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  1. Nervous check after the May winner to see if Partick hadn't scored again! (Aberdeen -1 the missing bet btw)
  2. Territoriality, as much as a 45 as I seem to remember saints having in the top flight for a while. Not MacPhersons biggest fan but thought he was harshly dropped after the Ayr game and has been our best player today. Biggest issue we've had is the back three playing into trouble although, to be frank, Motherwell have been rotten. Front three, bar the goal which was a great finish and nice bit of play from Bair, have been a little disappointing too.
  3. There is something endearing about the hope that remains in the posts that lay out a saints side with a back 4.
  4. I was hoping it would be available for international subscriptions but not looking hopeful. Toying with actually going.
  5. Sounds like I might invest in international sub and a vpn this season.... https://twitter.com/StJohnstone/status/1551850469047377921?t=VQrvuTK23qN0RMNysG0M5A&s=19 Surprised to see no reserve league entry given we have 32 registered players with, you'd expect, at least two or three more to come. Might be the club feels they can get enough out either permanently or on loan I suppose.
  6. I was actually quite looking forward to going today until I came on here. Putting tactics and the eye bleeding football to one side, the recruitment has been the most depressing aspect of the last 6 months. Wright never really gets the credit he deserves for the last 12-24 months of his tenure when he replaced a successful spine with younger signings while remaining competitive. That laid down the roots (McCart, Rooney, Hendry, Kerr, Gordon, Clark, McCann and Kane all signed young or given debuts) for improvement. Davidsons first windows complimented that and allowed him to play his style/shape (Conway, Bryson and Melamed) but didn't have any forward looking signings. That was fine but focus the summer after the cup win should have been building on the squad quality there and planning for those who were bound to move on. Neither happened but bringing in a full time recruitment staff member at least pointed at some forward thinking. After that appointment failed , either because the signings weren't good enough or Davidson seems desperate to push anyone not signed be him under a bus at the first opportunity, things have descended in to a complete mess. There is mitigating circumstances around January but this summers "policy" has been at best short slighted and at worst disgracefully lazy. Similar to comments I made a few months ago, it's worrying to think of the money being hemorrhaged on these experienced signings. Add to that that only really Hallberg has worked out and its easy to be very nervous about the recent batch. Hendry, Clark, Rooney, and McCart left. No signs of a replacement for the first two after 4 competitive matches. Rooneys been replaced with Wright. McCarts replacement is so good, we've already had to sign another centre half. And we've still not fixed the central midfield issue. Playing one of our worst ever keepers, Gilmour at right back, relying on an aging Muzz in midfield and down to one fit out and out striker available after signing nearly 30 players in the last 12 months. A disgrace.
  7. Because he's being saying the same stuff for the last year.
  8. Undoubtedly Gilmour will be the one hung out to dry. Not as bluntly as Vertainen but it will be obvious.
  9. "Hi, Rob and Eric, can you tweet something like "these glorified friendlies are more about fitness than results", thanks?" See Gilmour has been hooked at halftime. Expect a comment about some players have had there last chance etc if we lose. Assume MoH is surplus too if he's behind Gilmour in the pecking order
  10. May in for Bair and Carey in for Max. Sticks with Parish in goal and Gilmour at right wb.
  11. Assume its not going to be possible to watch Qos vs saints game online via either club?
  12. So we've started a season with one fit wing back and one mobile ball playing centre midfielder in a formation that relies on both of them? I had a bit of confidence returning when Considine and Wright came as it looked at least we were targeting the right areas. Murphy and Carey, and Max's emergence, allows a return to the front three. I don't even have a problem with the shape with the right players in it. Problem is we've not fixed the issues from last season. Doesn't matter about the rest if you don't have the midfielders to keep the ball and press the opposition nor have wingbacks that can carry a threat. Being an injury away from having Gilmour and Brown as wingbacks is shambolic tbh. And christ knows what we do is Hallberg isn't able to play every minute this season. AND that's before we get to the lack of replacements for Clark and Hendry. The club financially can't really be treating the League Cup as friendlies anyway. If Davidson really is, it would be nice to tell the fans paying. Only benefit of these experiments is that they might hasten the exit of Gilmour, Crawford and MoH although I'm not convinced well replace the last two with anything better.
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