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  1. To be fair, it's not even 2016-17.
  2. Rogic in behind the striker centrally. From a selfish point of view I prefer to see McGregor or Armstrong in there for the sake of the national team.
  3. Griffiths up front on his own with three behind.
  4. I opened this thread fully expecting a five pronged(!) joke about an erect mammalian member.
  5. That's actually the proper spelling. 'Draft' is US English.
  6. No. That's Rab and Greg. No. That's Chris from Twitter.
  7. You should have seen what they called him in the first draught.
  8. Rangers get a red card: "this fucking country man has gone to shit."
  9. The extremist thread in question was pulled from the main forum due to the outside attention it was attracting.
  10. Nice enough lads. Bit too much retro shitehawkery going on. Graham once listened to a copy of Nuggets.
  11. The truth is that the admin over there have basically been threatened and bullied... By individuals and by the supposed threat of the more sinister fan groups (you'll know who I mean). Moderate posters get banned all the time now because of mob rule for being 'leftist pinko nationalist republican commie tarrier scum' etc (they like to pigeonhole). There was a decent poster on there few years ago who fell foul of one of these fan groups and suddenly pictures of his mother and sister started appearing online with added porn scenes thanks to one of the brain-dead's crude photoshopping skills. In recent times a wee guy (who ended up getting a gig at the Daily Record) has been threatened with violence; people have visited his places of work trying to get him sacked, trying to get him jailed(!) and been checking up on his school records. And, that was BEFORE he got the Daily Record gig, hah. So, aye, point-and-laugh material but mostly in a sinister and tragicomic way. The wee EDL ned with the moniker Kill All Immigrants on that thread is just a special kind of mess. I would like to think it was almost like a parody of a Rangers forum, it's so ridiculous... But sadly the sheer numbers of demented heidcases tells me otherwise. I honestly could never associate with pathetic bawhawks like that in any fleeting capacity, far less share a bus, a stadium or even a team with them. The People are strange... when you're a stranger.
  12. More comedy gold from the hoofwanking bigots over at Stormfront. I only read the first page of the thread and we're off to a barnstorming start. http://forum.rangersmedia.co.uk/topic/309505-rangers-embrace-lgbt/ Seriously, I personally don't know a single person in life who is as downright deranged as the amoebas on there and if I did I would have to dig deep into my inner chi to stay calm and refrain from repeatedly walloping them about the coupon.
  13. Came into say Post Pop Depression and then double checked the release date. I really need to straighten out sometime soon.
  14. Apart from wee Baba the drummer, they were utter bawz. Hanging about McChuills like it was Parnaby Street circa 1966. Cringe. About as psychedelic as my last jobby.
  15. To all the Celtic fans on here; I remain wholly unconvinced of your ability to crack Astana.
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