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  1. I can have a beer if I go to the theatre, the rugby, a gig, the cinema (except in Glasgow for some reason), the highland games, etc. Is football the only entertainment venue you can't buy alcohol? Why are football fans discriminated against? I'm not talking about getting pished. I'm talking about having a beer at half time or before the game. There are laws against drunken behaviour already. They should be enforced.
  2. Do you think that this will have no effect on the polling in May? I hope you're right. I think that there will be some people who are influenced. Particularly if it can be shown or the seeds of doubt sown that she tried to get an innocent man jailed to further her political ambitions.
  3. Not sure there are going to be any winners in this sorry tale. The independence fight is the only possible loser and that's the also only thing I care about. I have no time for either of the sides in this shitstorm.
  4. We are still mince. A scraped win against Killie changes nothing. McInnes will still be oot at the end of the season. We may or may not have European football next season.
  5. Up until this season I'd have rated big Joe as number 1. If only because he's not a c**t and McGregor is. He's not been at his best a few times this season. 🤪
  6. Amazing what can happen when you put a decent cross into the box. We can score.
  7. I hope during the game that this thread has 5 minute updates on how long it's been since we scored. My birthday. 23rd Jan. Andrew Considine.
  8. I can understand us concentrating on the Celtic game. Once we win that, 2nd is back on. 🤪
  9. Cheers. Still looks dodgy when she's talking about it in questions but not highlighting the fact she's a director.
  10. Looks the twittterati are after Fabiani now. On the face of it (I've not dug too deep yet) she seems to have not declared an interest in a company that she's director of. Can anyone on here shed some light on this?
  11. Why do you reckon the rich robbing b*****ds will lose millions? It won't be them paying if this results in a loss of revenue to the UK treasury. I think we all know who will end up paying. Same as always.
  12. The tv and radio coverage of the empty shelves in Euro "British " supermarkets had the cheek to describe the lines not currently available as "essential staples". Its custard fucking creams and the likes !!! Custard creams are essential in my opinion 😁
  13. This really takes the biscuit. https://breakingnewstv.in/brexit-effect-no-custard-creams-for-brits-in-europe/ I assume that joke has been done to death.
  14. So now that he's received the backing of the board, should we start a Next Aberdeen manager thread? 🤪
  15. Me. I was great at Championship manager. (For the first season at least)
  16. I'm in. Deek oot. And I'll worry about another Alex fucking Miller/Mark fucking McGhee type material appointment later. It should be the end of the season though.
  17. It's not irrelevant. It means it will take them slightly longer to go 3rd.
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