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  1. We're not great odds at 13/2 but I noticed looking at the head-to-head stats that 3 of our 5 wins over Rangers in their short history have been at Ibrox. Some room for optimism? That and the fact that Rangers are shite. (I'm fully aware that we're also shite)
  2. Maybe have a chance if she wore her wee Jimmy Krankie outfit but I still think she's far too old for Andy.
  3. Personally, I'd prefer an independent Scotland to be outside the EU. More like Norway so not adopting the euro is fine by me. For me one of the important things a sovereign state should have is full fiscal autonomy. The states that are in the euro don't have that and the smaller states just have to accept that the interest rates etc will be set to suit Germany and France. To me that's the same as the situation we have in the Uk where the economy is run for and by London and the southeast with little attention paid to anywhere else.
  4. Rangers fans will be starting their 'silent protest' early by not posting anything. It's a good time to be playing them but I still don't expect to get anything from this game except a lot of moaning about VAR.
  5. <Kenneth WIlliams gif> What's your favourite book of the bible? I was always a fan of Revelation (as revealed to St. John the divine - not to be confused with Ian St. John)
  6. I'm fairly ambivalent to the gender recognition bill itself but I do question why the Scottish government thought it would be a good idea to bring in such a divisive bill when they were just about to go for indyref2. It seems a strange time to be splitting people along culture war lines when they need everyone to be more unified. So far the SNP have run quite a tight ship in terms of party discipline, so this is the wrong time to be infighting.
  7. Found a Tory willing to appear. But one guest short.
  8. Much as I dislike her, this one made me laugh. Almost feel sorry for Dross. Almost but not quite.
  9. They're struggling to find another 2 Tories to go alongside Julia and Fiona for the car crash TV that is QT these days.
  10. I read that R I was reading that Ruth the mooth was being touted for Scottish secretary under Rishi.
  11. Erm thanks mate. I'd never thought of him. IMO It's just indicative of all that's wrong in modern football. In my day managers learnt their trade in the lower leagues before moving to a big job. I love using the phrase 'in my day'. Gives everybody a heads-up what kind of moaning old b*****d I am right at the start of a sentence.
  12. Our new PM is Rasheed Saduk apparently. Senile or accidentally racist?
  13. Has there ever been a politician made PM just 7 years after first being elected? Makes me very suspicious and look out my tinfoil hat.
  14. Are they likely to have any cheaper tickets given they will know the semi is on that day?
  15. Personally yes, politically no. Unless Rishi has a line of mistresses he's paid for to have abortions, shagged behind his wife's back, been sacked multiple times for lying etc etc etc. Not saying he is morally sound, just not on the massive scale of BoJo the clown.
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