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  1. bad tempered thug my arse. Ask anyone that knows me if am a bad tempered thug all my life watching ladeside and not one ounce of bother. How you can judge me cause of a rant just shows you up more than me. Am sick of seeing absolute lies spouted about friends of mine that wouldn't say a word to nobody.. Ban me. Or even better I'll just come off this altogether. Shower of wallopers. Someone continually lies about fans of the club I support on forums!! Report me all you want as well. Really could not care anymore.l
  2. yep as I guessed it wasn't a threat I didn't say I was gonna. But hey it's pretty obvious your thick as shit . It was a statement!! You are a wee p***k. A fucktard of a boy that I'll ignore from now on.It's actually good to know that 4 Pollok mates text me saying your a wee w**k and embarrassment to Pollok and that your lies tonight make them cringe. Now f**k right off
  3. threatened you. f**k me that you telling lies again. what's wrong with you were you bullied at school. Yer a lying little shit stirring p***k. Hertha knows a wee sack of shit when he comes across one. You go out your way to lie and wind folk up. This isn't a threat by the way it's just on my wish list. "" I hope to f**k someone smashes f**k out your ugly wee mug ""
  4. aye is he mate. f**k him!! Sad wee rat. Type of guy junior football could do without. His bullshit story on Pollok forum tonight is the final straw for me. Ignorant arrogant slander filled bawsack
  5. oh there yer there!! You really are a wee Fudbox of a boy. Talk some shite and Spin a great yarn. You really don't help yourself. Am not an advocate of violence but if someone fucks you I'll celebrate it
  6. you on the strong stuff. It's no even best city in Scotland 🙈
  7. here is the thing nothing you say is good. 🙈
  8. obsession with this artificial shite so he has. At least he's consistent. Was in a poll the other day. 78% against artificial out 200. Pretty descisive for me
  9. Pyramid system for me. Time to move forward.
  10. I'd say and it's just my personal opinion but I'd say Troon have had a few bob to get there park and social club done up how it is. Fair play to them tho as they are superb at bringing youth through. But for me there rise hasn't been all about balance of the books they certainly received a bit of help. Balancing the books for wages of your team and run of the club aye but all the rest I'll say naw
  11. having been in position a few times where my works fucked me over and ave had to accept a few bob less I don't see the problem with guys that do 8 hours a week for a very good pay taken a wee cut or maybe end up fucked all together.
  12. abbey parks coming on leaps and bounds. Def a better structure in place now.
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