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  1. Could do with some signing news, and also give Nicky Devlin until fri to make his mind up, only need players that want to play for the club.
  2. Always liked stevo , but I would not have him back at ayr again he would have probably been offered some sort of coaching roll as well as playing. Time to move on and get players that want to play for ayr , sad when he said he wanted to finish his playing career at ayr.
  3. I think this will be a close game this week, again only a couple of goals, but ayr to keep our run going .
  4. Always a hard place to get a result, Dick Campbell always has a good setup, having saying that we should be looking to beat our title challengers still looking for a win .
  5. All quite on the player front, started well but need a bit of a bite in the midfield with the sounds of it.
  6. What's happened to this big announcement that wad mentioned the other day.
  7. Ian McCall is getting a great squad built, and right from the of we should be a challenge for any team in this league this season. Moan Ayr
  8. Great to get this long waited home win , well done ayr
  9. vikington f**k off, do you never go on anything to do with Morton ya we arsehole
  10. I think we will get a result against dafc, the team starting to get there act together. Moan Ayr get your first win for our new manager.
  11. Marko always played well for us, I wish him all the best if he signs for Clyde.
  12. Wish I could be at thr game but travelling from Leicester to Brechin, just a bit to far . Moan Ayr
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