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  1. And Green also claimed that Rangers are “now classed by the Scottish FA and everyone as a new club” after the failure to achieve a CVA to exit administration in 2012..... "We’re now classed by the Scottish FA and everyone as a new club. But I had to pay all the oldco’s debts. I used to argue, if we’re the oldco that’s fine, we’ll pay all the debts. If we’re newco we’re newco, we haven’t got the debts."
  2. I'm still sailing while the H*NS are sinking. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/angry-confused-rangers-fans-demand-18669129
  3. Moribund? Just as Sevco 5088 and Wavetower are about to shred both oldco and newco? I thought this roll call was about mustering the troops for the final battle.
  4. I think you are mistaking illegal and criminal as synonymous. Not all illegal activities are criminal.
  5. We will enjoy the journey and will enjoy spreading the red and blue poond around the seaside leagues. This can only be good for Scottish football.
  6. Nah. Only the SNP lost seats to the Tories. They were theirs to lose.
  7. let me get this right? The SNP poor politicking lost them enough seats to the Tories to allow another fucking Tory government? Cheers Krankie.
  8. I agree. At least, if the new legislation goes through, then these "decent things to do" will be a right and unscrupulous employers will have to comply.
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