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  1. It wasn't a great look cancelling that so early and leaving the u18s until this morning tbh. Be happy if they didn't play any other matches there until they got in a position they made the pitch remotely acceptable week on week.
  2. Max scoring two minutes in to his Ukraine u21 debut.
  3. Has there been a worse triple substitution in history? "Flexibility" what we wanted in the summer apparently
  4. Oh, absolutely! After that passback and launch I was waiting for the whistle. Odd game. A lot more of the ball then recent games- thought Hallberg was good in that aspect- but a lack of threat without May. Cannot keep Brown at LWB - its madness outside the odd occasion against the OF. Didn't think McLennan offered a lot and Murphy wasn't in the game enough. On the other hand, thought unlucky to lose two goals with the chances St.Mirren made and only found ourselves behind due to a wonder strike. Carrying a threat with the strikers we have though. A goal out of absolutely nothing; a great finish.
  5. Some strike. Hadn't looked like conceding either.
  6. Were the pictures we see the same as the VAR? If that still was the opening (similar to the Watt one) it's difficult for the ref not to go for the red.
  7. Nonsense. Wasn't even going to give the free kick.
  8. Exactly. How on earth does it take that long? Hate the rules as they are. No way should that be a penalty
  9. What a blow being without May. Assume Wotherspoon not able for three games in a week. Need to see more from Murphy and McLennan tonight - I'd rather have seen Phillips, Max or Crawford start tbh. And Brown back to left back..... At least Matthew's fit. Eta - I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say its McLennan up front with Clark rather than a 5-2-3 again
  10. Was indeed. Leighton came out his box to header clear and McMahon volleyed in from the touchline. Hasselbainks goal was the one I was going to mention. Add in Chris Millar's effort against United and Momo Sylla vs Rangers.
  11. Parish. Oh god. Assuming there's no change in change in shape and Brown and Montgomery are WB with McGowan dropping back. Could be a 4-4-2 with Carey and Wotherspoon wide though. Ballsy midfield if it's a three.
  12. Didn't think it was a red first time round but surprised the red was over turned. Really felt like one of those interpretation decisions and struggling to understand what the VAR/ref would have seen to have changed his mind. Already played better than that and lost so will take the three points. Really disjointed on the ball again with only May, who was excellent, looking a danger. Need to get the balance in midfield sorted. Hallberg further forward today but Carey just inheriting the same problems. Not help with Brown at LWB again - madness sticking with it. Davidson really must not rate Gallacher/Montgomery. Positives are winning a game that you imagine would have been lost last season and May's continued good form. Defensively good as well - can't remember Remy making a save - and seemed to stop Killie playing at all.
  13. Think Wotherspoon and Phillips replace Murphy and McGowan and at least all three give you something defensively. He played Carey there against St.Mirren but we were outbattled against Killie down there so think you need at least someone willing to battle. What's the script with Murray? Thinking along these lines Wright Mitchell Gordon Considine Montgomery Phillips Hallberg Wotherspoon May Clark. The amount of attacking midfielders we have is ridiculous. Two out of the three midfield starting plus Crawford, O'Hallaron, Murphy, Carey and Max all not there.
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