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  1. While we weren’t great I did think we had more than enough chances to get the win. Accies keeper played really well in addition to some poor decision making and finishing and also gifting the Accies the lead
  2. In what way? Mccall said he was looking to add pace and bring in younger players. Burke doesn’t fit either of those
  3. I don’t think we have received anything for Rudden anyway. If I recall correctly Rudden still had 6 months on his contract when he went to Dundee? Whereas Fitzpatrick doesn’t have anything left on his contract with QOTS when he is hoping to join us
  4. Thanks i would have thought he could have went to a championship club easily, potentially even another premier league club
  5. You had him on loan for a year, wasn’t your player. Second year he only played about 12 games- if your entitled to anything be a tiny amount we are probably waiting for the money for Rudden and Cooper and then settle Fitzpatricks fee
  6. Crawford was released and won’t be coming back to the club. It’s unlikely we will know where his next destination is going to be
  7. Thanks for the info. The media has at times said one of James Maxwell, Kai Kennedy and Ben Williams would be joining us. I take it none of these guys are joining us?
  8. Don’t know the ins and outs but if he as you say is not very good and possibly not get another club is he not just as likely to wait the full contract if £25 grand a year than just walking away with £5 or £10 grand and no guarantees on finding another club?
  9. Could be a third strip or leisure wear or Stuart Bannigans testimonial game strip even. But IMO won’t be worn on league games or cup games by any of the men’s and women’s teams
  10. It’s just a guess but I doubt very much that will be the first team strip or ever be worn by the first team. Usually Greaves release a leisure wear Partick Thistle range at the same time as they release the strips and I think this will be part of that and will be popular with the kids with the holidays coming up But I definitely do not think it will be the home strip
  11. Dont know if this would have all been covered in the Norwich fee, but Fitzpatrick was apparently with Thistle since he was 8 before he went to Norwich
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