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  1. MoH and Middleton doing really with and without the ball supporting Kane. Bryson been really good on the ball too. Feel sometimes Bryson and McCann look a little exposed when hibs break the first press and if Boyle or Doidge dropped they'd get a bit of room. Risk you take with this formation though. MoH, Middleton and Bryson making decent cases for next season here.
  2. Is Middleton available for the semi? Can't remember if he missed the rangers game due to being cup tied or because it was against his parent club.
  3. Been a lot less partisan but I've enjoyed. Says something about Saints when we've got four players on the park that were here when McInnes was in charge! Really enjoyed that first half performance, summed a lot of what's been good about us this season. Hell of shift for the two wingbacks and McCann and Wotherspoon though.
  4. Was that Parish's only touch? Clyde pretty suited to this saints side - unnecessary chances at the back and not really pressing at all out of possession. Only disappointment it's not more comfortable.
  5. Remember Wright was a fan of playing Wotherspoon at CM when playing lower league opposition when he's unlikely to pressured as high up the pitch. He'll be the one getting forward too. Assume he'll wont play the full 90 if things are comfortable. Interesting to see if it will be MoH behind two or a front three.
  6. You can see Gordon give a "WTF" look after the penalty reward in the replay. Hopefully, sign a reliable keeper in the summer. They'll be quite a few that will disagree but think losing Tanser weakens us too. Booth is fine but I think we've lost a bit in an attacking sense since Tanser dropped out the side.
  7. Remember Ian Harty giving it a "You're going down" gesture to the saints fans at McDiarmid during *that* season. Think saints had tried to sign him that summer too. Glory days.
  8. Certainly very impressive, particularly second half.
  9. Pretty much where I was at the start of the season. The progress has been really encouraging and it's pretty clear that Davidson has got the players to buy in to what he's doing very quickly. He's obviously a good coach; it will be really interesting to see what his recruitment will be like and if he can build on the really good foundations he's put in place. It's not a massive surprise to see we've used the least number of players this season - only starting 19 different outfield players. Thought the squad was small at the start of the season and still think we might have really struggled with more than a couple of injuries in any one position for a period of time. The flip side is we are away from the situation of a few recent summers where we had players on the books that were either not good enough or obviously surplus to the managers requirements. There is some you think might go but no one you'd be overly surprised if they stayed. Davidson is in a good place in that he already has the nucleus of a mid-table squad but the potential to bring his own players if he chooses.
  10. No way I'm watching I don't get to hear Elliott Parish's sponsor three times a game. Simon Donnolly "doesn't know the permutations" [emoji849]
  11. Probably. Doesn't suggest much faith in Brown though. Might be that he just wanted to have a more attacking option there suppose.
  12. MoH at right wing back today? Or Kerr right back in a 4-4-2?
  13. Kevin Rutkiewicz has certainly been one of the better co-comms we've had this season.
  14. Great goal giving Hamilton a lead they probably don't really deserve on the balance of play. That said plenty of pressure from saints but a lack of cutting edge. Return of the xG champs. Wotherspoon not been on the ball as often as we'd like.
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