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  1. “Scratching my heed, thinking how can i be better”
  2. Anytime we play a decent team, we cannie compete. Depressing stuff.
  3. Thats a turn up for the books! Who was the younger guy was with the glasses? I didnt feel he came across well at the q and a either? His arrogance was of the scale. The Rawlins leaving is embarrassing, and really has pissed me off. They were obviously full of hot air, and had no real desire to improve the club. Fan ownership is the only way forward!
  4. I thought the squad that “finished” 2nd to Raith in 19/20 was decent enough, and was sure to win the league if the league had resumed. Why did we dismantle this team? It wasnt the fans that made the call.
  5. I have never quite bought into the family club ethos, when did this even start? Yes of course its great under 12s get in for free, and that we have a family section. But why do we need to hide our passion? I dont condone going absolutely mental but there is nothing wrong in constructive shouts or booing! We arent there to unconditionally support the team, we are allowed to express our views. Coburn can get in the sea, the board air has obviously got to his head. He is now obviously a better fan now that hes made the board!
  6. The irony of the whole situation is theres lots of fans (me included) willing to put money into the club if a suitable fan ownership scheme is introduced. Instead we are left feeling powerless against a regime that appears from the outside to be a closed cartel, that would rather blame the fans for performances than look within. Its a sad indictment that no one in this day and age feels they are accountable for their actions. I just feel really sad about it all.
  7. If its true Gary Deans told fans Gary Holt signed all the players then both Holt and Deans positions are now surely untenable. Holt for presiding over the signing of poor players including his own son and Deans for allowing it to happen. I am dubious a DOF is required in the top league in Scotland let alone league one. Save the wage, and invest in new academy or the first time squad. At league one level managers or other staff coming to the club have to accept they may have to perform more than one role, we do not have the luxury of several staff for particular roles until we can justify it with our position in higher leagues. I await with interest the outcome of Tuesdays meeting for the plan ahead.
  8. Anyone know who edits Falkirk tv? Totally fucked up the airdrie segment after the managers interview. [emoji28]
  9. Sure its been mentioned before but how the Rawlins have essentially managed to get control of the club for the price of a house is completely beyond me. Even the Kenny Rodgers lookalike ( forget the guys name ) was prepared to pump in more. Whether he had the cash or not is another matter.
  10. At the Q and A they said they watch players three times and they have ten indicators they look for... id love to know what those indicators are!
  11. Could have spent the 50k on Gary Holts wages signing Declan McManus
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