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  1. Don't worry. This is a minor blip. They'll be back to being pish again for Sunday. I hope.
  2. But if Lille had Lewis Ferguson taking them. 😀
  3. I used to enjoy the Darwin awards. Celebrate the removal of some stupid people form the gene pool.
  4. I was wondering why RR shares were down 65% today. Edit: There may be another reason for the drop but I just saw this when I was having a look for the reason.
  5. I should have realised when he wore the Rangers stab vest at Glastonbury.
  6. I'm very surprised that Stormzy votes Tory and supports Rangers. Do we have any other famous posters on here?
  7. If at first you don't succeed. Just fucking give up.
  8. A pint of LSD would not be a good thing. Edit: Or would it?
  9. Surprised that Collum gave a deserved yellow.
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