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  1. O wad some Pow'r the giftie gie us To see oursels as ithers see us!
  2. It shows that I've not been down to Glasgow on the train for a while. £67.09 for a return, Blood yrip off. Which I'll obviously still pay. At my age I've not got many semis left.
  3. Missed my politics lecture yesterday which is a pity. The lecturer must have been changing her presentation at the last minute.
  4. It's an away game. It's against Motherwell. There is no way we are winning it, no mater how shite the Well fans say they are. I'd love to see another one of these though.
  5. I'm laughing at Hibs despite them screwing up my bet tonight. That's how funny this is.
  6. Really depends what kind of pub you're looking for. If you're a fan of whisky then The Grill on Union street, if you're looking for a younger crowd, then Belmont Street (just off Union Street) has a few. Civilised drink with your missus, then Under the Hammer is supposed to be good since it's been done up. If you're proper old school then head to Portals or The Carlton in the Castlegate and drink with a load of old men. If you want a fight with your drink the Justice Mill Lane was always the place to be. And there's a new wine bar called Faffless across from M&S. (I've never been) Drummonds for music and a late drink. Some 'interesting characters' in there as well. And of course, there's the Brewdog pubs. Castlegate or Gallowgate. ETA: I should add that I rarely go out in town these days so the younger folk on here would be better placed to give you advice.
  7. You'd think that whoever the last 2 are, the one with the least MP's baking them would just stand down so they don't have to go to a vote from the old duffers (and fakes) in the party membership.
  8. I tend to not listen to folk who look like they need a good wash.
  9. They got less than 2k against Rangers so it's a fair stretch to think they'll grow that 600% any time soon. The more attention it gets in the media. the more it'll grow but they're being a bit overambitious with those figures.
  10. By as many percentage points as mine has gone down probably.
  11. So who all had a bet on her not lasting until the end of the year? Well done to all of you.
  12. Neil Lennon or the re-animated corpse of Margaret Thatcher.
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