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  1. That was one of those games where the opposition suddenly curled up into a ball so quickly that it was hard to judge how good we actually were, or how good we could be. We didn't really have control of the game at any point until we went 2-0 up, and then Morton just shrivelled. It seems clear that in Doran, Walsh and possibly Keatings we have some of the most talented attacking players in the division, capable of making opposing defenders shit themselves and back off, but I'm not sure yet that there's enough behind them to make us into the sort of team that can put together a really good run. Enjoyable to watch tonight though.
  2. Hopefully not setting this up for a four-goals-in-ten-minutes comeback, but I expected Morton to be far better than this. Utd are winning this league by about a million points.
  3. Both teams look really lightweight so far. If either had a central midfielder willing to impose himself and not just try to get rid of the ball, then they could take control pretty easily. If there is one tiny plus for ICT, it's that we're at least still trying to play it on the ground a little more, like we did against Dundee but utterly failed to do against Utd, but Donaldson looks like he couldn't care less - far too many loose passes, punts and failures to track back.
  4. Ah right. I either hadn't realised, or had already managed to forget when I posted, that he was injured. Hopefully nothing serious, he's a fine player. Meant to say earlier that while Dundee absolutely schooled us in the League Cup match, today they reminded me a bit of Falkirk in the last two seasons - quite attractive to watch at times in possession, but really lacking in penetration. Probably not a comparison that any club's supporters would want to hear. Also, big shout out to the catering dept for managing to produce a steak pie hotter than the core of the earth. I'm looking forward to getting my taste buds back some time around Thursday.
  5. Truly a game worthy of this thread... Actually, although nothing really happened, I quite enjoyed it because we at least tried to play the ball on the deck instead of just punting diagonal balls up to bounce off our lone striker. Storey's movement in the first half was pretty decent, although paradoxically he seemed to disappear a bit in the second half as the rest of the team got stronger, and was rightly subbed. There was also more positional discipline from our midfielders than we've seen recently, thanks mostly to the absence of Charlie Trafford running round in circles with his tongue hanging out, although if I was a Dundee supporter, I'd be annoyed that more pressure wasn't put on David Carson, who really struggled against Utd even before he moved to right back, but strolled through this game. Walsh intermittently looked dangerous for us, and Shaun Rooney had a couple of tremendous rampages forward - the only player I've ever seen who manages to look like a falling tree for the entirety of a 60-yard run - but Keatings still isn't doing much effective in open play; I think Robbo wants him to play as a 10, but he just looks a bit lost. Thought McPake made the wrong sub when Nelson replaced Robertson, as that's when we started to find loads of space and create real chances - I assume he was trying to push for a winner, but I don't remember us really feeling threatened in that period.
  6. I haven't played Knightswood in a couple of years, but it's always been a lot busier than Ruchill when I've been, so maybe it'll cling on if Glasgow Leisure have any obligation to try to cater for demand. Then again, a big chunk of land in the middle of an established residential area like that must be pretty desirable for developers, so they'll probably find some justification for selling it.
  7. I think you're right. I used to walk down to the wee 9-hole at Ruchill once or twice a week during the summer. They had a real problem with kids nicking the flags and leaving cans and bottles around the place, but the fairways and greens were generally well kept. This year I went down once, and although the fairways had been mowed, the rough was about waist-high and the greens had burnt away to almost nothing. There was a guy from Glasgow Leisure there, but he refused to take my money and said that the place was rarely manned anymore. I'm sure they'd love to be able to sell it off, and it was so rarely used that it's probably just about justifiable, but it's a real shame, as I think the place only reopened a dozen or so years ago. Apparently Lethamhill might go too but Alexandra Parade is safe, which is little comfort as it was in a pretty much unplayable state last time I was there. Dalmuir is also under threat from housing developers, and that would be a real sin as it's a cracking course and, as @RiG says, it's always in excellent condition. Usually very quiet though, even though the rounds are pretty reasonably priced.
  8. Meekings was a magnificent player for us, but having watched him against us and Dunfermline this season, it's obvious that since his serious injury problems started he's lost a lot of pace - he used to be pretty rapid over the ground. Still think he reads the game well though. FWIW, Jamie McCart was superb for us in the second half of last season, and I'd have him in the top ten.
  9. That's episode 2 of the podcast available now - podbean link in the linked tweet, and it should also be available via iTunes and hopefully Google in the next 24 hours or so, if not already. https://twitter.com/TheICTPodcast/status/1159763166970204160
  10. Rarely, but not never. The best player on the park yesterday was a 16-year-old making something like his fifth first-team start for Dundee. He was the deepest-lying of their central three and was able to release McGowan and Byrne to press our defenders, as well as looking pretty dangerous when he got forward too. It should be pointed out that their 3-5-2 formation did give him a bit more freedom to carry out that role, and I also think that he's going to turn out to be a really exceptional player, and we perhaps don't have anyone among our young players capable of playing such a role. But it's not impossible.
  11. Was thinking that about Keatings. To be fair to Ridgers, he's made very few bad mistakes in the last 18 months or so - he was one of our most consistent players last season. Can see Donaldson flogging a few though, unless he wakes up a bit - he's played two or three extremely ropey balls out of defence today and has also been getting caught too far forward.
  12. Shit goalkeeping, but that was coming. We're not coping at all with the five across the middle, not helped by the fact that Trafford and Vincent don't seem to have any idea of where each other is supposed to be. We badly miss Sean Welsh. Finlay Robertson has been superb. I saw him in a schools' international earlier this year and he really stood out, but I'm still surprised by how influential he's been already.
  13. The long-term goal is to achieve massive cross-over success, be awarded a television contract like the Terrace boys and then bring Alan Simpson and Billy White face to face on camera in a UFC-style cage, having secretly shown Billy all of Alan's posts about Jordan White beforehand. Scarlet Pimple and Laurence, no. dougal could be interesting though... I'm really looking forward to this. No idea if there's any crossover between the production teams, but BBC Scotland's Real Kashmir doc was superb.
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