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  1. If they both die at the same time, which one gets more coverage?
  2. Has everyone got their bunting sorted for all the street parties we're having next week? I noticed when I was picking my daughter up that one house near the primary school had a 70 years flag and UJ bunting hung all round their house and garden. Also the old folks home has a flag and some bunting. Maybe old c***s are the only folk celebrating.
  3. Covid tried and failed. Add the 'national treasure' to the bloke from the Matrix.
  4. You could say the same thing about many, many other useless shit that folk spend their money on. Cigarettes and alcohol, gambling, fake nails/eyelashes/tan, gym memberships, every streaming service going, takeaway food etc etc etc. All unnecessary and should be the first thing cut back on. The problem comes when you've cut back on all the unnecessary shite and still haven't got enough money.
  5. It could be the announcement of the price cap rising to £2,800 (at least) in October. Or it could be something else.........
  6. People who haven't had COVID yet probably have no friends, a Korean doctor says | World News | Sky News To be fair, neither me or the wife have had it (to our knowledge) but we know plenty of people who have, including our daughter.
  7. Been 'gentrified' now supposedly but I've not seen it. Was Whinneyhill then Church Street then The Maltings when I got my first place of my own. Don't miss it. ETA: to get it back on topic, all my time living in divit, my SNP vote was wasted because Labour got in. Gordon Brown's constituency. It was only after I left that it turned. Strangely the only time I've been on the 'winning side' is since I moved to Cults which should be strong Tory.
  8. Our highest ever win is against you in 1923. Scottish cup. 13-0. Played a few other 'competitive' games. AFC Head to Head Statistics (afcheritage.org)
  9. I have to laugh at the folk on here repeating the phrase "Boris has to go now". Not a fucking chance.
  10. The good news is that all the SSE shareholders will be able to use their dividend payouts to pay their inflated energy costs. SSE profits up 15% to 1.5bn today. Which is nice.
  11. It's dispiriting because we are making no further progression against an utter shitshow backdrop. What actually has to happen to convince the necessary extra 10% or so that we would be better off independent?
  12. I'm not disagreeing that they're shite but I would have assumed that the fact that Westminster are shite and corrupt and sexual predators might just have helped our cause. And that's before you get on to the cost of living crisis. Seems I was wrong.
  13. And this on the back of the worst it can possibly get (?) for the UK government. Not great.
  14. Apathy in the UK could easily be the Sex Pistolsnew single.
  15. Looking around at tariffs just now, I'd be paying a lot more than £2,800. It's going to be mental in October. Very high chance of riots.
  16. Exactly. I'm not mental but I can't guarantee you're not. No offence.
  17. I'm going to that. It's not the same date. Stewart Lee's on 23rd June. He called me a c**t last time I saw him. Edit. 22nd and 23rd.
  18. There's always a solution. I think the poor and vulnerable freezing/starving to death is the current solution. Or revolution as a solution.
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