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  1. Somebody with that sort of cash would be too busy making more or playing about with their sportscars etc to be spending hours on twitter every day... he’s probably got lucky with a couple of house sales, is now worth around 5m, and is hoping to loan the rest to carry out his handiwork! Rolling the dice that we will make it back to the premiership in meantime to service the loans!
  2. Now, DKD and rudden signed up and we should be good to go [emoji106]
  3. Jamie McQuilken, Scott McKenzie and Davie Nichols?
  4. Where’s all the signings?? All this chat about ownership has overshadowed the really pressing issue! We need 4 new players ASAP.
  5. I guess this guy has to have some serious cash if he is going to be buying the club. The current MSG aren’t going to shift if they don’t get the cash... also I doubt John Park who could easily have gone back to Celtic would be on board with this guy if he’s unlikely to get paid. Finally, this guy is just the face of the backers, who knows what lurks beneath. I remain on the fence about the guy. Although he’s answering peoples questions on twitter, I find that a bit strange, I doubt any successful business man has that sort of time to reply to that many messages. Hope the BTB boys can supply some answers on Monday and I hope they can get us a share in the club..
  6. I know, probably a typo, should have read Champions League!
  7. I trust the board has made the correct decision and BTB will be involved in some capacity. I guess everyone will be renewing their seasons now... or is this an elaborate hoax to get the seasons up...
  8. I think he’ll sign another couple of players. 18s just too tight. Although maybe the plan is use trialists if we are struggling
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