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  1. Cheers but no luck. Should just take the plunge and get saints tv
  2. You maybe correct actually. The other two the club made big noises about how long they watched and waited for them though
  3. I'm sure Coulston, Tanser and Wright were watched long term before signing and remember reading about at least one of them being scouted before signing. So imagine something is in place. Like a lot of what we do (PR, ticketing, merchandising etc) seems to heavily hint at a complete lack of professionalism.
  4. Forecast has temperatures well above freezing after tonight so imagine it wouldn't be an issue regardless.
  5. Was this on Twitter? If so, I think those comments were a bit tongue in cheek.
  6. I wonder how long we persist with May. Some will argue he's "isolated" but he's not offering any out ball outside running offside every time we break (to be fair, he might have been asked to stick to the last man). I'd argue that Kane currently would offer a better out ball. I'd argue more vehemently that May has looked a downgrade on Watt so far. I pray it's a case of slowly regaining his feet but we need more from him now
  7. Heart sinks every time I hear the game Pearce is commentating on starting.
  8. Congratulations. Does anyone else tell classic fibs to their kids? I've been telling the youngest her ears turn purple when she lies. We also used to tell her big sister the old one about the ice cream van music meaning they'd run out of ice cream.
  9. I predict that room stays that way for minutes! Love the star wars stencil. Was that easy enough?
  10. Dundeebarry's excellent "Real Leigh Griffiths" blog from the time of Dundee's second administration.
  11. For the two or three transfer windows, I've wondered how realistic it is to hope to sign another Morris/Millar type player. Should be doing everything we can do tie down McCann to a long term contract.
  12. A deserved three points. Dominant in terms of the flow of the game and chances. Delighted for Wotherspoon - he gets a ridiculously hard time from a section of our fanbase. He's the sort of character you need when times are difficult - a player who wants the ball regardless how things are going. We're a better and more balanced side when he plays. Everything seemed a bit more natural. Wotherspoon and Wright wide let Kennedy play with a bit more freedom and he looked much better as a result. McCann, who was an absolute stand out, took the pressure off Davidson allowing him to pressure the ball a lot more often. Some will point to the winner coming 4-4-2 but felt the earlier formation will serve us better. Hendry for all his rawness just looks like he's going to score everytime it drops to him. Ralston reminds me of Tanser 12-18 months ago. I'd like to have him here permanently to see if he could advance similarly. Duffy shouldn't be in the position he's in - never know though might be the making of him Concerns remain. The build up to the penalty bared an uncanny resemblance to the first goal last week; a set piece lofted in that should be getting dealt with. Absolutely dominated today but needed a late winner to win it. Need to defend better if we want to end up comfortable this season.
  13. I'll put a more detailed rant later but Wright's comments sound worryingly like a defeated man.
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