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  1. Hey diddy, how's the seaside league? We don’t know it hasn’t started yet
  2. They achieved more in their first 15 years of existence than we could hope in 150 years. Not just us but more than a lot of premier league teams
  3. third lanark

    Sons of Anarchy

    Brilliant series and I’ve also enjoyed the spin off series Mayans
  4. Thanks for the response Given McCall has said he is potentially looking for another attacking midfielder and with McKenna having headed our way from new Douglas park it’s not a completely impossible scenario he might end up at Firhill either I suppose. i see he did score about 7 goals last season for Hamilton Accies though most of them were from the penalty spot, it’s still goals and as you say could do well in league one. I have heard absolutely no link with Thistle but just thought it’s not an impossibility either
  5. Is Breen any good? I honestly don’t know that much about him
  6. McCall did well at Ayr United with old firm loans eg Kelly, doohan etc. I think he made a mistake with barjonas, the Celtic lad, partly in that they were almost being thrown from the off into a relegation battle it maybe that starting straight from a level playing field may work better. Then again maybe I’m being too generous??
  7. Not strange Q. Buying a player from a fellow relegation troubled club knowing fine well you were in trouble should never be forgotten , Wee bit like lining the pockets of your club with a LOT of money each year and our one of grateful agreements was our club shop to be ran from a turnstyle top end o the hill. How lucky we were indeed You were very lucky indeed not a single other club offered Clyde use of their ground at that time including those that could afford to such as the old firm. No one, nada - means Clyde have no ground then they can’t fulfill their fixtures and their out the league ms permanently. So your right your very lucky. Maybe you should question why the old firm could not have offered to help you out. Mind that time Clyde got Dundee United in the cup and Clyde used the tv money to sign up a whole lot of players they couldn’t really afford. Game got chance because of the weather and sky were not going to show the game and then were in the situation if not being able to afford these guys wages so they went greeting you Alex Ferguson to persuade SKY to show the game mind Clyde went into admin not so long ago paying players they couldn’t afford then ditched them on the scrap heap - yeah that was real nice from the bully wee but anyway back to the original point it was a very strange question given your not a Forfar fan to bring it up from some time ago, almost thought you had a chip on your shoulder against the jags but then you can’t be given you admitted how lucky you were to have us put you up, when no other club would otherwise you wouldn’t have a team to support now 👍
  8. They did eventually get their payment for Morgan which they kindly let us pay over a number of instalments over a period of time. If Forfar had not kindly let us do that then we would really have been in deep deep trouble bit of a strange thing to bring up now though considering your not a Forfar fan, maybe the equivalent of a Montrose fan asking what would Clyde have done when the were kicked out of shawfield and another team had not let them use their stadium But I do appreciate that was a year ago and fans of the cuddly ship might not remember it 👍
  9. I was under the impression that he wasn’t really concerned with Partick Thistle either given he felt the need to tell us he would be no longer going to Firhill
  10. Fitzpatrick was more than a comfortable player in the championship with us. Since then he will have matured even more and got experience with Norwich. I think that’s a great signing for Queens. Will probably put several goals past us for you in the league cup as well also think some of the others like McKee will be decent for you guys too
  11. Thats a great gesture for a very worthy charity in memory of David Hagen. Well done Falkirk FC for doing that
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