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  1. I reckon stick a couple of hundred on a Morton win, we could surpass the 10 Hamilton scored.
  2. I like Scott Allan as a player, the sort of guy you pay to see, but we offered him a lifeline before, he didn’t really perform and when the chance came to move to a ‘bigger’ club the door didn’t hit his arse. He’s yesterday’s man, with injuries and health problems. Good luck at Gayfield Scott.
  3. Random w**k said he was a world beater when he signed for them, that’s good enough for me.
  4. They can keep away from the Box Office club. Quite cute really if not a wee bit weirdo.
  5. Indeed - and that over there - that’s where Fabian’s right foot is going to be. Fab.
  6. Ooh [emoji50]! That would be class!! Just let Arbroath do it instead.
  7. Yes. My last trip was Dorrans debut. I reckon both me and him were thinking ‘what the fuck am I doing in this shitehole’ when the final whistle blew.
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