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  1. It's pretty depressing. I understand why it's a decision the club probably has to take financially, but I'm seeing people suggesting that it's the right decision for the team, and I don't get that at all. We're down to the bare bones defensively, and even if Harper can make the step up permanently, how likely is it that Toshney will stay fit for a full a full season, or that a defence where Brad McKay and Kevin McHattie both start regularly can come close even to the levels of the last two seasons? Tremarco might be close to the end of his career but he's still the best defender currently at the club. I also wonder where the leadership in the dressing room and on the park is going to be next season. Welsh would be the obvious choice for captain if he could stay fit for longer than 180 minutes at a time, but beyond that, who? Doran may be our most experienced player but he's hardly assertive and there's no guarantee he'll be staying; Ridgers would be the next logical choice, but ideally you want an outfield player taking hold of things.
  2. For a while I just assumed he was just a cheerful troll and quite enjoyed his ability to reduce people to spluttering outrage, but you're right: the relentless tide of shite flowing from him is ruining every thread. He's also started posting Shaun-style demands for Robbo's head, and for replacing him with, erm, Peter Houston.
  3. Due to time constraints we had to cut that this month but that means there's one ready to go for the next episode! Yeah. I had a bit of a tantrum about that, which is ironic in view of who the featured player was going to be. 😒
  4. Yeah, I do remember seeing people discussing that on CTO a few weeks back - possibly around the McCart pre-contract come to think of it - but I didn't think too much of it, as an awful lot of shite is spoken on there, and at least one of the posters saying it was someone who has been pissing and moaning about everything to do with the club all season. Maybe something in it though.
  5. That was the one. Ah well, maybe he was a dangerous insurrectionist who needed to be punted asap after all.
  6. Your ear is obviously closer to the ground than ours are! I have since been reminded of one specific rumour about McCart, but it has apparently been discredited, so the point just about stands...
  7. Exactly the draw I wanted. Love a trip to Easter Road.
  8. That's the intention, and we'd stuck to it pretty well, but a combination of illness, work commitments and house move (on my part) meant that we couldn't get four of us together for the start of November so there was a gap of seven weeks between the October edition and this one, although a couple of the guys managed to record an release a mini-pod in that time. We've already got the recording date for the Christmas one pencilled in, so hopefully that should be out in three weeks or so. Glad you're enjoying it!
  9. The sound quality on the Dunfermline one was definitely poorer than on the others, due to a combination of lower-tech recording and more background noise than usual, but I'll mention the fact that it sounded low on the most recent pod too, in case that's something the producer can do anything about.
  10. Out of interest, is that something you've noticed with the previous podcasts too, or could it be to do with @RiG having to Skype in on this occasion? I've only listened back at home, with very little background noise, so I haven't noticed it being particularly low, but it would useful to know if it is an ongoing thing that we should try to remedy. We have taken a bit of criticism on CTO for the use of bad language (from posters who have otherwise been complimentary, to be fair), which surprises me a bit as we're pretty restrained and mild-mannered on the whole, imho.
  11. That was a magnificent afternoon. I’d forgotten the pitch was in quite as bad a state as that - makes Bagan’s control for the third even more impressive.
  12. I missed the first 10 minutes, when it looks like Ayr could have gone two or three ahead, because I was standing queuing at the ticket portakabin with @RiG for quarter of an hour and then we found that they'd closed all the turnstiles and we had to get let in through the main entrance. Struggling a wee bit to see how that's supposed to improve efficiency, tbh. It was a really disciplined, hardworking performance from ICT. It looks like Robertson and Kellacher are more focused on coaching players on their individual roles than either Foran or Hughes were: Doran is tracking back and covering Tremarco far more then he used to, and Storey did the same really well on the opposite flank and provided real strength there, which is obviously necessary for us when Rooney goes off on his peregrinations. I thought Storey would be absolutely useless if not played through the middle, but he did an excellent job yesterday. Vincent worked his socks off in the middle and Trafford did fine when he came on, although it is going to be a big blow for us if Welsh does turn out to be long-term injured again. I thought Ayr played some lovely stuff going forward - some great interplay between Forrest, Kelly and Moffat, and McCowan looked dangerous too - but Donaldson in particular dealt with them really well. And Rooney... fucking hell. He's an absolute force of nature at the moment, and looks like he's loving playing for us. He's probably always going to struggle defensively if he's up against a fast, tricky left winger, but those rampages forward have been getting more and more audacious and basically made the difference between the teams yesterday. It's an absolute nap that he's going to get caught out at some point soon, and some team is going to ruin us on a counter-attack down our right, but it's worth it. Biggest cult hero we've had since Tokely. When I first saw the tweet about him getting abuse about his mum's death, my instinct was to call bullshit, simply because why on earth would anyone want to shout that sort of thing at someone else, but if it was his partner who tweeted it then I guess it's more likely to be true, as she's not going to say something like that lightly. If it did happen, though, then it's likely just to have been some utter fucking arsehole who doesn't represent the attitudes of ordinary Ayr supporters in any way, shape or form. Where does ayrmad sit?
  13. That was one of those games where the opposition suddenly curled up into a ball so quickly that it was hard to judge how good we actually were, or how good we could be. We didn't really have control of the game at any point until we went 2-0 up, and then Morton just shrivelled. It seems clear that in Doran, Walsh and possibly Keatings we have some of the most talented attacking players in the division, capable of making opposing defenders shit themselves and back off, but I'm not sure yet that there's enough behind them to make us into the sort of team that can put together a really good run. Enjoyable to watch tonight though.
  14. Hopefully not setting this up for a four-goals-in-ten-minutes comeback, but I expected Morton to be far better than this. Utd are winning this league by about a million points.
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