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  1. Assuming I make the last minute decision to go today, where's the best place to park for Dens?
  2. Absolutely. There are definitely worse places to spend a season or 2 than Warsaw. Cracking city. The guy must train really well as I can't remember any standout performances from him to justify the moves he keeps getting. That goes all the way back to him breaking into our first team. He looked a decent prospect but I was very surprised at the Rangers move happening when it did.
  3. No it shouldn't. Rule was changed last year. It's only a red if there's no attempt to play the ball.
  4. That is pretty likely to be the case but I'm looking for any glimmer of hope that we'll get some news today. Not panicking yet but the pre-season excitement is fading a wee bit so need us to sign some obscure foreign striker with an amazing youtube reel to get it up again.
  5. So if any new players are going to get a game on Sunday they'll probably need to train with the squad at least a couple of times. Surely that means we'll hear something today........doesn't it????????
  6. Yeah that's what I was thinking of. He looked so good in that game I remember thinking he had the potential to be a superstar. Never came close to meeting those expectations but did at least had a career in the game. I suspect Kai Kennedy will follow a similar path.
  7. OK not the case with Carcary. Memory playing tricks on me. I so remember thinking he was going to be a great player after his first game though.
  8. Didn't Didier Agathe and Derek Carcary both score debut hattricks for us? One of course went on to be a great player for us and subsequent teams. The other one not so much.
  9. Not a great message when still trying to flog season tickets. Hopefully we have a few trialists playing tomorrow. Just need someone who lives in Pratt St to take some pictures to start the wild speculation.
  10. I'm fairly sure the last 10 pages of this thread only have about 3 different posts repeated ad nauseum. We really need some player rumours just to stop my eyes bleeding every time I come on here.
  11. Johnny Russell was outstanding for us on loan but that was 12 years ago.
  12. Yes it's coming in 2 weeks according to the lady in the shop.
  13. Nah he just finds their extended stay in League 1 as hilarious as we do and is working from the inside to keep them there.
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