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  1. Is there a link for ppv for this or am I too early? Real choices suddenly in the forward areas with MOH doing well recently, Middleton back available, Vertainen getting up to speed alongside Wotherspoon and Crawford. Expect it will be Kane through the middle in a three. Hopefully Bryson and/or Davidson are ready for this to give a bit more energy. Think the back 5 were good enough against Rangers have earned another outing this week. Imagine we'll see some rotation on Wednesday.
  2. Pretty positive statement from Brown as well. Chance of a renewal or two over the next few weeks?
  3. Encouraging today. Muller and Brown were solid enough and muller certainly doesn't lack confidence. Think I prefer Devine to Booth tbh. And good to see Brown inside Rooney too. A week till the next game hopefully gets a few more back particularly in the middle of the park. Hopefully we're beginning to see a bit of the MoH of old too.
  4. Nor do I. Always thought he looked alright at Livi and Hibs against us in the main. Fits in with Davidson talking about Dendoncker needing time to get to know the game in Scotland too. 5 out and out centre halves for three places is decent cover and saves Rooney playing there which weakens us in two positions. Only worries are that it might mean a) that Gordon is out longer term and/or b, it's been done at the expense of other areas of the pitch.
  5. And people moan about some of our recent efforts. Xara in particular were dreadful.
  6. Air Crash Investigation. Can't stop watching them; I find them fascinating. Conversely, made me feel even more comfortable flying. Some of the causes of the accidents particularly pre-90s is absolutely terrifying though!
  7. Could do with getting back to playing to get this out the system. *looks at fixtures* Oh.
  8. Firstly, and most importantly, there is absolutely no way for you to know they weren't - particularly McCart. We know from previous communications that the club do actively try to tie down players for longer but agents have no interest early on in deals. Indeed, Clark and McCann both were tied down for three years at times where they were emerging. Secondly, that would have been just three months in to Rooneys two year deal at a point where he'd only had a few shaky appearance. It was also at a time of massive general uncertainty - not least about the league position at the time! There's criticisms to be made about transfer policy. Just don't think we need to make up non-existent ones.
  9. Can we stop the talk of the club letting contracts run down etc? It's patently nonsense.
  10. Well, that was left field. Pilling up the attacking midfielders now.
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