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  1. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    That's probably it.
  2. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    We're not playing a team we reckon we can beat easily and win our first trophy in 19 years? Not sure because I can't get into the head of someone who purports to support the team but finds an excuse not to go to an afternoon kick off at the weekend.
  3. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Have a greenie for your grammar fascism. I (Nazi) salute you sir.
  4. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Just got the phone call from AFC. We've been moved from F4 to G6. Utterly pish but I blame our fans for their apathy to the game rather than the SPFL. Simple fact is, if we'd sold our tickets, we wouldn't have been in this position.
  5. Are you sure your figure's correct. Is it not 35k?
  6. Question Time

  7. We're still getting pumped on Saturday. I feel I'm wasting my time and money even bothering to go down.
  8. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Very rare that you hear Rangers fans described as a bit thin. Thick, yes. Fat, yes.
  9. Rangers vs Aberdeen - LC Semi

    Why would we restrict sales? Seems a bit daft.
  10. Aye but I've never bet against my team ever. Obviously bet against Scotland yesterday. That's different. Think it'll be close but don't see us winning. McInnes to shortest a draw? Probably after going ahead.
  11. Bet365 have Hearts favourites at 7/5. Aberdeen are 2/1 and the draw is 11/5. Think my pound will be going on 0-1 Considine scorecast.
  12. General Politics Thread

    Is it subterranean just now? Would explain the troglodytes that dwell there. Razed.
  13. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    I know plenty of folk who work in Baku. Not sure what the problem is here.
  14. Brexit slowly becoming a Farce.

    Can we just stop this thread at page 666?