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  1. Can't remember the exact game but, yes, seem to remember them watering the pitch when it was already sodden.
  2. I know it's far from the biggest problem at the club but what a disgrace that pitch is. I could accept it if it had been a terrible winter but its been mild and a look at literally any other pitch in the league will show it should be better.
  3. Would have bringing on Middleton or May for a centre half tonight been so wild? Could have had Middleton, Hendry and Kane as a front three, the same three in the middle and Booth and Brown playing in their preferred positions. You could almost say it was a system to suit the players. It's so dreadful to watch.
  4. The two strikers you'd pick when you're looking for goals. Be interesting to see how the partnership works. Ciftci dropping deep and Hendry looking in behind/aerial? Same midfield from the hearts game. Hopefully see the MacPherson from that first half. Could do with a big Davidson performance like we got in the European games.
  5. The highlight of this is going to be the massive "Boo" from the home/away end after a dreadful 0-1/1-0.
  6. See when they put the Clyde-Celtic stuff on as the last time a holder got put out 4th round, when QoS put Saints out in 2015 wasn't that the first hurdle too?
  7. Listening to Dick Campbell last week on the "Sacked in the morning" podcast he said his first piece of advice is not to ask players what they cannot do. Watching Jason Brown this afternoon being ask to be an all action wing back couldn't help thinking Davidson really could do with taking on those words. The comments this morning about not having a preferred formation is insulting - we can all see it week after week of players being asked to do roles they cannot. This formation worked last season because we had four full backs that could play that roll - only one is currently left. We had a midfield that backed the forward players with pressing particularly Wotherspoon, Bryson and most importantly McCann. None of that from the likes of Crawford. Need to change it for the players we have or proform miracles in the next 7 days in the transfer market.
  8. Still along way from the finished article but much better and unbelievably we've actually made a few chances. Can only echo everyone else's comments about Ciftci: looks a class above what we have. Midfield could do with a bit more running but Butterfields done the simple things well and MacPherson looks a bit more comfortable further forward even if he does switch off a few times. Would like to see Kane on for May soon.
  9. You're not alone [emoji1] Thinks that's 10 different log-ins for seperate clubs all using the same platform. No Eetu either. If we get Rudden, I'd be surprised if we see him again.
  10. Assume Rooney is injured again. Or has signed for someone. May and Ciftci will be interesting. Surely last chance for MacPherson.
  11. Crawford the obvious exception, but happy with signings thus far. Need two central midfielders with Bryson out, one of whom has to bring a lot more energy, and ideally at least one winger how fits the formation better. Even with that you could still could make a case for a few more - competition/replacement for Rooney and McCart for example - but think that's the minimum needed
  12. Happy with this signing - always liked him at United and thought he was the one in that side that had a bit of fight when we seemed to constantly outbattle them. Obviously can be hot-headed but clearly talented. Think he's another alongside Cleary and Gallacher who look like being suited to the current system unlike most of recent signings.
  13. First time Balhladesh have ever led batting second in an away test.
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