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  1. 28 minutes ago, RiG said:

    I wonder what has changed in the last week that has caused the Conservatives to go from voting against a windfall tax to, erm, implementing one... 

    It could be the announcement of the price cap rising to £2,800 (at least) in October.

    Or it could be something else.........😃

  2. 46 minutes ago, Stellaboz said:

    Clearly Fraz Av


    Been 'gentrified' now supposedly but I've not seen it. 

    Was Whinneyhill then Church Street then The Maltings when I got my first place of my own. Don't miss it.


    ETA: to get it back on topic, all my time living in divit, my SNP vote was wasted because Labour got in. Gordon Brown's constituency.  It was only after I left that it turned. Strangely the only time I've been on the 'winning side' is since I moved to Cults which should be strong Tory.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Highlandmagyar Tier 3 said:

    Why would it be heartbreaking when the Nationalist cause is in a far stronger position than it was pre 2014 referendum? I think you arch unionists should be very worried. 

    It's dispiriting because we are making no further progression against an utter shitshow backdrop. What actually has to happen to convince the necessary extra 10% or so that we would be better off independent?

  4. 4 minutes ago, Dawson Park Boy said:

    Maybe you should look at how hopeless the SG is?

    I'm not disagreeing that they're shite but I would have assumed that the fact that Westminster are shite and corrupt and sexual predators might just have helped our cause.

    And that's before you get on to the cost of living crisis.

    Seems I was wrong. 

  5. 11 minutes ago, welshbairn said:

    Sounds like a laugh, Arthur Scargill was the headliner last time. I'd think about going but I'm booked for Stewart Lee in Aberdeen.

    ^^^bourgeois sell out

    I'm going to that. It's not the same date. Stewart Lee's on 23rd June.

    He called me a c**t last time I saw him.


    Edit. 22nd and 23rd.

  6. 15 minutes ago, Paco said:

    For context of how bad this is, the government could keep the price cap in October, November and December exactly as is - e.g. the already astronomical price millions are struggling with - for a cost of broadly £22billion.

    We can probably all agree this particular government isn’t spending that to help people out. There’s no way to means test the population without doing it by council bands, which misses millions and indeed takes months to sort, as councils are currently finding out from the council tax rebate. Universal help is probably the only way, and that batters up the cost.

    We’re fucked. But I genuinely don’t see a solution that doesn’t involve massive, unprecedented state help here.

    There's always a solution.

    I think the poor and vulnerable freezing/starving to death is the current solution. 

    Or revolution as a solution.

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