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    f**k sake my eyes are bleeding. I was prepared to give Shagger a fair chance and for a while I thought we were on an upward trend but at some point after the Hearts game the wheels fell off and clearly Jim had no idea how to turn it around again. Quite frankly we can do better and by the law of averages sooner or later we must get some c**t in who has half a clue. As far as the board are concerned, and yes they have made some f**k ups (to be fair we were mostly behind the appointments of McCann and Hartley too), this is the most stable the club has been since I started watching them regularly, circa 1980. Angus Cook, Ron Dixon, the Marrs, Clum and Di Stefano - granted its not difficult to come top of that group of shysters but they are by far and away the most sensible.
  12. All things Dundee FC

    You see no difference between swinging a punch at a copper who is goading f**k out of you, and rape?
  13. What would my fellow Dees think about WGS - in the unlikely event he was tempted home? Personally I hate the c**t.
  14. Livi v Dundee

    Yip, a fantastic season for Livi, like them winning the Champions League really, but they’re fucked now. Mind you I’ve been saying that about the Hammies for about a decade and Livi are better than them. And nicer guys too in the main. I’d like to see Livi continue to stay up.
  15. Other than not being from the Mediterranean he fits my criteria. Defo a stabber. Aeroplanes up the touchline, constant wee digs at the opposition. I’m in.