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  1. If they just let season ticket holders in then would we not have enough capacity to spread out people safely?
  2. Do we think the season ticket numbers will drop or increase this season? Alston would be a class signing.
  3. Still think we’ll get promoted as at least one club in the premier or championship will go to the wall.
  4. I’ve still got another 60 years left in me, I hope! I managed 14 years at Brockville. Won’t be forgotten any time soon.
  5. Hope Partick take them to the cleaners like we should have back in 2003 when they denied us promotion.
  6. I think the last time we were the top of the premier league and the best team in Scotland.
  7. At this rate we probably won’t be able to restart till roughly the same time this season ended. Sensible decision would be to split the prize money between all the clubs now and see what happens. Too soon to end the league. Never happen though because there’s too much self interest.
  8. I am completely scunnered tbh. The leadership in this situation has been shocking.
  9. I’d be happy with the gazebo back with the flags. Those were the day!
  10. I thought that bit between the stadium and the new Astro park was an extension of the car park, looks like wasteland! Miss the place.
  11. I didn’t realise Stuart Cosgrove was our new chairman!
  12. I could understand the UK and Scottish governments stance if we were testing everyone coming into the country but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The country should have gone into full lock down till the end of March to give us a chance to stop the spreading. I am not concerned for myself but I am for the older members of society.
  13. Falkirk TV coverage was clear as a bell [emoji3] We should have managed at least a replay with all those chances. Pen - Doyle didn’t need to make the challenge but it was a soft award. Raith dropping points was the main thing today. Gutted to be out the cup though against such a poor hearts side, although once Gomis went off hearts seen the game out well!
  14. I can sympathise with people not going but if your kids are keen to go then surely you should take them along, they are the future of our support. The BOD aren’t going to be there forever. Some of the best memories I have of my youth is going to the football with my dad. Back the Bairns and take your son or daughters along if they are twisting your arm!
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