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  1. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Be winning this with a decent striker. Kennedy has been the best player on the pitch - seems to save his best for Dundee.
  2. The cup runs gave him a higher profile than simply doing well in the first division would have though. A case of him leaving at the very best point too - saints weren't going to challenge that season and he still had the unlucky tag from the previous season . Had he stayed and not gone up I doubt he'd got such a move. Always thankful for what he did. The cup runs gave McInnes a better financial base to challenge for the league and, possibly just as importantly, he lifted a lot of the lethargy that was beginning to develop round the club after Stark and Connolly. He undoubtedly had plenty of weaknesses as a manager though.
  3. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Can assume that the Davidson was part of the direction of the post game comments after Motherwell then? Pretty attacking line up has to be said. Hoping to see O'Halloran back at his best
  4. St.johnstone v Dundee

    Also the country's messiest.
  5. See Ross Callaghan is the most recent saints player to turn into a world beater in some fans' eyes while on the bench.
  6. Motherwell vs St Johnstone

    7 goals in 13 matches since the break. Exciting stuff. Maybe we could do with a few more battlers, though.
  7. Motherwell vs St Johnstone

    Done alright, playing this shape suits us much better. Similarly Goss has added a bit more composure on the ball even if he looks bit switched off when saints aren't on the ball. I love Davidson but there are days where his his lack of ability on the ball really frustrates you; with him on a booking I'd be tempted to take him off for Callaghan on soon given he'll now be less effective. Be ideal if had Alston to come on in that role though. Another bloody penalty miss though.
  8. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    It's frustrating. Given the concentration on signing "quality" in the final third in the summer, it's hardly inspiring playing the worst side in the division at home and choosing 5 defenders and 10 out of 11 players that are more grafters than flair. I expect that this is Wright looking to battle to some points similar to Livi and Motherwell away earlier in the season but it's hardly getting the blood pumping.
  9. Perth Saints v Paisley Saints

    That's an exciting looking line up [emoji849]
  10. Even by the page's exceptional standards, this - and some of the replies - are incredible. https://www.facebook.com/groups/476529175824207/permalink/1582642445212869/
  11. The MOTD Thread

    "Lloris literally a spectator"
  12. The MOTD Thread

    Shocked to see Warnock blaming the result on the officials
  13. Rangers vs St Johnstone 16th Feb

    We've (well me anyway) been talking about a ball playing midfielder for about 4-5 seasons. I'm sure Wright's aware of the issue but it's possibly a case that we were spoiled for so long having Morris then Millar playing that role. It's been frustrating this season as we've got a back four that are as good on the ball as we've had for sometime and that link between them and an good spread of attacking options is missing. I don't think it's a coincidence our best display the last few weeks was the one against Celtic where we seemed to be a lot braver on the ball. If you look at Wright's comments after our poorer performances he laments about the side "not passing the ball" well enough. It's fine having a relatively defensive set up against better teams but if you can't at least trouble them when they give the ball away it's almost an impossible task.
  14. I was surprised he continued. When he was in front of the East stand he didn't really look all there. I imagine in other sports he would have been off. Fair play to Wright for trying to play a bit; it's brave trying to play out the way Celtic press. Swanson looks fucked already, couple of occasions Watt and Davidson had to cover towards the end of the half. Watts done a decent job holding but been disappointing when he has had more options. Agree Goss has looked the sort of player we've needed. Can tell he's not played a lot but clearly wants the ball and has a good range of passing. Hope we see O'Hallaron soon for Swanson or Kennedy.