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  1. Yeah, easily his best performance so far. Looked comfortable as a "normal" right back. Hopefully he had another word with Euro 2020 star Tony Watt at the end. Great to see MoH of old too. Worried that Motherwell might counter his threat more in the second half and we'd regret not taking advantage of the positions he got in to first half but never really happened. I know the Well fans will look at Lambie but to be honest he seemed pretty exposed. You always fancy MoH to do something when left one on one with full backs. Similar to Rooney, he looked more comfortable in his traditional role. I think some of the criticism he's taken recently has been OTT. Needs to find a way to fit in more to our usual shape though. Overall, thought we were worth the win and played the better football. Looked shaky at set pieces but missing Davidson, Kerr and Tanser that's maybe understandable. Good to see Hendry on the score sheet too. That's what 5-6 goals for Spoony plus assists? Think him and May are nailed starters in the forward areas for me.
  2. Disappointed not to win having lead but again more positives than negatives. Thought the Hibs subs combined with our change of shape when Wotherspoon came on really opened the game up for saints after a period at the second half where we'd maybe ridden our luck. You felt the goal was coming at 1-1 and there was still opportunities afterwards. For all their attacking ability, Hibs looked really unbalanced once Gogic went off. Two nothing goals to give away which is disappointing. Maybe Clark can come for the original cross at the second? Kerr will hopefully be back for the weekend. Good shift from O'Hallaron and McCann excellent again - he's so good at winning the ball back.
  3. Wasn't expecting O'Hallaron through the middle. He's done a good job of stopping Gogic getting too much easy possession but the ball doesn't stick the way it would with Wotherspoon or Conway. Think we'll see Spoony for him at some point Disappointing goal to loss having looked to have gotten over a slightly nervous first 10 minutes at the back. I really hope we start getting points soon because I'm enjoying watching this side. In the last few seasons, it's been unusual to see such openness away from home.
  4. With the Davidson and Conway definitely out, I expect 10 of those starters are nailed on. Kane, Hendry, Melamed, and O'Hallaron the choices for the last place. I don't think it will be Melamed so it's a big chance for one of the other three.
  5. I would like to have seen Melamed too but given Davidsons comments midweek about his match fitness and playing up Hendry and Kane "knocking on the door" wasn't surprised. Thought, miss aside obviously, Kane did quite well. Doesn't bode well for Hendry than Kane was preferred tbh. You'd expect and attacking midfielder and/or striker will be top of the wishlist in January.
  6. Not sure what to write anymore, just feel that I'm repeating what we've all being saying for the last 4 months. It's all good until we get to the finals third then we constantly choose the wrong option. Not even sure how to change it. With the exception of Melamed who obviously isn't ready, there isn't really an option that would improve our problems. And you can't really rip up a shape that's dominating most games and clearly has been worked hard on.
  7. McCann really will be Scotland's loss. Won't have been one saints fan who doubted he'd take his chance if given it. Never seems fazed.
  8. I think that's fair. My main worry early on with him that he wasn't doing anything defensively but he's won me round a little bit. Its a negative way of looking at things but a front three of him, Wotherspoon and May are really effective at defending from the front and have the intelligence to cover when the wingbacks or centre mids push on. Not sure Hendry and O'Hallaron have that (but Hendry has youth on his side at least). Much rather have Spoony as the number 10 if we are playing 2 central strikers though. Still find Conway frustrating, though. For every brilliant ball (the one Rooney contrived not to score in the first half) there seems to be 4 that hit the first man. He's also painfully slow. Davidson clearly trusts him - can imagine only Kerr rivals the minutes Conway has played. Clearly, I'm in a minority with MOH yesterday. Thought he got in some good areas particularly first half. His lack of final ball isn't new news nor does really set him apart in this side currently.
  9. Deserved win despite being, maybe understandably given the conditions, nowhere near as good as we've been. Game time for Guy, who looked alright in the few touchs he got, and keeps the unbeaten run going. Quite like O'Hallaron as a wing back against weaker opposition too.
  10. I've a Weymouth supporting mate who said he was pretty impressive against them. Probably says more about the level tbh.
  11. I find Skybet better than paddy power for Scottish stuff. 365 seems okay. Haven't tried McBookies but I'd assume they'd have more Scottish markets?
  12. I reckon O'Hallaron will play wing back in a 5-2-3?
  13. I'd argue 4th currently. Feel for him though, seems to be trying to force something every time he's on the ball. Don't think we have had the same control of this game as we've had in previous weeks. Changes mean we've lost a bit of composure and mobility. Not that's there's been much between the teams tbh.
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