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  1. Completely biased of course but Peter Grant will make the step up.
  2. Bairn #2 born last Monday. Everything went really well. Night feeds a joy with match of the day goals on Sunday etc to watch! So far....
  3. Wife expecting number 2 three weeks today (c-section this time)! Very excited. Darling son, 2 and a 1/2 thankfully now in big boys bed freeing up cot for baby. Phew. Not sure how number 1 will take to number 2. Any tips? He seems excited at prospect.
  4. The Garmin Forerunner 305 is excellent. Its not the latest and greatest so should be able to pick one up on Ebay for 100 quid or so. Functionality wise, its much the same as the new one apart from size, the new one is not as bulky. With software you can upload your runs into Google Maps, etc. I'm trying to get the wife to get me one for Xmas.
  5. I think the Nike logo has to face down. I'll check mine later and post. I use a pouch for the sensor.
  6. Was signed up for it. But injured my knee. 'Runner's knee'? Ran about 100 miles before getting my running shoes checked out. Needed support for over-pronating (sp?). Just been swimming for exercise at the moment. Also bunged up with the cold, so I'll be missing out :-( Good luck to all that's running!
  7. I'll need to defend Cumbernauld here, I work in Cumbernauld, and run there regularly at lunchtimes. Broadwood Loch is included in the run I think which is nice. The area there is reasonably flat with a couple of challenging hills, and of course the stadium to finish at for the Bully Wee fans to get excited by! lol!!! I don't know the route precisely, but I've spotted the advertising for it at the Stadium.
  8. Been training for the Glasgow 1/2 marathon, but I've had to stop 3/4 into my last two runs. Pain on outside of knee.....Seems fine when walking, but really sore midway through run, and then climbing stairs afterwards! ....'runner's knee' or Ilio Tibial Band Friction Syndrome? Hitting the swimming pool for my training now, but think my chances of making the 1/2 (would have been my first attempt at the distance) are very slim now!! Probably and hopefully due to incorrect running shoes. Was just running in a pair of random 'neutral' trainers that I'd purchased prior to even thinking about running. Popped into run4it at the w/end, and they've recommended a trainer with support due to my over-pronating....top tip, get your shoes checked out...! Bit of rest now from the running, to recover. If I can't manage a 10 miler next week, I'm pulling out Probably should see a physio as well to confirm diagnosis.....
  9. Aye was well organised mate. About a 1000 runners. Timed using the chips, goodie bag at end, chocolate, water, banana, t-shirt, the usual stuff. Run was entirely within park. They had a burger van which I thought was very Glasgow! :-) I enjoyed it, next up Glasgow 10k in Sep, I think....I'll need to have a dig around and find some other runs, Cumbernauld, Paisley....?
  10. Anyone run the Glasgow Green 5k last night? I managed it in 24.08, pretty pleased best run so far. Official results not out yet. The layout of the run though, meant you passed each other in a loop, anyway, the leaders were so far ahead of the rest. Not sure of the winning time, but extremely impressive running I thought! Brilliant!
  11. I would rest tomorrow mate or go for a light run/stretch. I suspect you'll be sore. Don't do too much too quickly or you'll injure yourself. Well done on the run though.
  12. I do Tempo runs. Its not quite race pace, but quite a hard run over a comfortable distance. If doing 5 miles total, take a warmup mile, and a cool down mile at the end. The middle 3 up the 'tempo' to a near race pace. Working quite hard. The Runners World website has training plans that include, tempo, speedwork, and easy runs. You can enter a race time from a previous race, and it will work out paces to aim for. Look for Runners World Smart Coach. Good luck! I completed my first 10k race on Sunday. East Kilbride. Really enjoyed it. Finished 53.12 which was my target. Still had a bit left in the tank at the end to push on when reaching the track. Going to sign up for the Glasgow run in September, although tempted to train for half marathon. We'll see....
  13. I've just got the sportband....whats the challenges? How do they work?
  14. I've signed up for the EK 10k. My first race. Looking forward to it. I'd like to get low 50min....but I suspect I'll be between 55 and 60. I'm running 5.1 miles in 45 mins at the moment. That was after not running for over a week too. Need to keep training now...Is the 10k hilly? As an aside, my Nike+ sportband is not measuring correct distances....not calibrated it though. Its consistent overmeasure, ie. 5.1 miles recorded as 5.47. 2.5 miles as 2.67miles. Anyone else got one?
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