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  1. A couple more Hendry goals before the "why did we let him go" posts start.
  2. Another real positive from yesterday was the performance of McPherson. Lots of energy and gave the side what we maybe missed in the Aberdeen and Hibs games. Hard not to be optimistic going in to the break. Suddenly have a squad that has options in most areas of the pitch to the point we'll have guys that will be missing out on the squad altogether. Maybe the only place that isn't the case is upfront especially in the 5-3-2. Might be the case that Davidson sees Middleton and Vertainen playing as out and out strikers more often. Having had four of the sides in the bottom six last year as our first four games I was a bit worried going into the next four. Six points interspersed with getting to the semi final is a really good return. Even against Aberdeen there's a real look about this side that points won't be dropped often even when thinks don't click. Only really the United game this season in the league where the performance levels dropped.
  3. Having started well worried it might be another home game dominating but not scoring so it was really pleasing to see us break down a side with two really good moves. The first with Rooney stepping out a launching a quick attack and the second from patience built up and May showing what he can bring away from goal scoring. Maybe the personnel was suited to weaker opposition - I'm not sure we can get away with that back line line up against better teams - but all the defenders contibuted towards the control of the game with their ability on the ball. MoH added a real threat in that position but had to feel for the Dundee wingback who seemed to be left one-on-one an awful lot with him. Perplexed as to why Anderson didn't start for Dundee; might have stopped them gifting possession so often. Agree about the McMullen comments, don't really see the hype. Fair play to the Dundee fans that stayed to the end of that. Couldn't have a better game going into the break - comfortable three points. Even when Dundee had some pressure after they got the goal the chances were there to put a more fair reflection on the score. Got game time into McPherson and Dendoncker and Davidson, Gordon, Bryson and McCart to come back. Couple of other highlights too - firstly, and most obviously, the guy kissing the steward. And secondly, the moment where I finally gave up ever seeing a foul thrown given again when Dendoncker executed what appeared to be a netball pass to restart the game.
  4. Thought this was excellent and Comer in particular was brilliant (almost expect it from Stephen Graham though). That 10-15 minute scene halfway through was absolutely brilliantly done. Difficult watch. Still on 4od I think.
  5. Hibs first win over saints since the last time Beaton absolutely gifted them a penalty. At least there wasn't a disallowed goal to back it up this time.
  6. Raith at Dens/Tannadice would make sense? Anyways, that tackle from McCart last night [emoji170] He's been exceptional in Gordon and Kerr's absence.
  7. Across Griffiths, Sheridan and Cummings Dundee must be spending a fair chunk of money for very few goals. A lot of the analysis from the Aberdeen game applicable here - really poor on the ball but defending well as a team gives you a chance. Thought saints relaxed a bit after getting ahead and the second comes from one of the few times we work the ball out well from the back. Hopefully the performances will be a more joined together once we have more options in the middle of the pitch - which should give us more options higher up too. May was good again from the bench and probably feels a little hard done by. Middleton isn't as effective as one of the two in a 5-3-2 as he is wide or in the number 10 role - but there has been few bad performances from him. MoH looked very comfortable again filling in a RWB.
  8. If Kane gives the ball away one more time I might explode.
  9. Yeah, it's not great. Remember Scott Patterson getting jeered when stretchered off at dens too. Another pretty poor performance with the ball. Bit lucky Dundee have looked completely toothless. MoH coming on there isn't much of an endorsement for Dendoncker but might just be a case of wanting a bit more threat (and might stop us launching it out Rooney all the time). Appreciate losing McCann and missing three central midfielders makes it difficult but need players getting on the ball in the middle of the park. I'd rather Kane was the main striker and Middleton was dropping or playing wide too. Only really Wotherspoon getting on the ball setting what must be a "Spoony chop" record. Worried about how much praise Clark is getting here on premier...
  10. In the Rangers game he was part of three which maybe takes the focus of a bit. Agree that he was okay in a two yesterday though. If anything, he was more disappointing on the ball then without it. His previous outings there saw him get caught a lot on the ball but can't really remember any big risks he took yesterday. Once you have Crawford, Bryson and McPherson up to speed, alongside Craig and Davidson, it won't be repeated though.
  11. That Samuels cross was unbelievable. Still not sure what he was actually trying.
  12. Aged well. Absolutely vintage May finish. Aberdeen remind of saints early last season; lots of the ball but inevitably just to resorting to desperate crosses rather than fashioning any real openings. Imagine saints will play much better this season and lose games. Defended well but really poor at retaining the ball which is becoming a bit of a theme. Hopefully Bryson returning will help.
  13. Defensively okay but dreadful on the ball. Can't remember Rooney ever being so poor on the ball for us. Kanes not occupying the centre halves enough and both Middleton and MoH have not really got on the ball.
  14. Is there a link for ppv for this or am I too early? Real choices suddenly in the forward areas with MOH doing well recently, Middleton back available, Vertainen getting up to speed alongside Wotherspoon and Crawford. Expect it will be Kane through the middle in a three. Hopefully Bryson and/or Davidson are ready for this to give a bit more energy. Think the back 5 were good enough against Rangers have earned another outing this week. Imagine we'll see some rotation on Wednesday.
  15. Pretty positive statement from Brown as well. Chance of a renewal or two over the next few weeks?
  16. Encouraging today. Muller and Brown were solid enough and muller certainly doesn't lack confidence. Think I prefer Devine to Booth tbh. And good to see Brown inside Rooney too. A week till the next game hopefully gets a few more back particularly in the middle of the park. Hopefully we're beginning to see a bit of the MoH of old too.
  17. Nor do I. Always thought he looked alright at Livi and Hibs against us in the main. Fits in with Davidson talking about Dendoncker needing time to get to know the game in Scotland too. 5 out and out centre halves for three places is decent cover and saves Rooney playing there which weakens us in two positions. Only worries are that it might mean a) that Gordon is out longer term and/or b, it's been done at the expense of other areas of the pitch.
  18. And people moan about some of our recent efforts. Xara in particular were dreadful.
  19. Air Crash Investigation. Can't stop watching them; I find them fascinating. Conversely, made me feel even more comfortable flying. Some of the causes of the accidents particularly pre-90s is absolutely terrifying though!
  20. Could do with getting back to playing to get this out the system. *looks at fixtures* Oh.
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