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  1. I assumed that band 6 went from 32k to 39k after so many years experience.
  2. HCAS pay scales 2021/22 | NHS Employers Band 6 apparently.
  3. Britain Predicts (newstatesman.com) And they are predicting that Johnson would lose his seat.
  4. It had fallen over 200 points yesterday. This is just clawing back some of those losses.
  5. China imposes Covid lockdown in Xi’an after handful of cases | China | The Guardian
  6. It's going to take one hell of a dead cat on the table tonight. RIP QEII.
  7. I understood that to mean the Scottish government will be legally bound to do what they're fucking told by a Labour UK government. And pretend it's cooperation.
  8. Can't do that. According to twitter Keif has a super injunction out against the Durham police preventing them from announcing that he's been fined.
  9. A quick Google says 16k an 14k respectively but the figures are from 2017 and 2019. Surprised its that high to be honest. Edit that's print copies obviously. Online will be higher.
  10. Surely the answer is obvious. Getting pished and hating Catholics.
  11. This might be a daft question but are there any in the OO that don't look like mutants?
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