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  1. God is Willie Miller. I don't think Ferguson ever played for us.
  2. It might have been asked before but how much would the legal fees be for those 3 days? Can't have been cheap.
  3. Trump says it'll just disappear. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/trump-coronavirus-cases-us-fox-news-interview-today-covid-a9596631.html 🤔
  4. Not bias but I wonder why they split this up?
  5. The customers? Fair enough but add Primark to the list as well.
  6. Still no Russian report. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/jun/20/russia-report-uk-mps-condemn-utterly-reprehensible-delay
  7. Each to their own as long as they don't become a vegan bore and try to get everyone else to go vegan because 'meat is murder'. And make sure you take vitamin B12 supplements.
  8. Balancing the books is so last decade. We're embracing modern monetary theory these days along with the US. Debt doesn't matter. We can print as much money and helicopter it into the economy, have negative interest rates and all the QE bond buying we want with no serious repercussions just down the road.......
  9. They might be able to but that doesn't mean that they will do as they're told. They can be right wee scamps some football fans.
  10. Anybody used this? https://www.clearscore.com/protect https://www.techradar.com/uk/news/clearscore-protect-is-a-new-service-that-checks-if-your-passwords-are-on-the-dark-web It seems legit but I'm always wary about anything that is offered as free. It's provided by one of those credit checker websites so do you get spammed by them looking for business once they've got your email address?
  11. The lights are going out all over Europe as the continentals finally face up to a future without HP Sauce. Is HP sauce not made in the Netherlands? Am I being whooshed?
  12. Shocking sectarianism from the branch office leader.
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