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  1. This Cicero claims to be a st Mirren fan - has he ever commented on a thread that involved them
  2. You must be kidding he was not my first choice at all if that’s what your saying. to many fellow Thistle fans wanting him because he was a jags legend as a player. He is doing very well with Clyde but I don’t think he is as good a manager in the championship as McCall who knows the championship and Partick Thistle backwards.
  3. Also questionable in the type of player he has in his team - goodwillie, ally love- better off without Lennon I think if we get McCall
  4. Not to much of a gamble his only remit would be to keep us up this season
  5. Yep there’s a few idiots on Facebook that say no because he hasn’t won the championship. Apparently Falkirk doesn’t count according to them because it was john Hughes in charge when they officially won 🤨
  6. Probably struggling to a large extent because of Caldwell- we have a good squad of players but they are all playing as individuals and not as a team
  7. Probably made a fair bit from Celtic draw in cup a number of fans had withdrawn sponsorship because of Doolan and erskine treatment- more chance they will sponsor again saturdays match likely to have larger attendance now and possibly more at Celtic game with new manager bounce attendances likely to be up for more games lqst but not least we stop paying off Archie And Paterson’s contract next month so probably not as skint as you think
  8. McIntyre might be one of the favourites but I don’t want him anywhere near Firhill
  9. Apparently he is giving half today’s earnings to charity- absolutely incredible guy. A true gentleman He won’t have made a fortune from football and there’s plenty of multimillionaire footballers who won’t have given a penny to charity from their testimonials.
  10. Is he still going about trying to promote that rubbish? Seem to recall him hanging out regularly with the Pogbas and getting them to put on his clobber
  11. I’m not anywhere near as bothered as I would have been a couple of years ago. More sorry if oware is away
  12. Penrice is definitely staying- he’s no idea where that rumour came from
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