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  1. Does anyone actually think that the court will rule in our favour? I doubt it. (As in that the Scottish government do have the power to call a2nd referendum)
  2. May be in the category of things that never happened but quite funny if it did.
  3. Multiple fatalities in shooting at Walmart store in Virginia | US News | Sky News
  4. Some good news for achange. MPs can claim Christmas parties on expenses for first time | Politics News | Sky News The taxpayer can at least give the MP's staff some Xmas cheer. Which is nice.
  5. Keir Starmer: I will abolish House of Lords to ‘restore trust in politics’ | House of Lords | The Guardian
  6. I can honestly say I've never posted in the Hearts thread.
  7. This has to be fake. Iran? US half and half headdress.
  8. This is great news. We should all be celebrating.
  9. I forgot to quote the post so I deleted the first one. You were just too quick. Surprising pace from the big lad as they say.
  10. I wasn't aware of that. It's anti bullying week as well. Probably awareness week for awareness weeks too.
  11. Not the best of optics for the SG. No political scarves allowed in a political arena? Very strange. https://www.heraldscotland.com/politics/23126529.presiding-officer-apologies-scarfgate-row/?ref=twtrec
  12. Buckfast sales soar in Scotland as Nicola Sturgeon’s alcohol unit pricing backfires (msn.com) It's a Telegraph report so taken with a pinch of salt, obviously.
  13. I think that you and I will have to disagree on women being the weaker sex. I don't see them as that, and I certainly don't see some random punter attacking the home secretary's looks as punching down whether it's a man or a woman. It's a strange kind of equality that requires special protection for women when it comes to attacking their looks. Yes, it's a shalow thing to attack people on but if we can comment on mark Francois/Eric Pickles,/John Prescott, then we can comment on Braverman/Coffey/Widdecombe. Just in my not very humble opinion.
  14. How is it punching down? Are you saying women MPs are lesser than male MPs and require special protection from ridicule? Personally I believe in equality and that includes ripping into all Tories.
  15. Immigration is becoming more of an issue people care about (according to Yougov anyway). Recent uptick might have something to do with it being in the news every day. People forget about the bairns' going to school, their Gran's shit social care etc when they're shown 'bloody Albanian criminals invading' daily in the media.
  16. I'm taking issue with the thread title. Dundee united are only relatively well known in Nigeria.
  17. It's a fair point. And I guess we'll be getting even more from Johnson and Truss very soon.
  18. Another 5 goals and Livi go above us. I shouldn't even joke about that.
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