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  1. Was shocked when I saw what was trending this morning. But Arbroath fans can breathe a sigh of relief. It's Cressida Dick, not Dick Campbell.
  2. Your seat most be close to mine. I was in stitches at the mad woman most of the game. Pure mental bitch.
  3. Had my booster and flu jabs yesterday. I feel like shit today. Nothing a few paracetamol won't sort out but I'm not looking forward to freezing my arse of at Pittodrie this afternoon. Nice little earner for Moderna. Until Bill Gates gets the battery life in the chip to last a bit longer.
  4. Maybe no away colours is a thing but none of the pubs I go to seem to bother. This is obviously going to be a lot harder than the Livi game. First goal is going to be crucial. We play far better when we're in front and the confidence is rising.
  5. And if they're walking that far up Union Street, there's The Howff. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your food more than you enjoy the game, buddies.
  6. The Wild Boar is decent enough food. Same with ma Cameron's. Both in Belmont Street area. Or Old Blackfriars in the Castlegate. There's always Brewdog for burgers btu it depends if you like their beer and have taken out a 2nd mortgage to pay for it.
  7. It can't be. All refs are anti Celtic so they are.
  8. NHS staff from overseas: statistics - House of Commons Library (parliament.uk) Hard to tell apparently (These figures are for England only)
  9. Surely it was more to do with livi being utter dogshit than us being good? Will be a harder game on Saturday. Hopefully not as baltic as well. I've only just thawed out.
  10. Even The Telegraph runs it. Emmanuel Macron calls Boris Johnson ‘un clown’ in charge of a ‘circus’ (telegraph.co.uk)
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