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  1. Email today explicitly says that home SKY games included. Still finding out if there will be a PPV for the home SKY games and whats happening for away games.
  2. Of the players that have left, Ralston - replaced by Rooney Anderson, McMillan and Swanson - two didn't play last season and one restricted to a handful of appearances. Holt and Wright - Only two really weakening us. Holt possibly wasn't an automatic pick but I think we'll try and sign someone before the end of August to replace him. With Wright, it might come down to what formation Callum wants to play. Suspect we will see another wide player though. Other than that, cant think of any other players that have left tbh. We have the majority of the squad that finished so well last season. Don't think in influx of players is needed, nor to be expected at this moment.
  3. Callum in the papers today saying both we're looking at players but aren't going to rush - although he does also say he'd like players in quickly to settle if they are the right ones.
  4. Renewal was fairly straight forward for me. Much, much easier than previous years; should have changed to a system like this years ago. Managed to fight off my inner tight wad and paid the full price too.
  5. The one thing I'd say in Williams defence is that he's still relatively young. Still room to improve. Likes of O'Halloran, Hendry and Tanser have done well arriving after start-stop beginnings to their careers; Wright and Scougall maybe not as much. I'm not sure he's worth breaking the bank for but he'd offer an option both wide, through the middle and up front and he's still young enough to kick on. He wouldn't be a signing I was unhappy with. Davidson was here when he was here too, right?
  6. If we're going to play two up I think running with just three strikers doesn't give much options or cover. Get the argument that leaves a chance for Hamilton or someone but much rather they went out on loan (if an option). Suppose if Maclean registers it allievates that a little. Otherwise a centre midfielder and a winger are the priorities. Would be ideal if the winger can play centrally or upfront as well.
  7. No steak and chorizo availability for this Sunday. Disaster. Still getting 6 though.
  8. We might announce him signing by then!
  9. Hopefully next week, this conversation will be full of talk of season tickets virtual and not, new strips, new manager, potential new signings and fixture lists. For now though.....
  10. The longer it goes the more and more likely I think it will Davidson. It obviously depends if he's interested but he ticks almost every box. He has contacts beyond Scotland. He knows the club, the players and would be a popular appointment. It's hard to see it not being him although the club do like a left field appointment.
  11. Early audition to take over Liam's role as head WUM.
  12. Suppose we can safely say the managers job won't be going to Cleland or Liam then.
  13. Tbf, I imagine Wright had plans in place before he left. He'll have had targets in place too. Sad but expected to see Swanson leaving. Fantastic in the second spell but clearly not contributed enough this time round. Provided lots of entertainment over the years he was here though and he attitude before he left for Hibs endeared him even more to the fans.
  14. Signed up last week. Great for the kids having the Disney back catalogue. Oldest one was doing a project on titanic, so watched the National Geographic documentary about it. Hopefully they add much more here - only a few dozen programmes so far. It's been a delight to have half the storage back on the V6 now that have the full Simpsons back catalogue available on demand. This in the short term is worth the fiver a month. Enjoyed watching all the Pixar shorts too. It's a shame they are not packaging them with the features anymore. Watched an excellent new one called Float today. I'll probably force the kids to watch some of my era stuff at some point (mighty ducks etc). I'll probably also watch Inside Out from start to finish and sob like a 5 year old again.
  15. Would Wednesday 1st work or is it too close to the second international fixtures?
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