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  1. I'm still sailing while the H*NS are sinking. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/angry-confused-rangers-fans-demand-18669129
  2. Moribund? Just as Sevco 5088 and Wavetower are about to shred both oldco and newco? I thought this roll call was about mustering the troops for the final battle.
  3. I think you are mistaking illegal and criminal as synonymous. Not all illegal activities are criminal.
  4. We will enjoy the journey and will enjoy spreading the red and blue poond around the seaside leagues. This can only be good for Scottish football.
  5. Nah. Only the SNP lost seats to the Tories. They were theirs to lose.
  6. let me get this right? The SNP poor politicking lost them enough seats to the Tories to allow another fucking Tory government? Cheers Krankie.
  7. I agree. At least, if the new legislation goes through, then these "decent things to do" will be a right and unscrupulous employers will have to comply.
  8. Is this proposed legislation not headed in that direction? They did announce 2 weeks leave for the death of a child as part of all this.
  9. It really isn't. It has not been spun as a holiday. No one will be forced into taking a full year off. No one will have to look after their relatives unless they choose to.
  10. Hardly. I did say that users of the legislation won't have to do any work. The choice is theirs. Some may not even use the legislation if a relative falls ill. It is not a bad thing to have the choices with the fear of losing your job removed from the decision making process.
  11. The Tories are wankers and this is just a bribe for votes. However, it is giving us more employment rights and that can never be a bad thing. If Sturgeon came out with this proposal there would be a massive circle w**k happening now.
  12. Fucking hell. Users of this legislation won't have to do any unpaid work. They can help with the care of their relatives if they choose to do so. This is just like taking a career break except that employers will have to give the time off. Career breaks are not a legal requirement in a contract.
  13. Most contracts have a compassionate leave clause.
  14. It is just giving us the option of taking time off without fear of losing our job, as far as I can see.
  15. When my mother died a couple of years ago I fortunate in that my company afforded me in excess of 6 weeks unpaid leave whilst she was dying. I would have resigned and lost my employment if they never. This snippet of legislation would make such absences an employment right. Tories increasing our rights instead of removing them?
  16. I agree that Tories are awful but I am failing to see why gaining the right to take a leave of absence to look after an ill relative is a bad thing? Previously if people took time off then there would be a chance of unscrupulous employers terminating contracts. That option is being removed from them.
  17. Ah. The old "you're angry" routine whilst casting a cloud over my character due to substance withdrawal. I see the BRALT has affected your posting style? I am back on the sacred herb now, having found a company whose D&A policy require samples of saliva instead of urine. How are you keeping you mutton molesting, lillywhite bairn you?
  18. You don't have to justify yourself, I was just passing opinion. I'm sure it really happened.
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