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  1. Remember this game? We were taking in snowballs in cool-bags according to the Daily Record.
  2. Just saw that in actual fact, the Pope isn't a catholic. He's a Coptic orthodox. And he's got a great hat.
  3. The difference being that Celtic fans are still wearing shell suits.
  4. Even though that's good news, it's a wee bit of cherry-picking to make us look that much better than the rest of the UK. Don't get me wrong we're moving in the right direction but there's a long way to go. Microsoft Word - Mid-year stats briefing 2021_V3_Final (trusselltrust.org)
  5. It's not as easy as it looks. Like a lot of things I've tried.
  6. Google - Academy Development manager with St. James Wealth Management (LinkedIn) Bing - Same guy. I am 2nd on the list both times. Obviously not a lot of folk with my name in the world. Edit: If I put my 'Sunday name' in it comes up with some poker player. Hendon Mob Poker Database.
  7. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  8. I've been to Magaluf, San Antonio in Ibiza and Burntisland. All pretty much ned central.
  9. Even Kenny Everett taking the piss out of Sir Rod?
  10. Ralph is missing you on the other forum. Wants you and AJ back. I don't think I can prove it but I'm sure that you're not him and he's not Pep. I don't think he was on here under any other name.
  11. Labour calls for inquiry into Tory peer Michelle Mone over PPE contract | House of Lords | The Guardian
  12. You beat me to it as well. Have a greenie.
  13. Just religion in general. I don't think any of the sects are any better than the other.
  14. She'll be off to the first middling club that offers her a job? UN or NGO?
  15. You think there's no doubt about Salmond's conduct. Even from his own QC?
  16. We'll never agree on the facts. That much has been clear so no point going over them again. I still think Salmond is a creepy b*****d and Sturgeon is a lying b*****d yet I still vote for independence despite disliking and mistrustign the main players. It gets even worse when you go down to the lower levels because all I see are incompetents (Swinney/Yousaf) or a God botherer (Forbes).
  17. Found not guilty and not proven of doing anything illegal. Wrongdoing is a bit more vague. You know my views on Salmond.
  18. There was some shite about a misconduct investigation at the end of her career but she was cleared. Much like she was cleared of any wrongdoing (except having a really shit memory) recently.
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