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  1. Can't grudge Allan the move, he's going to a most likely top 6 club, if any one is to blame for us not getting any cash for players like Forrerst, Shankland, Rose and potentially Harvie its the short sightedness of either our previous manager or the board for only giving out one year deals to our best players. I can’t see how the previous manager or the board would not have wanted these players on longer contracts. Perhaps it was the players or their agents that did not want to be tied down on longer contracts
  2. Agree completely- I presume he is a leader in the dressing room but I really expected far more from him on the pitch
  3. Agree all 3 are quite bombscare. I’d actually say in the opposition boxes oware and Saunders do pop up with the odd goal. Anytime mcginty like Devine for us went up for a corner kick it was just a waste of time - completely incapable of scoring
  4. We have moved our highest earner miller on and in the process of moving another high earner in Harkins on
  5. I’d love to know how much scouting Archibald had done for him and the likes of Ntambwe the previous summer. im guessing next to none. Complete bombscare of a defender throughout the year and a half we had him
  6. My thinking as well - worst case scenario and we go down we have a decent striker who will still be at the club
  7. Rumour that Lewis Mansell is being loaned to you. It will be well and truly last chance saloon for him. If he doesn’t make most of it he will be away in summer
  8. Angry about today and he failed to get the players up for it but he inherited a lot of dross so he gets some slack. In the same way you guys are praising kerr he actually inherited a very good squad and I don’t doubt he would have struggled if he had to deal with the dross Caldwell and Archie signed. I’m more concerned about why exactly Archibald is back and what he is contributing. mccall is on a 3 year deal so doubt he will be going anywhere even if we go down mans you have maybe not come on this thread to slag us but you have been doing plenty of that on the Ayr United thread
  9. Who knows but he is an improvement on oware, mcginty and Saunders. Archie hadn’t a clue in the signing of mcginty
  10. Wow so he is technically only 3 years away from a testimonial- that could be a factor in him staying or even going to someone like Livi and then come back to Somerset in a few years. A testimonial doesn’t need to be 10 years continuous- or at least that was what we did with Archibald
  11. Thanks for the info 😉 don’t doubt he would be a success at a premiership team
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