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  1. If it was played over 2 years (not a bad idea) would they extend it to 36 games again?
  2. I think that’s a decent appointment from Falkirk. Will he be receiving a wage or can he be furloughed given it could be months before football restarts?
  3. I think both Partick Thistle and Falkirk should be looking at Livingston as the club to emulate- going from league one to premier league in 2 seasons and then not only surviving but more than comfortably staying there to be looking as a regular too 6 side. They should be looking at the winning mentality, passion, drive and team spirit at Livi that is in huge abundance and been severely lacking at both clubs for several years now
  4. Okay made his 100th appearance for us a month or so go. Never fully kicked on though part of that might be due to us being such a shambles the last few years
  5. I think your right mate would make sense for him to go back when he is doing so well Have you heard anything about what’s up with kouder-Aissa? well done to Livi on putting together another incredible season in the premier league, can only admire how well you guys have consistently performed the last few years at the top- it’s actually pretty underreported in the media as you likely have one of the lowest budgets too in the division
  6. We need at least 2 forwards because of our injuries 😂
  7. I was hoping you might loan jack to us as we desperately need strikers and Salim seems to have been injured since the first game of the season
  8. I think he is only guaranteed a bench place just now with us okay defender made a couple of blunders in first game and shaky in a couple of others but improved then got injured. Way behind Sena, Brownlie and McKenna in starting. IMO he should be ahead of o ware even when he returns but o ware seems to be a McCall favourite even if it’s not deserved and I think Rhys would be further behind. So it would make sense to go to the doonhamers if he is guaranteed a start
  9. They are presumably thinking we are going to be safe - not going to go up or down - will finish mid table and won’t be affected either way or that’s the thinking anyway 😂
  10. I notice in the keep or punt comments there’s no reference to Spittal- is that because he has been forgotten or most likely way? Would happily have him stay on at Firhill
  11. As a kid I remember seeing on the tv those great Dundee United teams he managed without doubt one of the greatest ever managers in Scottish football RIP Jim - thoughts with his family and friends Dundee United and indeed Scottish football have lost a true legend
  12. Appreciate the kind sentiments but it’s going to be a huge uphill battle to get up to the championship over the next season or 2 let alone the premier league mate
  13. I think he’s injured to be honest mate. There’s not been much news of him making a return to the starting 11 so presumably he’s still injured
  14. Just out of curiosity Alloa fans as unfortunately with us injury ruined what looked like a great future career at a far higher level than we were( and at the time he was with us, we were a division higher than we are now) but how is Liam Buchanan for you guys nowadays? im aware he is 35, so getting on a wee bit but does he still feature much, score many goals, assists etc? thanks for any replies in advance
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