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  1. Word for McGowan too. Not sure he is a long term solution in the middle, but thought he was excellent today.
  2. Not a great performance the first 60 minutes but really should have killed the game off once killie started to open up. Desperately need to be better in the last third next season. Can only assume that they didn't feel like risking Kane on plastic; it was quite the cameo from Rudden. Wright is so vital to this side carrying any sort of threat and its been a blessing we've not being missing him for any period this season.
  3. Need Ballantyne and MacPherson involved more and need to get players closer to May. I'd hook Carey tbh.
  4. Carey gives the ball away too cheaply too often. Such a frustrating player. Wright's been good on the other side and McGowans been tidy too.
  5. Aye, my thoughts was at least it gets three centre midfielders in there and Carey back out wide. Some pressure on him though!
  6. If we win, we are guaranteed not to finish bottom regardless of County's and United's results. If we win and County and United lose, we will guaranteed safety due to Killie and County having to meet. Edit to add - A win coupled with anything but a Ross County win would also see us guaranteed to be in the division next season.
  7. No McPherson fan but at least he tries to contribute. Guys like Murphy get away contributing next to nothing. What an absolute waste of a wage. We were good during for the first half but need to kill games in situations like that. Big problem today is the lack of depth. Bair, Rudden and McLennan - just nowhere good enough to carry a threat at this level. Thought MacLean should have given it 10-15 minutes with Rudden in the 4-4-2 but it descended into an all too similar shambles when chasing the game. Kane looked more keen to but his body on the line after 18 months out than Bair did.
  8. Seems to follow on from Careys, admittedly more guarded, comments last week. Clear the players themselves were enjoying the style of play under Davidson as much as the fans. Regarding the signings under Davidson, how many players have met or exceeded expectations. Phillips is the only one that's exceeded and maybe Melemed Hallberg, Clark and Considine at a push. There's a lot of experienced and therefore probably expensive signings in there that have been fine but no more. Notably again this season that the players sweeping up the POTYs are pre-Davidson arrivals. Last season's recruitment was horrendous. Jacob Butterfield correcting his manager about him being a box to box midfielder in the week he arrived was a particular highlight.
  9. Good to see Maclean talking about how we could have done better in transition today. Refreshing to hear some post match comments that actually reflect what you've seen. An absolute god send in the winter. Quick defrost then out before the scalding.
  10. Second game in a row we looked better against 11 than 10. A bit more composure the last 10 minutes and it ends up being a lot more comfortable. That said, undoubtedly deserved to win - dominated from about 15 minutes in after a nervy opening. Having a settled central midfield makes such a difference. Great skill but can't believe Carey went himself near the end
  11. Expect us to be the force in Scotland after this
  12. Can thank Matthews from stopping that becoming a thumping. Didn't enjoy that reaction to Gordon going off, can imagine that hurt. 2-0 down and playing May as a lone striker with Hallberg off him and Wotherspoon as a central midfielder; an utter mess. Can Davidson not spend at least part of a game with players playing where they meant too?
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