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  1. No one because we thought we were safely resting players against Forfar and look how that turned out
  2. Remember some Martin Christie interview on jagzone where he had said he was delighted to get some of the targets he had identified in such as Zanatta, Alex Jones, Mitch Austin etc - probably not the most successful chief scout ever it has to be said
  3. It actually screams of complete disrespect to Forfar tonight. Was McCall thinking it’s alright it’s only Forfar we only need to turn tonight to win
  4. I have to ask but how on earth are Forfar at the bottom of the league- they should be 4-1 up here
  5. All players bar Murray having a poor night. But Sneddon and Rudden are absolutely dreadful mid you didn’t know better On this performance you would think Forfar are the team third in the league and Thistle bottom
  6. Not a chance Airdrie will be in relegation playoffs- think you will still make top 4. The game at Firhill could have been a draw and today we played the best by far in about a year, but for an incredible double save it could have been 2-0 at one stage today which would have been far harder to come back from
  7. If he continues the way he played on Tuesday night I’d be delighted if Partick Thistle could get him on a permanent. Obviously a huge difference in being good enough for league one and the premier league but definitely more than capable for us and it’s an added bonus that he was training full time with Livingston too so is pretty much match fit
  8. His mother was actually at school with me in West Lothian. Great family
  9. He's already shown he can mix it with the best teams in the country. Led the line against Celtic at Parkhead and did fairly well. I'm a big fan of Tiff, very positive player who's first thought is always forward. Hopefully he can kick on and come back to us a little more complete. Think Martindale has said previously that he wants good relationships with other teams as it makes loaning and buying players much easier. We've shown that with QoS and now Patrick. How is young Penrice doing for you these days? Penrice did well in the cup game on Tuesday night. Last Saturday none of the squad were particularly great bar maybe bannigan. Then again it was our first game of 2021 so probably too early to tell i wouldn’t be too surprised if he goes to Livi in the summer
  10. Very impressive debut from Scott Tiffoney on Tuesday night who is on loan from you guys. I take it he wasn’t getting much game time. Decent of Livi to loan him to us, presumably both clubs must have a very good relationship as that’s a few we have now got from you guys. As is often the case with loans they don’t always work out but Jack McMillan was an excellent loaning from Livingston, played his part in stopping us getting relegated from the championship that time he was with us and hopefully Tiffoney will get us challenging for a place in the playoffs, looks more than capable of it
  11. Hi guys Details for the pay per view for Tuesday night. As it’s a cup game you guys will be due half the income from this https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-v-cowdenbeath-pay-per-view-pass-available-to-purchase-now/
  12. What other managers and clubs in the division have you been impressed with signings wise last few months. Did think Airdrie did well in getting the lad from Dunfermline Kyle Turner who ironically used to be in the Thistle Weir Academy
  13. Given you still have to play us again I’m pretty sure you will pick up points
  14. Really should have been 2-2 though. Sena had an awful miss
  15. Kyle Turner came through the Thistle Weir Academy as did Dylan Tait, for whatever reason they were both let go. Kevin Nisbet is probably the most famous to come through the Academy and be released- though at that time he had a lazy attitude and it was only after his release that he knuckled down and got his attitude sorted
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